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Name: Payton Sartain

Bio: I’m a student at Texas A&M University. Born in Florida, but bred in Texas (mostly), I am a twenty-something with passion for anything beautiful: words, photographs, food, clothing, places.. you name it.

What You’ll Find Here: Ramblings of a Wild One follows my antics as one of the most restless souls I’ve ever encountered. Boredom is my WORST nightmare, and it makes me extra-nervous, so I’m always setting my sights on new things, travels, cuisines, styles.. and whatever else. Mostly for my future-self, and for those like me, this blog is a documentation of my adventures with the people and the creatures (can’t forget my main man– my beautiful pup) I love.

Loves: Family & Friends. Drogo, my badass German Shepherd. Words. Pretty Accessories. Cold Sheets. Authenticity. Leather. Netflix. Anything Tribal. Game of Thrones. Pinterest. Organization. Exercise. Beautiful Weather. Inspiring people.

Much luv y’all,


A big thank you to those who contributed to the launching of this website: My brilliantly talented Best, Emily Fillmore, for some wonderful ideas and much more to come. My roommates who let me annoy them forever about little details and who let me feature their lives on occasion (and continue to do so; I can’t help that they’re so fricken great…)


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  1. Carmel says:

    Hey Payton! Do you have an email address where I can reach you? I have a proposal for some sort of collaboration (because I really enjoy reading your blog, which I discovered in GIG). 🙂

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