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November’s Necessities for your Nest

Okay, so as a highschooler/college kid in a dorm, I never really understood people being so intense with their cutsey home-decor trinkets, entertaining accessories, and fancy utensil shopping. You guys remember those miserable times that your mom dragged you to go furniture shopping and you seriously thought you were experiencing a slow, painful death? Maybe thats just me, but as a kid, there aren’t many things worse than that (except maybe the post office or the plant nursery)

BUT Since I’ve lived in a house of my own, I get it. I’m addicted to changing up my decor/ furniture/ kitchen extras/ etc. Like, really, really, obsessed on a weird, crazy-house-lady level. Also, I feel like I’m constantly re-locating lately, so I’ve had so many excuses to shop for my multiple living arrangements. Aaaand, because I’m moving to California soon, I have yet another reason to be scouring Pinterest for the best of the best in home decor.

So, y’all. Check This Shit Out:  November Home Favorites: ROAWO

[ 1 ⋅ 2 ⋅ 3 ⋅ 4 ⋅ 5 ⋅ 6 ⋅ 7 ]

I mean, how cooliolio is that stuffz? Hope y’all have the best Tuesday your little hearts can handle.

PS: Our Giveaway winner is Elizabeth Holtrop! We’ve contacted you via e-mail and your basket of goods will be in the mail this week!


Creating a Zen, Super-Chill Space to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! )

Creating A Zen, Super-Chill Spaces to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! ) For those of you who really know me, you know I’m a crazy, anxiety-ridden mess pretty much all of the time. My mind is always turned on & working at maniac-speed, which can be a pretty serious pro at times. What usually happens, though, is I’m thinking of five million things at once ( some bad things, some good things, but mostly just looming tasks & my ever-growing to-do list ) and I can’t help but feel like my brain is going to absolutely explode. You know what I’m sayin’?

Now that I’ve started blogging, yet another entire section has been added to my to-do list ( on top of freaking classes [<— uuuuggghhh], trying to stay active, eating healthy, taking care of my [beautiful] pup, planning the Holidays, organizing my move to California in two months, etc. etc. etc. ) and sometimes, it just gets to be too much. Don’t get me wrong, ROAWO has been an incredible creative outlet and a major stress-relief in many ways, but its still a lot of work ( usually a lot of work that goes unnoticed… blogging is weirdly complex ).

Creating a Zen, Super-Chiller Relaxation Space :: ft. Old Factory ( Spa Collection ) Candles !! Anyways, because of all this craziness, I take my alone time very seriously & I make sure I get to relax / just veg out for a little while every day ( even if its only for 15 minutes before bed! ).

Obviously, real relaxing starts with cultivating a designated zen, chill-out space. I try to make my room my ‘worry-free-zone’ ( with 4 roommates, I don’t really have a choice ) by decorating it as such, keeping it clean, flower-filled and well lit. Am I the only one who is weird about lighting? It affects my mood in a really intense way. Am I crazy, orrrrr? The flicker of candles has some sort of crazy power over my anxiety levels.

K, Speaking of candles…. I am a real candle-addict/ fiend/ obsessor. I mean, I have 8 candles lit in my room as I am typing this. Alright, 1 is flameless, but only because I’m pretty sure I’m reaching fire-hazaard level… and most of them are unscented because, um, that is too many smells for one room. My serious obsession lately is my Spa Collection candle set from Old Factory Candles, which includes Lemongrass, Cucumber, & Green Tea scented candles. Anything spa scented is a +++++ for a zenned-out (<– not a real word?) space. I just had to join the campaign for these cutie candles.

Creating a Zen, Super-Chill Space to Just Reeelax In :: ft. Spa Scented Candles that you neeeeeed A quick run-down of Old Factory’s dealio: The candles are hand-poured in the US of A ( y’all know I like anything handmade.. feels so special ) with natural, soy wax. They burn evenly ( so no annoying, leftover wax stuck on the sides… such a waste ) for 20 hours… which is crazy because they’re fun-sized / cutie candles.

Old Factory Candles has some seriously badass candle sets that come with three separate candles that are inspired by a certain theme. You just choose your fav theme & you’re done. They’ve got some pretty scandalous options… so obviously I’m a fan. Here are a few of my other favorite theme/set options:

50 Shades (insert sly-face emoji here): Leather, Jasmine Bubbles, & Vanilla Sex

High As A Kite: Cannabis, Incense, Bag-O-Cookies ( <– lolz )

∇ Romance: Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate

Fresh & Clean: Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen ( <– similar to the Spa theme )

There are sooo many other options ( including various Holiday-themed sets!! ). I’m probably going to try that 50 Shades set soon, because I’m really interested to know how insanely good that Leather candle smells. So, stay tuned for that. These candles are also perfect for gifting, so keep that in mind for the coming celebrations.

Creating A Zen, Super-Chill Spaces to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! ) After I light my ( five million ) super-zen candles, I turn on some chiller music ( or Netflix: Gillmore Girls is my shiz lately… a little late on the bandwagon ), grab myself a glass of hot tea or lemon water, close my door, take a sec to deep inhale/exhale a few times, & just relax. Like a said, it may last only 10-15 minutes, because I do have to study sometimes, but those 10-15 mins are so glorious.

Relaxing like that is so necessary for your wellness. Yes, school is important. Yes, work is important. Yes, your friends/ pets/ kids/ parents/ etc are important. But everyone deserves at least 10 minutes to themselves every day, no matter how long that to-do list is.

So, find out what kind of surrounding makes you calm & chilled out, and create your own zen-space. Then, make a promise to yourself ( and your poor, poor, over-driven brain ) that you will put your wellness & comfort first, if even for a small portion of your day. It’ll make a huge difference, and its something really amazing to look forward to at the end of a long day.

Creating A Zen, Super-Chill Spaces to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! ) [ I make sure to put one of my leetle candles on my convenient table, so I can smell those goods as soon as I walk in my zen-space ( aka my bedroom ) ]

Also, after my F-ing Fab Fall Giveaway with Meghan from Boho Nouveau ends ( in 9 days! ), I’ll be teaming up with Old Factory Candles to bring one of you lucky ladies ( or gentlemen ) a free set of candles in the theme of your choice!  Thats right, back-to-back free shiz situations!

Stay tuned for the details xx

What makes you calm & at-one-with-yourself? I’d love to know what I can add to my serene-routine!

[ PS ]

∇ Shop My Room Decor: 

This is a sponsored post, however, my opinions & views are 100% true. I wouldn’t have joined the campaign if I didn’t love these candles!

Spoooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last-Minuters

Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Last night, I finally got my shit together when it comes to Halloween decor. I ran out to Target in between my Kayla Itsines workout circuit and finishing a super interesting paper for my Sociology of Religion class (only kind of kidding because that class is actually pretty cool).

I found some reallllly bad-A shot glasses, cups, etc. (for lots of themed drank time) in the $1 section! I almost cried tears of joy because my bank account has been kinda spooky/scary AF lately.

The shot glasses were actually mini-basket things (skulls, cauldrons, etc), and I just took the little handles off… and viola! Shot glasses. I’m a genius.  Add some flickering candles, candy corn (<< speaking of, I found this hilarious article today ), and a nice cocktail and you are in forrr some tricks and a treat or two tonight!

Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters love my skull bank ]
Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Luckily for me, I decorate with skull accessories all the time, so I can reuse my cheapy decor throughout my house ( thinking of spray painting the mini skulls gold and using them for various things.. ahh, the possibilities! ).

Princess Drogo

Clearly, Drogo loves his costume.

My halloween drank of choice is this vodka-kombucha cocktail with frozen blackberries (<< spoOoOoky rotten brains! ). I’ll do a post on this later gaterz.
Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Also, I’ll be doing a leeeetle post on these amaze spa-inspired candles that Old Factory sent me (<< because they rock my socks). May have a little giveaway as well… insert sly-face emoji.

Speaking of giveaways… have y’all entered the ROAWOxBohoNouveau F-ing Fab Fall Giveaway? If not. are you 4 real? Go do it riiiight meow.

What’s everyone being for Halloween tonight? Eh, I’m so not costume creative. I need ideas!

P xx

A Few of my Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition

Happy (finally freaking) Friday!

I can’t say that I’m sad to see this week end. I have completed week two of my laptop being “looked at” in the Apple Store, and let me tell ya, it has been WAY more difficult than I would’ve imagined. The first couple of days, I felt like I had no idea what to do with my hands because they haven’t been detached from a keyboard for more than 8 hours at a time ( gotta sleep sometime ) in years. It’s kind of sad, really. I also had no idea what I was supposed to be doing in class….. actually listening, maybe? Well, that whole thing is miserable. I don’t recommend it ( lolz, jk, gotta pass ).

Since I haven’t been able to post in forever ( due to dilemma covered above^ ), I thought I’d do a Favorite Things post featuring some new updates to my room.

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition As a college student, I have to be pretty thrifty with home décor ( i.e. I have a small budget ). I tend to search for deals on the internet ( duh, online shopping addict ), as well as in stores like Ikea, World Market, Target, etc. Surprisingly, you can make a room look really good for really cheap ( or, a lot cheaper than I thought ).

My favorite recent add to my room is this desk from Ikea ( it was only $70! ). I absolutely hate assembling my own furniture, because I’m lazy, but this desk was pretty simple & quick. Ikea also delivered to my home in a flash, which was prime ( not only am I lazy AF… I’m also very impatient ).

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition There is just something that happens when I have a clean & organized desk space. I feel a whole lot more productive when I’m working in an area that is well put-together. Because I don’t have very much space to spread out, I double my desk as a vanity station for putting on makeup and such. Kind of a business by day, party by night kind of thing( << ha ). This is a really good idea if you are low on counter space in your bathroom, like me.

As far as styling goes, I got this glass tray & leather organizer from Gilt ( my favorite :: Also, if you haven’t joined Gilt yet, e-mail me at to learn how to get $25 off your first purchase! << it’s super easy ). Oh, & my cool pink Crown Brush set is from HauteLook (<< also contact me to find out how to save on your first purchase! ).

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition Let me just say, this little DIY will make you feel border-line genius, almost because it is so obvious ( << does that make sense to anyone else but me? ). I bought these little crates from Michael’s ( they have them at a ton of places ), spray painted them gold, and stacked them on top of each other to make a mini bookshelf. The whole thing cost about $45 ( or less, if you can find a coupon ) and took maybe 10 minutes.

I got these geode bookends ( a little more expensive, but have such a cool effect! ) & this gold skull piggy-bank to add flair to my small book collection . Also, how great is this Gluten is my Bitch Cookbook? I purchased it from Gilt ( so, you could get it for free, if you contact me like I explained earlier, bc its only $14! No scams, I promise! ), but it can also be found here.

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition Lastly, I got some new awesome pillows for my bed. I shared a picture of my bedding + canvas situation a long time ago, and I’ve added some texture ( remember how much I love contrasting texture? ) via various decorative pillows.

Usually, I’m not really a purple person ( coming from Fort Worth, you think I would be. Go Frogs? ), but I loved the YSL canvas I bought from Gilt so much that decided to base my room’s color scheme around it. I got these purple leather pillows ( they also have 5 gazillion different colors ) & this white faux-fur pillow by a brand called Natural on Gilt. I’m also not really a huge fan of monograms ( that time has passed ), but this little monogrammed pillow kind of tied everything together. You can buy pillows like this all over Etsy.

So, don’t forget to e-mail me about reaaallly great deals with Gilt & Hautelook:

Or, e-mail me with any questions about products, opinions, concerns, etc. Also, I’m looking for a new collab project & people to interview, so if you have a blog or you do something that you think should be recognized contact me!

Follow my antics in Annapolis, Maryland this weekend on Instagram & Twitter.

The chilly weather up there is sure to be a change of pace! Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

[ PS ]

A Few of my Favorite Things + A Little Promo Code Surprise !!

A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO Another favorites post is finally here! Every once-in-awhile I like to share a few of the little things that make me happy, happy, happy. These little parts of my every-day life ( most days ) either make me feel like I’ve really got my shit together / they look pretty and/or they make me a cool, calm, and collected human ( <<< necessary ).

So here’s my most recent collection of simple, every-day favorites:

Healthy Breakfast // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 1. A Healthy, Homemade Breakfast: I LOVE starting my day with a well-sized, healthy breakfast. For some reason, it just makes me feel clean & organized which is the BEST way to start the day. There’s just something about the good, clean energy that getting up and cooking some bfast gives you… plus it makes my house smell nice and home-y.

Usually, I’ll have something like this :: A mixture of whole-eggs / egg whites with avocado & my homemade salsa on top, blueberries, a glass of green tea, & a big glass of lemon water.

You Musn't  Be Afraid to Sparkle a Little Brighter, Darling // A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO 2. Daily Inspo Quotes: I am obsessed with words ( probably why I’ve loved every literature class I’ve ever taken )… like really, really obsessed with them. I mean, my Quote Board on Pinterest is ridiculously lengthy ( around 2,500 quotes pinned to date ).

I think what I like the most is how I can read how someone ELSE puts words together and think “wow, that’s EXACTLY how I feel / think!” Because, sometimes, its hard for me to do that myself.  I think its kind of hard for all of us at times… thats what can make communicating so difficult. Communication is SO complex ( << obviously, you can tell I’m really interested in this topic ).

Anyways, so back to my framed inspo: this is the easiest way for me to remind myself every day to be happy / stay inspired. Okay, so the second quote I have pictured is a little aggressive / extreme, but whatever. We all get in those moods where we need a little bit of that. I like to print out my favorite quotes, frame them, and put them around my room for a daily dose of badass-ary.

Fresh Flowers // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO Fresh Flowers // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 3. Fresh Flowers: They always say every room needs something alive to make it feel right. Enter: flowers. This is SUCH an easy way to brighten up your home. I mean, when is the last time a freshly-cut flower bouquet / plant has ever stressed you out? Pretty much never. Though I’m just a college-kid on a college-budget, I try to pick up some flowers whenever I see some that I must have.

Grocery-store flowers are good ( cheap ) enough for me.

Laptop Skin // Society 6 // ROAWO 4. This “Wanderlust” Laptop Skin from So, if you’ve kept up / ever read ROAWO before, you know I like to travel as much as possible. Obviously, this laptop extra is perfffect for me. I’m kind of in love with it. Plus, I’ve gotten so many compliments, so obviously, its

Also, Society6 is one of my FAV online shops for stuff like tech skins / prints / iPhone cases / etc. There are so many options, so theres something for everyone.

Louboutins // A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO Louboutins // A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO 5. These Christian Louboutin Wooden-Heel Leather Platforms: I mean, can we have a moment of silence for these? I’m known to splurge occasionally on some of my must-have items ( sparingly, of course ) & these were seriously so worth it ( I found a similar pair on eBay here << such a steal ).

But, exactly as expected :: I haven’t worn them yet because I’m too scared to scratch them up / get them dirty. You might be thinking “then whats the point of…” I get it, okay. I’m a crazy freak. I also always get the bottom-protector put on these types of shoes as well :: I don’t like when the red gets all scratchy.. OCD.

Metallic Tats // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 6. MetallicTats: I am seriously into this trend. First off, I don’t really like wearing a ton of bracelets, because I feel like they just get in my way. So, these are perfect for me. These jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos stay on for 4-6 days and look so, so badass.

MetallicTat is the brand I’m currently working with & I LOVE them! MetallicTat is owned by Leandra Simmons out of Encinitas, CA ( << one of my favorite places ever ) and her designs are fun, unique, and perfect for festivals / parties / a night out / or whatever else.

** The Super exciting part:: Visit MetallicTat on Etsy ( link above ) and use the promo code ROAWO10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order !! **

( I’ve already featured this little bull-skull metallic tattoo here. )

My German Shepherd // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO My German Shepherd // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 7. My Most Favorite Thing… My German Shep, Drogo: He completes my life, pretty much. Who needs a boyfriend ( or even friends… k no, thats dramatic) when you have the most perfect / sweetest cuddle-bud ever? Most of my day consists of: feeding Drogo / walking Drogo / talking to Drogo like he’s a human & like he’s going to answer me. I have long, sometimes funny, convos with my pup.. like a crazy-dog lady ( yes, he’s not even a real adult-dog yet.. an 80-pound beebus <<< my coined term for “baby” ). Maybe he wants to hear about my day, okay?

But actually, having a dog means someone(thing) will literally think that you are the best person / thing that has ever existed. Ever. You can’t NOT love that. Plus, despite his I-could-eat-you-whole appearance, Drogo is the sweetest & most playful dog ever. Best friends fo life.

So thats it for for now. I’m finally starting to create a posting schedule ( for the last week, I’ve posted almost every day ). Now, I’m going to try to stick to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I also wanted to take a sec to thank everyone who has given me such amazing / encouraging feedback about ROAWO. I originally started this whole thing as material for internships and I have gotten SO much more from it:: discounts, promos, & collabs ( <<< so fun, contact me for info @ ) / connections with people who enjoy the same things that I do / further knowledge in the subjects I’m interested in / a creative outlet to fill my time / etc.

So thanks to everyone who has been soooo cool about it. I really appreciate it. Really.

[ PS ]


Grandma’s House: Gypsy, Native American Home Decor Growing up as an Air-Force Brat makes it hard for me to determine a place to label as my “home.” By the time I was 12, I had lived in the Panama City and Destin, Florida areas [including small towns around the two cities, as well as within them], in the suburbs of Houston, and finally, Fort Worth, Texas. As much as I’d love to claim our old condo on the Florida coast as my home [literally steps away from the bright white sand and clear waters], no other place has made me who I am today more than my Grandparent’s house in deep East Texas. Sadly, the days that we rode horses and fed catfish are gone [all the animals have been moved to a new home], but this place is still an amazing time. I have probably spent more time in this home than I have in any other home I actually lived in.

My grandmother has always been a Native-American-Rug-Loving-Hippie crossed with a woman from the Deep South, and her style reflects that. And in typical man-fashion, my Grandfather doesn’t give a flying you know what about the décor.. so Gma takes over on this one. This huge house in the middle of the East Texas pine-tree forest is spacious, peaceful, and eclectically decorated:: “We bought the house about 20 years halfway finished because of the beautiful view at the location and took a year to remodel and complete it. We built in a stained glass window that we bought and had redone to fit an available space. We added a banner which in Latin says” keep the faith” in remembrance of the ideals of our youth.” [Gma] My Grandfather has run his company from the comfort of his home for years, so obviously he needs an office fit for a crazed oil man.. it’s Texas, it’s all oil here.. His office is connected to a small library that brings me back to my child-hood. My little sister and I used to get SO excited to pick out a bed-time story for my grandma to read [which actually got intense enough to lead to a fight]… we were all sooooo easily entertained back then, huh? Like I said before, my Grandma is absolutely obsessed with Native American Indian Rugs. She has quite the collection. Her favorites are hung around their homes and some are folded up for safe-keeping.. and she’s ALWAYS down to add the collection. Some can be extremely expensive [I mean.. ridiculous] and some are more affordable. These types of rugs are for the Story::

When I asked my Grandma about this rug specifically… she said:: The Navajo rug above the couch is one of the first I collected. It is a storm pattern quilt from the western Navajo reservation probably. It was probably made in the first half of the 20th century. It is of mediocre quality. I started collecting these older rugs because the patterns and yarns and dyes used in them tell a continuing story of the history of the Navajo people. The story of the various weavers is literally woven in the fabric of the rugs. Most of them were created from scratch by the individual ladies. They raised the sheep, sheared the sheep, carded and spun the wool and wove the rugs with very small, natural tools because they lived in small dwellings and sometimes moved around. They gathered the materials for the dyes primarily from the plants that grew around them. The design of each rug reflects the times in which the weaver lived. The storm pattern quilt is typical in that it shows the four mountains that define the boundaries of the reservation connected by lightning. I needed a storm pattern quilt for my collection and I liked the orange-red color because of it’s intensity. The dye is not homemade. It is commercially produced. This is one of the things that dates it.”

And what East Texas home would be complete without a small collection of guns next to the designated reading-couch? A peace-loving hippie with a gun collection [this is a tiny portion of the whole].. ever heard of that one? I saved my two favorite parts of my Grandparents’ house for last. First:: The basement bar. Remember when I said my Grandpa didn’t care about the way the house looked?? Well, that excludes this room. This has always been his little man-cave.. He would blast classic country tunes, walk around with a scotch on the rocks and sing his little [and by little I mean extremely large man] heart out to Johnny and George… this was all until my sister and I became old enough to bring our friends out there and take over the bar for our own enjoyment. Basically at birth, my grandparents started a change jar for each of their grandchildren [lucky for my siblings, we’re the only ones] to break open upon their acceptance to college. And when I say change jar I mean a glass monstrosity that has to be open with a sledgehammer… but really. When I finally went off to school, I broke that sucker open and deposited about $2,000 in the bank. What a tradition, amiright? The bar is filled with neon signs and logos of old oil companies and beer; there’s a pool table, a giant flat screen, a sound system, quality whiskey, and poker supplies. What more could a guy [or anyone, for that matter] want?? And now.. my Favorite part of all.. the outside, duh. Their house is on the highest point in their county, which means, the VIEW is incredible. Pictures do not do it justice. The entire area is just beautiful. It’s SO green in the spring and summer, and the leaves change to reveal a completely different environment in the fall. I mean, seriously, there isn’t another place like it. I am so incredibly blessed to have people like my Grandma and Grandpa in my life. They’ve worked hard and earned the right to straight CHILL at their big spacious house in the middle of nowhere and drink sweet tea and watch Downton Abbey if that damn well please.

So, if anyone just wants to drop everything and move to this house with me.. I’m down. Shoot me a text or something. [lolz] I know this post was long.. but I mean I could go on about this place forevererer. Hope you feel inspired to go buy some Native American rugs or something..

xOx P



I’m Lurving… A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sup Doods. So, I thought I’d go ahead and start posting about a few of my favorite things every once in awhile. Honestly, all I’ve done in the past two days is go to class, online shop, and meticulously organize every inch of my pantry. So, this is what I’ve bought and/or seen recently that make me one happy gal [not pictured: my PERFECT pantry].

my bed 1. My freaking amaze-balls Yves Saint Laurent Canvas from Gilt and my badass handmade blanket purchased on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. Okay, serious talk: If you are a girl, and you don’t know what Gilt is… you are wrong. This website hosts daily “events” where members can purchase designer goods ranging in prices from vintage Louis Vuitton bags to cheaper Steve Madden sandals. Prices are marked up to 80% off, and membership is FREE. So… if you don’t go join right now, then.. well, yer weird.

photo 2-1_Fotor

2. Stop. Drop everything you are doing right meow. Go to your nearest H-E-B [if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area] and buy this Organic Green Tea with Lemonade. This stuff is the best thing that has happened to boring old green tea. It contains more sugar than I would like, but it doesn’t house any  fake sweeteners [get away, nasty-azz chemicals: you’re tacky and I hate you]. You rock, Green tea lemonade, never change.

necklace  3. My roommate, Abbey, made me this water buffalo tooth wooden necklace. Because she’s the cooliest of them all. My other roommate, Jac, and my girl, Caroline, craft similar designs, which can be purchased on their online shop, LINETWO [Go buy their stuff if you want to look cool]. I love long necklaces like these because the length can be adjusted easily by wrapping the necklace multiple times. My OTHER roommate, Maddy, is pictured here wearing my new ice [lolz] with my Free People top. I can’t find this top anywhere online, sorry gals.

Fort Worth 4. Fort Worth, TX. Being “home” [using this term lightly because I have moved like a billion times.. Air Force brat life*] made me so pumped to get back to this amazing city for summer. I mean, look at it. Ft. Worth has grown so much since my family moved there about 7 years ago. It’s the perfect mix of Country Club life, trendy bars, and Texas Country influence. If you haven’t been to “The Fort” or “Funkytown” [ya know..the names us locals use] you’re missing out. This city has a vibe all its own, and it is MOST DEFINITELY not the same as Dallas. It’s better. Way better. Just wait until summer break, and I’ll convince you myself. [Also, it wasn’t too bad to hang out with my chill AF family & friends for a couple of days.. that plug is for you Mom]

purse 5. Last, but not least, I love my new Erica Anenberg Venteux Satchel [100% leather… the fake stuff just looks, well, fake as hell] in the color “Bone.” I purchased this on for a fraction of the retail price [around $400]. Hautelook is another website, like Gilt, that hosts daily events that will absolutely blow your mind. Hautelook actually tends to be a little cheaper than Gilt too.. and that’s saying a lot. If you don’t check these sites daily, then I don’t think we can be friends. Just sayin’, you’re crazy. It’s a roomy purse, which will be perfect for my abroad travels this summer <<- my excuse to buy pretty much everything.

I’m going to be posting Sundays, Wednesday, and Fridays from now on.

Also, follow me on Instagram [[RamblingsOfAWildOne]],  Twitter [[ROAWildOne]] and Bloglovin for updates and shiz.

You da best.

xoxo. Payton