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New Name, New Brand, New Location for the New Year

Hustle + Halcyon :: A Lifestyle Blog

Helllllllo Ladies ( & Maybe some Gents? ),

So, maybe you’ve followed my blog, maybe you haven’t. Either way: I know I haven’t posted in an eternity. I have been working ultra-hard to re-brand my blog ( making inspo boards, hiring a tech guy (<< soooo official, right?), working on branding (<< new logo to come!), shooting some amazing pictures with Megan, Kristen, and some others, etc. etc. etc. ), so I have SO much content for when the new site goes live. Also, I’ll be in Los Angeles by then, so I’ll have a totally fresh, new outlook to share with y’all. It SO matches the new brand.

So y’all wanna know the new name…………? Its

Hustle + Halcyon

So, let me do a little explaining, because every time I discuss my re-brand with someone who has read my blog, they get into ‘OMG NO I LOVE RAMBLINGS OF A WILD ONE!’ mode. Well, first off ( logistically ), my current name is just too long. Like, its a mouth-full. Secondly, I believe that the new name and look better matches where I want to go with my brand in the blogosphere ( yeah, I just called it that ) & elsewhere. I have some wonderful, amazing readers that I think will absolutely love the new vibes.

So, in saying that, I’ll explain the name. I love the word ‘Hustle‘ and I write it all over the place to remind myself to work my ass off on a daily basis. It can apply to really anything you want it to — fitness/health, work, school, blogging, etc. I knew I wanted to incorporate that vibe into my new brand.

The word ‘Halcyon‘ ( pronounced HAL-SEE-ON ) is one of my favorite and ( in my opinion ) one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Yeah, I went there. As described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Halcyon is an ancient word that has come to mean reaching a calm, peaceful, & happy state. Its so euphoric, and EXACTLY what I’m going for.

The marrying of these two, opposing words ( one meaning ‘work, work, work’ and one saying ‘relax’ ) totally embodies the balance that I’m looking for in my lifestyle, and hopefully, the balance I can inspire in yours! Now, I’m not saying I’m the happiest, most hard-working pick of the bunch, but I am on my own journey to be happy, at-one-with-myself, and to inspire others to do the same. So, this is merely a documentation of that journey… Its not the end-all-be-all, ‘I know everything’ type of publication. Bonus Points: Ellie Goulding’s song ‘Halcyon’ is one of my favorites.

Hustle + Halcyon Lifestyle Blog ( yeah some new stuff coming, told ya )

I cannot wait to share all the new posts I’ve had saved up this past month on the new website. I’ll release the new link soon! Ahhhhh, I can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram & Twitter to witness the craze of re-branding for yourself.

Oh and side note: I am still doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Bod guide ( she has some updated versions now, btw ) and it is kicking my ass.. in the best way! This girl has taken over the world… I mean, I ran into 4 other girls in the gym the other day doing her workouts… in College Station, Texas. Like, what? Thats some serious #GIRLBOSS action.

Seeeee ya soon ( probably in a couple weeks ) !!

[ PS ]

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Okay, I’m going to preface this post with an amusing little tale from this weekend. So, Friday night I was doing a little (or a lot of) celebrating my being dunz-o with test week, and decided to go out with my girlfriends. Due to all of this excitement, at some point in the night, my friend and I took off in a  full sprint towards our bar of choice…… and then took a pretty nasty tumble in front of like 4903544835 people. Seriously ate shit like a bunch of idiots.

Anyways, things were all well and good until we got up (initially laughing at our klutz-o status) and realized that my eyebrow was profusely bleeding. Turns out, the fall re-opened a previous, accidental cheerleading injury.

So there I was trying to have a nice time with my bloody eyebrow and scratched up face. The point of this? Well, the next day, I used my Paula Dorf eyebrow filler and, seriously, you couldn’t even tell I had eaten shit onto my face. I’m serious… never been more thankful for a beauty product in my life. Covered all of that lovely crusted blood! Omg, sick. I know.

So, anyways: back to my Eminence obsession. Hi, I’m Payton and I’m addicted to Eminence Organics. I did a post about this amazing brand way back when, but I have some additions to the collection that I am DYING to show y’all. I’ll save you guys my spiel about organic skincare products, because I covered that in my last post on this subject. but just know: its the way to freaking go. The only way to go.

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Also, I invested in a Clarisonic and I need need need to share how amazing this little tool is. I’m not sponsored by Eminence or Clarisonic, so ya know the love is the real kind. I know I’m a little late in the Clarisonic game, and some of y’all are like ‘k duh it rocks,’ but I got here eventually, right? I use the Mia 2 every night (with a delicate/sensitive skin brush thing, because my skin is some kinda-out-of-this-world sensitive) to deep-clean my pores and polish my skin. Its a charmer and a must-have for a dreamy, dewy complexion.

Some of my favorite Eminence Products are detailed in this post… buuuut I’m here to talk about some new faves. I’ve added some products to my all-star lineup and all of you need to go grab them online right now. It’s important.

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Okay my favorite ‘favorite’ is this Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream. First and foremost, this stuff smells absolutely incredible.  I seriously cannot get enough of it. If I could jump into a pool filled with this stuff & live in it… I would. Weird?

Once you get your nose out of this wonder-cream, you realize how freakin’ moisturizing it is. Okay, that should be obvious for a moisturizer, but this stuff takes it to the next level. Its penetrating and softening without being all gross and oily. I HATE heavy creams… I always feel like my pores are being suffocated. No thanks.

Also, I’ve started using this Citrus + Kale Masque. I’m not big on the way this one smells, but I am big on what it does for my skin. This stuff is superfood for your face, so in conjunction with the Eight Greens Serum.. its dynamite. The Eminence Website describes  this masque calling it “A cocktail of citrus, rhubarb extract, leafy greens and avocado oil forms helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.”

Another little skincare tip (that I recently covered here) is using Vitamin E Oil as makeup remover! I absolutely luuuurve finding a natural, cheaper replacement for those annoying-ass makeup remover pads/ oils. S’gross. Thought this leetle tippidy-tip would be a great addition to my organic/natural skincare routine post. Read more about how bomb vitamin E oil is for you skin here.

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic So there ya go. All the goods. What do y’all think about organic skincare? Essential or excess?

and sidenote: does anyone else absolutely love when all your makeup/beauty products match and are perfectly accumulated on your counter like a magazine ad? Am I a crazed maniac, oorrrrr?

Later loves.


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Meet Lauren Williams: Health and Fitness Guru & the Brain Behind Indubitable Fitness!

Lauren Williams: Indubitable Fitness, Fitspo & Health Guru. A great site for workouts and healthy recipes! Hiiii loves. It’s been awhile, but I’m back from my little blogging break (consisting mostly of classes, tests, term papers, AND re-branding BS) and I have something really freakin’ great for y’all today.

Lauren Williams: Fitspo, Fitspo, Fitspo!

Y’all know I love to feature my friends on ROAWO, sooooo meet my girl Lauren. She’s a health & fitness guru, a beach body coach, and the brain behind her brand: Indubitable Fitness.

Here we go:

◊ Introduce Yourself: Hey everyone! My name is Lauren Williams and I am a health & fitness coach! Indubitable Fitness is my online site where I blog about healthy recipes, fitness tips, inspirational posts, and where I lead my online fitness challenge groups! I’m from Fort Worth, TX (<< my hometown too!) and I’m attending TCU to get a Kinesiology-Health & Fitness degree. I’m a mover and a shaker.. If anything gets lost in the day for me it’s sleep, because I have a million things to do and you better believe I am going to do them all (ok, and sometimes school gets lost too)! Oh and I’m totally horse crazy. I competitively show hunter jumping horses and I have a fabulous horse named The Big Dog (aka Cujo).

Meet Lauren Williams: Beach Body Coach and Health Guru

◊ What inspired you to start your fitness journey? My freshman year of  highschool, my habits of eating krispy kremes and not working out caught up to me really quickly. After some teasing at school, my mom telling me to put down the cheetos one too many times, and just becoming fed up with the person that I saw in the mirror, I realized that I had to do something to fix this.  I was blessed in that I got a personal trainer who taught me all about food and nutrition and pushed me, even when I tried to put on the brakes, thinking I couldn’t go on in the workout. Becoming healthy and fit drastically changed my life. It took me from being sedentary, unhealthy, and miserable to constantly active, confident, and loving life every day. I now want to pass this wellness onto everyone that I can.

◊ How do you stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Consistency is the key that I have found for success. I led an unhealthy lifestyle before and the way that I felt back then is a way that I never want to feel again. Working out and feeding my body right makes me feel confident, energetic, happy, and alive every day! I love life and I love to explore.. Working out can be fun if you mix it up! I always am finding new adventures to go on, like paddleboarding on the river, going trail running at a state park, or going biking with friends! My online support groups holds me accountable for being my best and not falling off the bandwagon (<< this is what ROAWO does for me!). As a coach, I know that I have to give 110% in order to inspire others and motivate others to make changes and that pushes me on every day.

◊ As a Beach Body coach, what is your main goal? I want to change the way that people think about nutrition & exercise, and more importantly, the way that they think about themselves & their potential! I want to help others reach their health & fitness goals and help them to look and feel their best. There are so many “quick fixes” out there these days, like diet pills and starvation diet plans. The fact of the matter is: those just will not hold up your weight loss or give you the mental benefits that proper nutrition and exercise will (<< Amen, sista) . There is no quick fix to a lifestyle that pays HUGE rewards to those willing to put in the work. I provide people with a fitness & nutrition program tailored to their needs, access to my online support group, and free coaching from me to put them on the path to success! (<< y’all, seriously check it out… FREE coaching)

Lauren Williams: Indubitable Fitness, Fitspo & Health Guru. A great site for workouts and healthy recipes!

◊ What has been the most effective way to transform your body and build lean, sexy muscle? Don’t be afraid of the weight room!! Weights are SO important in building lean muscle mass and lifting weights will not make you get huge like a boy… that just won’t happen. Another important exercise component is HIIT training. HIIT is the quickest way to burn fat while gaining lean muscle! It combines short, high intensity intervals with longer, low intensity intervals so that your body is constantly kept guessing and never “plateaus” on burning calories! You must remember to never give up… Muscle weighs more than fat, so sometimes, even when the scale isn’t changing, your body is! Give it time and continue working your muscles, I promise that you will love the results!!

◊ So, you’ve got 30 minutes to work out and you can’t make it to the gym. What’s a quick exercise that you can do at home? I would typically pop in a workout DVD because the workouts are only 30 minutes long–so doable! But, if not, I’ll do something like this: 30 seconds each 3x through & rest 10 seconds between exercises: mountain climbers, chair tricep dips, high knees, squats, planks, pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, alternating jump lunges, wall squat—GO!

◊ Who are your favorite social media/ blogger fitness gurus? Kim Danger: She has all sorts of goodies awesome snack ideas, healthy recipes, etc. and she’s just real!! I love that. Fitfluential has tons of awesome workout ideas and recipes & Skinny Taste has all the healthy recipes you could ever want.

Lauren Williams: Indubitable Fitness, Fitspo & Health Guru. A great site for workouts and healthy recipes! ◊ Give us the details on your daily diet: In general, I try to stick to lean proteins, veggies, fruit, and some complex carbs. Here is a specific idea of my day: Breakfast: Shakeology!–I am so in love with this stuff. I’m super skeptical of so many protein shakes, but what I love about ShakeO is it’s a super-nutrient dense nutritional shake that fills in the gaps of our nutritional intake! It curbs cravings, regulates the body, and increases energy! Snack-Apple & Peanut butter. Lunch-Low sodium turkey, avocado, swiss cheese, spinach & mustard on Ezekial bread wrap. Snack-Greek Yogurt with strawberries. Dinner-Grilled Chicken, broccoli, & squash It is important to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism revved up! Here is an example of my weekly meal plan.

◊ What is your favorite Indubitable-Fitness-approved recipe? This warm chicken & quinoa salad with pears & feta is definitely one of my best meals! 100% clean, easy, and AMAZING.

◊ Give ONE tip to those starting their journey in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle: Believe in yourself, trust the process, and never give up! Fitness is not an easy journey, but the rewards are endless. Fitness is truly a lifestyle! Change your mindset, improve your eating and exercise habits, and find a support system that will aid you on your journey. Don’t give up on yourself!!!

Lauren Williams: Indubitable Fitness, Fitspo & Health Guru. A great site for workouts and healthy recipes! So, where can we find all your Indubitable Fitness-approved workouts, meal plans, tips, etc.? I have a variety of workout programs such as P90X, Insanity, Beast Body, TurboFire, and the 21 Day Fix available. You can view the programs or apply for a challenge group and I will help select the perfect one for you! The next challenge group is beginning 11/17 called “Hot for the Holidays.” Also, Learn more & purchase Shakeology here (my secret weapon to weight loss & improved health).

For a Daily Dose of Inspo, you can follow Lauren on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or find her at her blog, Indubitable Fitness, duh.

She’s a badass, riiiiiight? Thats what I’m sayin’. BY THE WAY: There is like (almost) 0.0 minutes left to enter this amazing FALL GIVEAWAY, so go! Do it. Now. Also, you can enter my giveaway with Old Factory Candles by going to my Instagram and following the quick & simple steps.

Until next time luvvvvvs.

I’m Lurving… + Big News & I Need Your Help!

I'm Lurving... Hi.

So, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and change the “My Favorite Things” series to “I’m Lurving…” because I lurve the word lurve. Its so.. weird. So.. Me. In fact, I have a lot of changes coming soon to ROAWO & I need your help!! [ I’ll talk about this more in a sec.. ]

Now, onto the previously scheduled post. I have a whole list of some seriously-cool “lurves” for y’all this week. First things first, how intense is this crazy succulent garden^^? I found it when I was in San Francisco, casually sipping tea by the Golden Gate, and I had to document it. Y’all know I love succulents. They’re s’cuuute.

Serendipity Fine Lines Print Serendipity Fine Lines Business Cards Do y’all remember my interview with Sarah of Serendipity Fine Lines?? Welp, I got my custom print in a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely LURVE, LURVE, LURVE it. How freakin’ badass is this Madonna quote? I mean seriously, I’m digging that idgaf vibe ( because who even has the time and energy to gaf … yeah, idgaf ).

Can y’all tell that I also love the word/term idgaf. I esp like saying idgaf instead of the whole ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ because I think its so hilarious for some reason. What a knee-slapper, right?

Click here to read the interview + find out details on where to buy her stuff, links to her social media sites ( for daily pretties ) & a little discount code. Her biz cards are amaze too… #talent.

TSC Frapp on ROAWO TSC Frapp on ROAWO Another thing I’m lurving is The Skinny Confidential’s Vanilla Frap ( sans the crap! ). Back in the middle school days, I was a frapp-fanatic. I remember waltzing into the mall Starbucks with my clan of girly-gals ( wearing all Abercrombie, sporting some colored Uggs, & obvi carrying my colorful Dooney & Burke handbag.. lolz. ) & ordering some trendy blended beverage… thinking we were all old and mature for drinking coffee. Don’t pretend like you weren’t exactly the same.

Gah, am I relieved those days are long over. I mean, that memory is so embarrassing. AND, the worst part isn’t even my choice of attire… its those damn frappuccinos. They are seriously disgusting.. read up on the real-nast-deal here ( Lauryn from TSC has me convinced ).

BCBG Suede Jacket BCBG Suede Jacket & Flannel Eeeeps, this suede, fringe jacket from BCBG is everything… and more. I am aalllll about texture combo & this jack ( as well as my leather one.. as seen in San Fran post ) is my go-to when I want to layer some texture and make my outfit next-level cool. I’m 99% positive its out of stock, but they sell similar ones here and here.

I layered the Suede + Fringe jacket with a killer flannel button-down & some destroyed skinnies. And, obviously some clunky wedges.. a staple. This is an outfit completely comprised of staples, actually. You need to own every single one of the pieces right now. This is serious.

Kombucha My last lurve of the week is this blood orange HOLY Kombucha tea. Okay, most importantly, HOLY Kombucha is made + bottled in my hometown, Fort Worth, TX.

( PS if you don’t know what Fort Worth is, or you’ve never been, you need to get your shit together… its a seriously cool city with a small-town, friendly feel. Its getting a lot bigger, so go before it becomes too much like Dallas… plz Fort Worth, don’t ever do that… )

HOLY Kombucha’s Mission reads:

For you, HOLY Kombucha strives to brew the freshest kombucha using only organic ingredients and using absolutely nothing artificial to brew the highest quality.
For those in need, HOLY Kombucha has a mission to help save and provide a safe haven to children and women from human trafficking. We want to raise awareness and give help to organizations who strive to END human trafficking throughout the world! This is where we put our 10%!

How insanely cool… You need some HOLY Kombucha in your life. I like to drink kombucha + vodka for a weekend treat OR just by itself ( normal-human style ). This week, it was part of my detox-from-Halloween routine.

Okay, so some news:

Remember when I said I had some new things in the works for ROAWO? Well, one of those things is… drumroll please…… a total rebranding. Yep, as of early 2015, I will be moving ROAWO to a new domain ( obviously I will be giving y’all lots of heads up & I will be annoying y’all with news on the move, new links… yada yada yada) as I make the move out to Los Angeles.

I’m doing this because I no longer feel that the ‘Ramblings of a Wild One’ theme fits with my blogging goals. I’ve absolutely LOVED & worked so hard to make this blog what it is now, and I feel like rebranding is necessary to embody my ultimate vision.

I think y’all will like the new name, look, & overall vibes of the new site, which I’ll be introducing y’all to as of 2015.

I can’t waittttt to show y’all!

In the meantime, have any of you bloggers gone through a rebranding, and want to share some tips with me? I need all the help I can get… its a lot more complicated than it seems!

Even if you aren’t a blogger,

I still need your help! Is there any specific topic that you’ve been wanting to know more about? I mean, anything from health & fitness to fashion & home decor. I’d like to know what my readers want to know about, so I can write about things that y’all are actually interested in, as well a cool things that I find interesting. Comment below with your suggestions… and I will be eternally grateful & ready to help/research. Don’t be shy, k?

Much love xx

Creating a Zen, Super-Chill Space to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! )

Creating A Zen, Super-Chill Spaces to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! ) For those of you who really know me, you know I’m a crazy, anxiety-ridden mess pretty much all of the time. My mind is always turned on & working at maniac-speed, which can be a pretty serious pro at times. What usually happens, though, is I’m thinking of five million things at once ( some bad things, some good things, but mostly just looming tasks & my ever-growing to-do list ) and I can’t help but feel like my brain is going to absolutely explode. You know what I’m sayin’?

Now that I’ve started blogging, yet another entire section has been added to my to-do list ( on top of freaking classes [<— uuuuggghhh], trying to stay active, eating healthy, taking care of my [beautiful] pup, planning the Holidays, organizing my move to California in two months, etc. etc. etc. ) and sometimes, it just gets to be too much. Don’t get me wrong, ROAWO has been an incredible creative outlet and a major stress-relief in many ways, but its still a lot of work ( usually a lot of work that goes unnoticed… blogging is weirdly complex ).

Creating a Zen, Super-Chiller Relaxation Space :: ft. Old Factory ( Spa Collection ) Candles !! Anyways, because of all this craziness, I take my alone time very seriously & I make sure I get to relax / just veg out for a little while every day ( even if its only for 15 minutes before bed! ).

Obviously, real relaxing starts with cultivating a designated zen, chill-out space. I try to make my room my ‘worry-free-zone’ ( with 4 roommates, I don’t really have a choice ) by decorating it as such, keeping it clean, flower-filled and well lit. Am I the only one who is weird about lighting? It affects my mood in a really intense way. Am I crazy, orrrrr? The flicker of candles has some sort of crazy power over my anxiety levels.

K, Speaking of candles…. I am a real candle-addict/ fiend/ obsessor. I mean, I have 8 candles lit in my room as I am typing this. Alright, 1 is flameless, but only because I’m pretty sure I’m reaching fire-hazaard level… and most of them are unscented because, um, that is too many smells for one room. My serious obsession lately is my Spa Collection candle set from Old Factory Candles, which includes Lemongrass, Cucumber, & Green Tea scented candles. Anything spa scented is a +++++ for a zenned-out (<– not a real word?) space. I just had to join the campaign for these cutie candles.

Creating a Zen, Super-Chill Space to Just Reeelax In :: ft. Spa Scented Candles that you neeeeeed A quick run-down of Old Factory’s dealio: The candles are hand-poured in the US of A ( y’all know I like anything handmade.. feels so special ) with natural, soy wax. They burn evenly ( so no annoying, leftover wax stuck on the sides… such a waste ) for 20 hours… which is crazy because they’re fun-sized / cutie candles.

Old Factory Candles has some seriously badass candle sets that come with three separate candles that are inspired by a certain theme. You just choose your fav theme & you’re done. They’ve got some pretty scandalous options… so obviously I’m a fan. Here are a few of my other favorite theme/set options:

50 Shades (insert sly-face emoji here): Leather, Jasmine Bubbles, & Vanilla Sex

High As A Kite: Cannabis, Incense, Bag-O-Cookies ( <– lolz )

∇ Romance: Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate

Fresh & Clean: Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen ( <– similar to the Spa theme )

There are sooo many other options ( including various Holiday-themed sets!! ). I’m probably going to try that 50 Shades set soon, because I’m really interested to know how insanely good that Leather candle smells. So, stay tuned for that. These candles are also perfect for gifting, so keep that in mind for the coming celebrations.

Creating A Zen, Super-Chill Spaces to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! ) After I light my ( five million ) super-zen candles, I turn on some chiller music ( or Netflix: Gillmore Girls is my shiz lately… a little late on the bandwagon ), grab myself a glass of hot tea or lemon water, close my door, take a sec to deep inhale/exhale a few times, & just relax. Like a said, it may last only 10-15 minutes, because I do have to study sometimes, but those 10-15 mins are so glorious.

Relaxing like that is so necessary for your wellness. Yes, school is important. Yes, work is important. Yes, your friends/ pets/ kids/ parents/ etc are important. But everyone deserves at least 10 minutes to themselves every day, no matter how long that to-do list is.

So, find out what kind of surrounding makes you calm & chilled out, and create your own zen-space. Then, make a promise to yourself ( and your poor, poor, over-driven brain ) that you will put your wellness & comfort first, if even for a small portion of your day. It’ll make a huge difference, and its something really amazing to look forward to at the end of a long day.

Creating A Zen, Super-Chill Spaces to Just Reeelax In ( ft. Old Factory Candles… Spa Collection! ) [ I make sure to put one of my leetle candles on my convenient table, so I can smell those goods as soon as I walk in my zen-space ( aka my bedroom ) ]

Also, after my F-ing Fab Fall Giveaway with Meghan from Boho Nouveau ends ( in 9 days! ), I’ll be teaming up with Old Factory Candles to bring one of you lucky ladies ( or gentlemen ) a free set of candles in the theme of your choice!  Thats right, back-to-back free shiz situations!

Stay tuned for the details xx

What makes you calm & at-one-with-yourself? I’d love to know what I can add to my serene-routine!

[ PS ]

∇ Shop My Room Decor: 

This is a sponsored post, however, my opinions & views are 100% true. I wouldn’t have joined the campaign if I didn’t love these candles!

Spoooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last-Minuters

Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Last night, I finally got my shit together when it comes to Halloween decor. I ran out to Target in between my Kayla Itsines workout circuit and finishing a super interesting paper for my Sociology of Religion class (only kind of kidding because that class is actually pretty cool).

I found some reallllly bad-A shot glasses, cups, etc. (for lots of themed drank time) in the $1 section! I almost cried tears of joy because my bank account has been kinda spooky/scary AF lately.

The shot glasses were actually mini-basket things (skulls, cauldrons, etc), and I just took the little handles off… and viola! Shot glasses. I’m a genius.  Add some flickering candles, candy corn (<< speaking of, I found this hilarious article today ), and a nice cocktail and you are in forrr some tricks and a treat or two tonight!

Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters love my skull bank ]
Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Luckily for me, I decorate with skull accessories all the time, so I can reuse my cheapy decor throughout my house ( thinking of spray painting the mini skulls gold and using them for various things.. ahh, the possibilities! ).

Princess Drogo

Clearly, Drogo loves his costume.

My halloween drank of choice is this vodka-kombucha cocktail with frozen blackberries (<< spoOoOoky rotten brains! ). I’ll do a post on this later gaterz.
Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Spooky, Sexy Halloween Decor for You Last Minuters Also, I’ll be doing a leeeetle post on these amaze spa-inspired candles that Old Factory sent me (<< because they rock my socks). May have a little giveaway as well… insert sly-face emoji.

Speaking of giveaways… have y’all entered the ROAWOxBohoNouveau F-ing Fab Fall Giveaway? If not. are you 4 real? Go do it riiiight meow.

What’s everyone being for Halloween tonight? Eh, I’m so not costume creative. I need ideas!

P xx

ROAWO x Boho Nouveau: F-ing Fab Fall Giveaway!

ROAWO x Boho Nouveau: Freakin' Fab Fall Giveaway [ Enter Today! ] Yay, yay, yayyy, Giveaway day is finally here!

I’ve been yapping about this giveaway for weeks (<< these things take a lot more energy to put together than you would assume). Me and my girl Meghan [ of Boho Nouveau ] did a lot of thinking about what we wanted to put in this giveaway gift basket… because obviously we wanted to give out the most badass stuff we could find.

ROAWO x Boho Nouveau Freakin' Fab Fall Giveaway! [ Learn More & Enter here ]

In our F-ing Fab Fall Giveaway, you will find:

Frank. Body Scrub | ∇ Cozy Scarf | ∇ Voluspa Candle | ∇ Black Tied Jewelry Co. Bracelet & Midi Ring Set | ∇ Deborah Lippmann Burgundy Nail Polish | ∇ ‘Today is my Bitch’ Mug (inspired by this post) | ∇ Almond Vanilla Paper Soap (<< so cool) | ∇ The Cute little re-usable basket it comes in!

ROAWO x Boho Nouveau Freakin' Fab Fall Giveaway! [ Learn More & Enter here ] ROAWO x Boho Nouveau Freakin' Fab Fall Giveaway! [ Learn More & Enter here ]

Here’s how it works: Enter HereYou can enter by following ROAWO or Boho Nouveau on various social media outlets (insta, twitter, Facebook, etc.). The more following you do, the more entries you get! So freakin’ easy, if you ask me.

The giveaway will last for 15 days (starting now) and the winners will be contacted by Meghan and I after the giveaway entry period has ended.

Y’all are going to LOVE this basket… my first giveaway had to be super badass, so Meghan and I put some serious effort into this one.

So go! Enter, Enter, Enter! 

Much love. xx

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I Love You, Paula Dorf. And My Brows Do Too.

Paula Dorf: Brows for Every Hair Color Happy Wednesday… here’s a huge, up-close picture of my FACE!  I apologize for being all up in your biz, but the closeness was necessary to show y’all one of my new fav products:

Paula Dorf’s 2 + 1 for Brows

The story of my eyebrow maturity journey is pretty pitiful. Honestly, I didn’t really start paying attention to the brows until college (<< embarrassed to admit). My eyebrows are pretty sparse, so I never really had to wax them. Hitting them with some pluck-age every so often was good enough for me. Now, when I look at pictures from high school, I think.. “yikes”. Yeah, they didn’t need all that much thinning, BUT some filler would’ve been nice (<< thanks friends for NEVER telling me!).

As much as I wish I could pull off the whole Cara Delevingne, super-hot, super-thick brow… I just can’t. I look like a freakshow, really. More power to ya ( & I’m super jeal ) if you can channel Cara’s badass brow look.  [ Paula Dorf: the best brow filler! ] Aaaaand this why I love Paula Dorf’s brow product situation & why I was SO pumped to join their 2+1 for Brows campaign. They have 4 different options when it comes to shades (I got the neutral), and you can customize the color even further by mixing the two powder colors in the compact as you see fit. Hi, I’m a control freak and I need to be able to decide EXACTLY what shade I want.

As far as application goes, just mix your powders to your perfect shade with the brow brush, dip the brush in the wax, and go to town outlining those brows. Because of the wax, the color stays forever, but is easy to take off with a little soap action.

I just DIE for the way a well-filled brow outlines my face. It just looks so much… better. I’m not completely heinous without a nice brow fill, but I’d much rather hit the babes with some Paula Dorf before heading out into the general public.  [ Paula Dorf: the best brow filler! ] [ Paula Dorf: the best brow filler! ] You can find this amaze product here. Wanna know whats real cool? PD was badass enough to extend a little promo to my readers! You can get a free, perfectly-sized brow brush with your Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows purchase using the code:


Pretty rad, if you ask me. You can only find this product in the link I have provided, as it isn’t for sale at any retailers right meow.

Also, read a funny little tale about my emergency experience with this brow filler….. I’m embarrassed to admit…

Again, sorry for posting my face so huge on your screen ( ha ). K, Bi.

[ PS ]



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, as I am a part of the Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows campaign. However, all opinions I post are my own.. I wouldn’t join a campaign that I didn’t 100% adore! 


Cinch: My New Fav App ( + How I Used It For College Fashion Week! )

Morning Lovelies.

I am still getting back into the swing of things after spending a really dizzzope weekend in San Francisco for College Fashion Week. Re-focussing on studying, eating healthy ( couldn’t pass up that slice of cheesecake at Waterfront this weekend ), & getting back on track with working out is so hard after an action-packed getaway! But, I’m coping ( << poor, poor me ).

Later this week, I’ll be sharing with you the details of my trip to SF ( hotel, restaurants I liked, etc. ), so stay tuned for that bidness!

>>BUT FIRST, I have to tell y’all all about this new app I came across last week: the Cinch App. I was introduced to Cinch via a real cool CFW/HerCampus rep, and I was instantly intrigued. Here’s the deal:

Cinch: The Best App Ever, Basically.

So, you want to go out to eat somewhere with your girlfriends on Friday night and you’re super popular, so you have a bunch of girls to round up and a bunch of restaurant options to choose from. We’ve all been there, and all that means is: 5 million different opinions to sort through to come to a conclusion. Enter, Cinch.

Cinch is a group-polling app that allows your friends to cast their vote on a question ( ex: Where Should We Eat Tonight? ), or comment on the poll to introduce new options. The poll-er (?) creates the poll by entering a question & adding choices to the poll. Then, you send the choices out to your friends’ phones and they answer as necessary. Now, you have the results of the poll right in front of your face, AND you get everyone’s unbiased opinion, as they can’t see what other poll-ees voted for. You can invite people to vote in your fun little poll via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or by using your phone contact list (<< how I did it).

It’s great.

I decided to give Cinch a go, using it to ask my friends:

What Should I Wear to College Fashion Week?

Cinch App: Polling Your Friends….. and it's SO easy!

 [ Find Outfits here: One | Two | Three ]

Easypeasy, Lemon-squeezy. Because I’m pretty OCD when it comes to… well… everything, I love the clean set-up of Cinch, and I really love that I can see the results of the poll in an obvious, visually-pleasing way.

Cinch App: My New Favorite!

So no more texting your friends a ton of outfit pictures separately ( ugh, I’m lazy ), and no more assessing opinions via group text ( annoying ). Just create your poll in about 5 seconds & send to your friends… all from an easy-to-access, free app!

To download Cinch, click here.

Want to see what outfit I chose to wear? Ya know ya do! Whats your favorite, life-simplifying app? I’m all about saving time & energy, so I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, what do you think of Cinch? How are you using this cool AF app? Comments are appreciated!

Later, gals.

[ PS ]

Her Campus College Fashion Week + Cinch Polling App << The Perfect Combo! *Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions and comments are 100% authentic. I wouldn’t post about this app if I didn’t love it!*

Look Like a Super Model: Bronzed Bombshell

Look Like A Super Model: Bronzed Beauty

Soooo, who wants to look like a super model? ‹raising hand› K, cool.

I’ve gone through (probably) millions of pictures of that dewy, bronzed, Victoria’s Secret model-look on Pinterest. Aand… I figured it out! The secret to this brazilian-goddess, glowing complexion thing is to forgo using blush, and use a liquid/oily bronzer in its place. Should be obvious, right??

I have always worn blush because… well.. idk.. Isn’t that what you learn when you’re a wee-leetle beebus watching your Mom put on makeup? I’ve always considered it a staple. WELP, I stopped using the rosy stuff, and Viola, bronzed-goddess (sans actual ‘super model’ appeal). I don’t usually use pictures that aren’t my own on my posts, but these are perf examples:

Look Like a Super Model: Bronzed Goddess Here’s the brownie-glow routine:

  1. Use this BB cream all over yo face.
  2. For concealer, use this magic potion under your eyes and on your blemishes (<< chyessss dual-power, beeeeb).
  3. Contour in the dent-y part of your cheek (lolz, ‘dent-y’) with this matte bronzer.
  4. Here’s the change: throw some bronzing oil on your cheeks in place of your usual blush.
  5. Stick to brown/golden shades for your eye shadow & liner (<< a like dark brown). You can even use the bronzing oil on your lids in place of eye shadow. Dual purpose that shit.
  6. Throw on you a little mascara (but don’t go overboard… clumpy eyelashes will kill your supermodel vibe. Plus, they’re just ugly. Too harsh?)
  7. Don’t forget to fill in your brows! I love this brow filler (more detailed post coming soon) to darken my brows, and frame my face.
  8. Then, use a dull pink/mauve color on your lips.

And, there ya go. You’re Gisele Bündchen.

Thoughts? What’s your favorite, super-model-y beauty tip?

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All photos taken from Pinterest.