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The Benefits of Wheatgrass

The Benefits of Wheatgrass Over the weekend, I took a little trip to Annapolis, Maryland ( check out some instas from ze trip here ) to visit my boi, Paul, who super-inconveniently goes to the Naval Academy, half-way across the country from me. It was reaaally nice to get some cold, crisp, real-deal Fall weather for once, though I can’t really complain too much about the Cailfornia-ish temperatures we’ve been having in TX lately.

Anyways, while I was getting lunch on my last day in Annapolis, I insisted that I take a wheatgrass shot with my yum-o wrap from this really good health-food lunch-spot. Much to Paul’s dismay, it cost almost $3… and trust me, I heard ALL ABOUT the dismay part. Keep in mind: This is coming from a guy who got some nasty-ass, massive pizza pocket thing, a Philly cheesesteak, and a Protein shake for lunch ( luckily, he’s a college athlete so thats kind of acceptable ), so no wonder he doesn’t understand the wheatgrass craze. I’m pretty sure the nickname “wheatgrass” was added to my list of misnomers after the ordeal.

When I tried to defend my healthy honor by articulating all the reasons why I simply neeeeded a wheatgrass shot, I couldn’t really put my finger on the exact benefits of this little magic potion. So, naturally, I did some research. This is what I found:

Major Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

∇ This nutrient-filled shot is linked to preventing over-eating by suppressing your appetite.

∇ Increases oxygen in the blood, which stimulates circulation. You can also apply wheatgrass directly to your face with a cotton ball to allow for better circulation at the surface of your skin.

∇ The amino acids, Vitamin B, and enzymes found in wheatgrass aid in digestion.

∇ The chlorophyll in wheatgrass fights inflammation, which, in turn, prevents arthritis.

∇ That chlorophyll also oxygenates the blood, reducing symptoms of fatigue.

∇ Gargling wheatgrass can help remove toxins from your mouth and re-mineralize teeth. It’s basically a more gentle form of mouthwash.

Cleanses the liver: wheatgrass is a detoxifying-powerhouse.

Stabilizes blood sugar levels by improving glucose and lipid levels.

Clears sinuses by pulling out toxins and breaking up mucus ( << oh, yum ).

∇ WG’s ability to regenerate skin cells makes it helpful to your complexion.

∇ Keeps the blood clean, oxygenated, & keeps the red blood cell count high, which is linked to preventing cancer.

∇ Wheatgrass is said to boost immunity by keeping your mind and body strong… ( << good for the coming winter months ).

*discover more benefits of wheatgrass here*

So, get your wheatgrass: Daily, weekly, in your smoothie, in shot-form, on your face, whatever. It can’t hurt, right? Also, it feels all clean & trendy, so, why not? This elixir keeps you healthy, pretty, energized, and feeeeelin’ good!

Have a happy Monday, y’all ( or, as happy of a Monday as Mondays can be… )

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A Few of my Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition

Happy (finally freaking) Friday!

I can’t say that I’m sad to see this week end. I have completed week two of my laptop being “looked at” in the Apple Store, and let me tell ya, it has been WAY more difficult than I would’ve imagined. The first couple of days, I felt like I had no idea what to do with my hands because they haven’t been detached from a keyboard for more than 8 hours at a time ( gotta sleep sometime ) in years. It’s kind of sad, really. I also had no idea what I was supposed to be doing in class….. actually listening, maybe? Well, that whole thing is miserable. I don’t recommend it ( lolz, jk, gotta pass ).

Since I haven’t been able to post in forever ( due to dilemma covered above^ ), I thought I’d do a Favorite Things post featuring some new updates to my room.

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition As a college student, I have to be pretty thrifty with home décor ( i.e. I have a small budget ). I tend to search for deals on the internet ( duh, online shopping addict ), as well as in stores like Ikea, World Market, Target, etc. Surprisingly, you can make a room look really good for really cheap ( or, a lot cheaper than I thought ).

My favorite recent add to my room is this desk from Ikea ( it was only $70! ). I absolutely hate assembling my own furniture, because I’m lazy, but this desk was pretty simple & quick. Ikea also delivered to my home in a flash, which was prime ( not only am I lazy AF… I’m also very impatient ).

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition There is just something that happens when I have a clean & organized desk space. I feel a whole lot more productive when I’m working in an area that is well put-together. Because I don’t have very much space to spread out, I double my desk as a vanity station for putting on makeup and such. Kind of a business by day, party by night kind of thing( << ha ). This is a really good idea if you are low on counter space in your bathroom, like me.

As far as styling goes, I got this glass tray & leather organizer from Gilt ( my favorite :: Also, if you haven’t joined Gilt yet, e-mail me at to learn how to get $25 off your first purchase! << it’s super easy ). Oh, & my cool pink Crown Brush set is from HauteLook (<< also contact me to find out how to save on your first purchase! ).

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition Let me just say, this little DIY will make you feel border-line genius, almost because it is so obvious ( << does that make sense to anyone else but me? ). I bought these little crates from Michael’s ( they have them at a ton of places ), spray painted them gold, and stacked them on top of each other to make a mini bookshelf. The whole thing cost about $45 ( or less, if you can find a coupon ) and took maybe 10 minutes.

I got these geode bookends ( a little more expensive, but have such a cool effect! ) & this gold skull piggy-bank to add flair to my small book collection . Also, how great is this Gluten is my Bitch Cookbook? I purchased it from Gilt ( so, you could get it for free, if you contact me like I explained earlier, bc its only $14! No scams, I promise! ), but it can also be found here.

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition Lastly, I got some new awesome pillows for my bed. I shared a picture of my bedding + canvas situation a long time ago, and I’ve added some texture ( remember how much I love contrasting texture? ) via various decorative pillows.

Usually, I’m not really a purple person ( coming from Fort Worth, you think I would be. Go Frogs? ), but I loved the YSL canvas I bought from Gilt so much that decided to base my room’s color scheme around it. I got these purple leather pillows ( they also have 5 gazillion different colors ) & this white faux-fur pillow by a brand called Natural on Gilt. I’m also not really a huge fan of monograms ( that time has passed ), but this little monogrammed pillow kind of tied everything together. You can buy pillows like this all over Etsy.

So, don’t forget to e-mail me about reaaallly great deals with Gilt & Hautelook:

Or, e-mail me with any questions about products, opinions, concerns, etc. Also, I’m looking for a new collab project & people to interview, so if you have a blog or you do something that you think should be recognized contact me!

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The chilly weather up there is sure to be a change of pace! Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

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Redken Color Rebel at Austin City Limits ( Talk About A Perfect Pair !! )

Redken Color Rebel

Redken Color Rebel Have you ever had one of those days where everything ( I mean, everything ) just goes absolutely wrong? Well, that’s been my life since Sunday… and now its Tuesday and it just needs to STOP.

Yesterday, I was planning on putting this post up, and I woke up all excited about sharing my ACL experience & fun, colored hair with y’all. I went to open my computer… and…. it is completely dead. Like, wont-charge-or-turn-on dead. As a college student (and blogger, obviously), this is my worst nightmare coming to life. So, my poor little computer is being checked out by technicians for the next week.

This morning, so far, I have stepped in dog poop, spilled my green juice all over my kitchen / self, missed a class because my alarm was set for 9 PM, not AM… and I’ve only been awake for like an hour. Luckily, the school computer lab came in clutch this morning ( and Starbucks helped a little ).

Alright, I’ll shut up and get down to biz.

I spent my weekend jammin’ out at the Austin City Limits Festival. Eating, drinking, listening to some coooool tunes. Not too shabby. Here’s the low-down on ACL, through my eyes:


∇ The Food: GoodPop Hibiscus Mint Popsicles are everything

∇ The Drank: There are five million bar areas ( + Juice places !! )

∇ Eminem, Lana, Jhené Aiko, Iggy, Calvin Harris, Zedd, etc. Are you serious with this lineup ( btw: Jhené Aiko is my new obsession… she is the most legit flower-child I’ve ever seen & her body is rockin’. Total Babe.)


∇ Tweens. Everywhere.

∇ Ohhh my god, I hate crowds.

∇ Being 20 million miles away from all the performers (see above con)

∇ Probably coming very close to contracting Ebola… like, germ-city.

Redken Color Rebel + ACL The best part of Austin City Limits this year?? Picking out what to wear + my Redken Color Rebel Hair dye ( temporary, of course! ). This stuff is real-deal, easy AF, temporary hair color. I chose this bad-A hot pink for my ends at the festival. Obviously, it screams music festival ( keeping in mind for Coachella. k duh… )

I chose to join the campaign for this wonderful product because 1) I lurve Redken just in general and 2) I lurve changing my hair up with some cool color every so often, but I’m not daring enough to make it a permanent thing.

Redken Color Rebel + ACL

Redken Color Rebel + ACL Here’s the deal with Redken Color Rebel:

• The sponge-tip applicator makes it super easy to glide on to hair
• I had the best experience with coloring my hair when it was clean & dry, and then sealing the color by brushing through my hair & applying a little heat ( with my curling iron … But you could also just hit it with a blow dryer ).
• The color stays true for about two washes, then it’s done-zo.
• Redken makes a bazillion different colors of this stuff ( I have red and pink ), but I liked the pink best this weekend.

Redken Color Rebel + ACL Redken Color Rebel + ACL You can find alllll the details on Redken’s Color Rebel Campaign here. And follow Redken on social media too ::

» Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube. «

[ Shop my look? || Ballin’ Tee || Flannel || Shorts || Fun, Festival Top (SOLD OUT), but Similar Here || Arm Cuff (SOLD OUT), but Similar Here ]

Welp, that’s all I have for y’all today! Is anyone else going Her Campus College Fashion Week in San Fran on Oct. 25?? I can’t wait! I need some San Francisco tips, so let my know below what your fav spots in the city are!

[ PS ]

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Redken Color Rebel Campaign because I love their products first and foremost. I do receive benefits (like samples) for being a part of their campaign, but that doesn’t sway my opinion on the product! I joined their campaign because I love the product (not the other way around)!

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“Slut Shaming”: My Smarty-Pants Roommate (& BFF) Puts Us All in Our Places

Slut Shaming: My Smarty-Pants BFF Puts Us All in Our Places

So, today I’ve got some real-life shit to talk about.

Though I do get alllll pumped about sharing recipes, pictures of my sweet dog, my favorite clothes, blah blah blah, I seriously love sharing my 2 cents with people who are open & interested.

Here’s the deal: My roommate and friend (duh), Maddy, is a real deal Psychology major. When I say real deal, I mean she 100% lives for the subject; its definitely her passion. Anyways, the other day (while all the roomies were crammed in our kitchen, trying to make breakfast together), Maddy started explaining an upcoming project for her Sociology (yeah, she’s delving into the Psychology of the masses, as well) of Deviance class. Basically, she was supposed to go out into the world & do something that society would label as “deviant” and record the reactions that she got from people. So, Maddy decided that she was going to be a ‘Shacker,‘ or at least appear to be one

I should note here that not long before she received this assignment, Maddy partook in annual recruitment with her sorority at our school. She would come home on a daily-basis a little irked by the amount of times future-sorority girls were seen as having bad reputations because they used to do things like: sneak out in highschool to hook-up with their boyfriend, etc. This is probably part of what inspired her choice of deviance.

Shacker: a person (usually female) who sleeps over after a one night stand and walks home in the morning (frequent term on college campuses in dorms and frats).

To achieve this look, Maddy wore a XL Men’s T-shirt backwards, loose-fitting shorts, her hair all “I didn’t brush my hair this morning”-y, and smudged eyeliner/mascara under her eyes. Then, off she went to a day of classes. Here’s her explanation of her expectations and a little background:

This would be breaking the norm because society looks down on women who are publically sexually active, especially before marriage. I think by wearing what I plan to wear, people will assume that I have slept over at a male’s house. The act of coming to school dressed in a ‘one night stand’ appearance is looked upon as a deviant act. I am choosing to analyze this deviant act with Becker’s theory in mind. Becker’s theory states that the person who creates a deviant act cannot be trusted to follow the rules agreed on by the group. By dressing as a ‘shacker[1]’, I will have broken the rule that society sets in reference to how women should not be allowed to be openly sexual beings. Theoretically then, ‘society’ would not trust me to display myself in a worthy or poised manner. Society enforces the belief that women, as individuals, are not meant to be publicly sexual creatures. For example, the lingerie line Victoria’s Secret implies that the act of wearing or owning seductive clothing should be kept a secret. The common term, ‘lady in the street and a freak in the sheets’, also expresses this same point of view. This implies that society wants to view women as poised and collected and that having sex is a deviant, even freakish act and that it should be kept private.

Yeah…. she quoted ‘lady in the street and a freak in the sheets’ in her college paper. This is part of the reason why we are such good friends. Hilarious.

"Slut Shaming": & Why you look like an ignorant ass-hole when you do it.

Maddy noted that she got a lot of judgmental looks….. get this… from girls. Overall, she felt an obvious feeling of discomfort and nervousness to be seen as someone who “had just slept over at a boy’s house”… how dare adult-women do that, right? Which brings me to her conclusions (the most important part):

I felt a tad embarrassed to do this assignment. Although I believe that sexuality should be embraced and not looked down upon, I still questioned whether my friends, peers, and professors would view me as unprofessional and not respect-worthy. Overall it was fun because I wanted to see if it would work and I was happy to explore the topic. I think that the view of this deviant act should be overturned. More often than not men are celebrated for their sexual experiences and women are looked down upon for the same act. It is not fair that men are able to partake in causal sexual experiences, but when their sister, friend, or classmate wants to experience the same they are automatically ‘slut shamed’. I honestly think that my ‘deviant behavior’ looked natural. My act was not in your face, it was subtle enough to not point all eyes in my direction but apparent enough to draw some attention.

I think that my experiment highlighted Becker’s point of view on deviance. He believed that “deviance is not a quality of the act the person commits, but rather a consequence of the application by others of rules and sanctions to an “offender” (Becker, pg. 9). In other words, deviance is not a quality that defines a bad person but is the result of someone defining someone’s activities as bad. I can contest, as am sure my friends and family would too, that I am not a bad person. However my ‘activities’, pretending to be a shacker, are deviant because being a woman who ‘shacks’ is defined as bad. Furthermore, I argue that my experiment embodied Becker’s theory fully for he theorized that “deviant behavior is behavior that people so label.” (Becker, pg. 9). I was labeled as deviant for people concluded, based on my attire, that I had engaged in specific actions. I had not engaged in said deviant actions but I was labeled deviant by ‘the people’ regardless.

My favorite part of her conclusions comes next. My. Favorite. Thing.

The idea of “secret deviants” is also important. For as many men there are publicly claiming that they had a sexual experience there must be a number of women that also participated in the experience. However, these women keep their actions secret for the stigma that casual sex embodies. Becker states that one of the most important aspects of a deviant career is “the experience of being caught and publicly labeled as deviant.” Theoretically since I have been regarded as deviant publically, others’ reactions to me will now be focused on this deviant piece of my identity.

"Slut Shaming": & why you just look like an ignorant dumbass when you do it.

I mean, do y’all just love it, or what? As soon as she told me about her experience, and was reading her final paper to me, I knew this was too good not to share.

I think I should mention here that I am not, by any means, promoting that all women go shouting on the rooftops about their sexual activity, but I do promote the idea that women should not be ashamed of such acts.

So, here’s why I care so much: The first time I was referred to as a ‘slut’, I was 12 years old and visiting a new school. I had chosen to wear a pink, eyelet skirt on the day of my visit. Cute, right? Uhhh, no. A few girls at said school were extremely unhappy about my choice of attire (which was honestly, probably my Mom’s choice), because some brace-faced, knock-kneed boy had made a comment about me being “pretty.” Middle school boys… is there anything worse? ( Oh yeah, middle school girls.. ) So, these girls banished me to the land of the ‘sluts’. Can I just say, that me, at 12-years old in a mini skirt was probably the least-sexy thing that has ever existed. My green-bean legs, huge flipper-sized feet, matched with an extreme level of social anxiety.. I was the embodiment of the word “awkward.” All through middle school, I kind of got used to hearing people say bad things about me. Luckily for me, I started not to care at a very early age what girls said about me, and I am sincerely proud of myself for that.

It often takes girls a long time to realize: You give the people who speak negatively of you power when you even consider anything that they have to say of any value. They want to see you negatively-affected. Don’t give them that power… because if they were that badass, they’d be busy doing cool things & wouldn’t care about your life so much.

Entering high school, the drama started up again. Girls had, yet another, vendetta. I got phone calls & myspace messages ( yeah… Myspace days ) from upperclassman girls using the word “slut,” among other things. Now, keep in mind, I was 14 at this point, still had never kissed a boy, and got nervous when any male made eye contact with me. I’ll be honest, I was still a skinny little twig with NO boobs and the same social-awkwardness. The point is: girls will call you a slut no matter what. They are ruthless. At age 16, I was literally a renowned ‘slut’ in my town. At this point, I was becoming more okay with hugging boys………….. but still not quite sold on the idea. Lip action had still never happened… super slutty, right? A couple months after I turned 17, I had my first kiss, and girls with their boring lives everywhere were going “Seeeee? She IS SUCH A SLUT OMG!”

My point with all of this is: I would venture to say that most girls I know are sexually active. Its a human thing, and personally, I don’t believe it is an evil act ( *this is my opinion only… everyone is entitled to their own* ). And yet, when we look at another girl (who is, more-often-than-not, beautiful or attractive in some way), we dare to call them a slut.

The hypocrisy is the worst part. To look at someone doing the same thing as you do (hell, the same thing as everyone does), and speak of them in a negative way: i.e. slut, whore, gross, etc. Where is the logic in that? Its the classic pot calling the kettle black, and I’ve never been able to understand that idea (not only in terms of ‘sluttiness,’ but other facets of life as well). And, as noted by Maddy, this is an epidemic in GIRL world. We are doing it to our fellow people! We’re all supposed to be teaming up against stupid boys (lolz), and yet, they are mostly the reason we call each other such things. Uhh… c’mon.

I just believe that, as women, we should all look to empower one and other, rather than slut-shame and bitch-call. If you have time to do that, you should probably re-evaluate your priorities and use that time to better yourself or the world, because that is way too much energy to be expelling on something so petty.

I’m hoping that we can all blossom into real, adult women who get shit done, rather than remain little bitchy middle-school girls with a need to fit in, sooner than later.

Are ya with me?

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A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of my Favorite Things :: ROAWO Sup.

So this next week is gunna be quite a tough one. I have two tests right off the bat, so I’m using this weekend as ( a little bit ) of a chill / relax weekend before the craziness. I mean, Its a Friday night, I can literally hear the herds of people walking to the bars to be social & have fun, and I’m just laying in my bed with my dog soo…


I’ve rounded up 8 of my favorite things ( my list posts are always so awk with the numbers ) that I love this week, and yes, Drogo made the list. Again.

Little Table Styling :: Little Table Styling :: How cuuute is my little convenient table? Its right next to my bedroom door, and basically, I use it as a catch-all for all of my shit ( usually, its a lot more chaotic-looking ). I got the sidetable ( I don’t think its avail anymore, but theres a similar one here ) & frame from World Market, the skull piggy-bank from Gilt, and the acrylic catch-all as a gift ( similar here ).

P.S. These silver bracelets will be a part of my giveaway with Boho Nouveau coming soon! 

Upcoming Interviews on ROAWO :: Okay. I am, like, INSANELY excited for all of the interviews coming soon to ROAWO. Y’all will dieee over these girls. And luckily for you people :: They are all going to share some of their secrets to greatness with us.

I’ve known most of them for quite awhile now ( I lurve that I have such inspiring & creative friends with passions for things! ), and I cannot wait to feature / publicly appreciate their amazing-ness. Here’s a little sneak-peak for ya:

1. Sarah went to middle- & high-school with me & has always been such a creative spirit. Now, she owns a company called Serendipity Fine Lines & Such. She specializes in hand lettering for weddings, prints, stationary, etc. ( find her Etsy store here ). Cannot wait for y’all to meet her.

2. Lauren is a health / fitness guru & Beach Body rep from Fort Worth, TX ( aka my city / whoop, whoop, go Cowtown ). Since I’ve known her, she’s always been passionate and informative about eating healthy & working out. I mean, this girl is up & on early-morning runs while everyone else is pretty much dying & hungover on the weekends. She’s got her shit together.

3. Baylor is a singer/songwriter ( from Dallas, Texas ) with a reallll talent & passion for her music. She’s gunna give us all the deets on her cool AF life. ALSO, she’s a contestant on the upcoming season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. Like, what a badass, right?

4. Meghan is a fellow blogger (owner of Boho Nouveau) from Canada ( !! ) with super-chill personal-style & a wanderlust to match. We got to know each other through planning our soon-to-come Fall giveaway, & I’m pretty much obsessed with her now. Stay tuned to ROAWO to find out alllll about her.

Rachel Zoe Booties :: These booties by Rachel Zoe are out-of-stock, but you can get a similar look with these ( equally as awesome ). Love the idea of wearing white in the winter / fall… breaking the color “rules” makes me feel all rebellious. (<< This print comes in a sandal as well)

Chicken Tacos !! :: I took the fillings from my Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Pepper for One, added some grilled chicken, and made some delish tacos ( on corn tortillas, of course ) for lunch yesterday. These flavors are my fav. The fiesta continues !!

BEST Dry Shampoo Ever :: Lately, I’ve been washing my hair less & less ( it’s not gross, okay. Its actually reaaaally good for your hair to wash less ), so dry shamp has become a necessity. This miracle potion { Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak } is my absolute fav dry shamp out there right now.

Fall Nail Polish Line-Up :: Ramblings Of A Wild One I’m loving these nail polishes for fall. Yeah, pink is all pastel & springy, but I think you can wear this color in the fall as well. Its clean & simple. On the other hand, this burgundy Deborah Lippmann polish in ‘Blood’ and this dark blue/black Essie polish in ‘Licorice’ are deep, dark, & deliciouuuuus colors.

P.S :: The Deb Lip polish is included in my upcoming Fall giveaway with Meghan !!

My first article on Haute Mess Mag !! :: I already announced my joining the Haute Mess Mag team a few days ago, but I just got sooooo excited when my first article was posted… I gotta talk about it again.

Haute Mess Mag is your online source for a plethora of topics like beauty, fitness, fashion, home decor, cocktails, etc. Kinda like ROAWO, but with more minds behind it.

My first article covers a few of the things I do to ward-off anxiety & stress along with a really short version of my story pertaining to clinical anxiety. I think y’all will love it & the rest of the HMM website! Click on the ‘Contributors‘ page & my picture to see all of my posts!

German Shepherd Dog :: And last, but obvi not least, my main man, Drogo. He’s almost 10 months old now, so I’ve been thinking through some first-bday celebration activities. Yeah, he has no fucking clue that he’s turning one, but I do & he’s having a party. Duh.

He’s an 80-pound puppy. And the sweetest boy ever ( despite his looking like a huge, scary monster of a dog ). I am absolutely obsessed with German Shepherds… they are prettty much the most badass & good-looking dog breed, in my opinion. Huskies come in a close second place.

Does anyone have any healthy dog-treat recipes or something like that? He has to have something suuuper tasty to celebrate his first bday.

Welp, that’ll do it for my Fav things this week. I hope y’all like all this shizz as much as I do ( I know you do.. okay? )

I’m off to pin things for like 3 more hours and then go to sleep on this crazy Friday night I have going. College is always sooooo badass & fun, right? …. Not.

Yaaaa, bi.

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10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Sh*t Done ( + An Announcement )

10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: I am a quote fanatic. As I’ve said before, I have an obsession with words & that the way that people put them together to depict an idea. It is truly an art ( think about your Literature classes in school ).  My favorite quotes are those that give words to my exact feelings / ideas in a way that I was never able to think of .

Its an interesting experience to see someone else label the workings of my mind so perfectly.

I am so obsessed with quotes, in fact, that I have a time every day ( mostly ) where I relax, drink some tea, & scour Pinterest for words that I love. This is part of my “Me Time,” if you will.

So, now I’m going to start yet another series of posts ( because my series on The Outnet is ovaaaa ) featuring a collection of my favorite quotes on an assortments of topics. This week’s post:

10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done. 

Today is My Bitch ::

Sometimes, we all need that little nudge in the right direction. We all want to be successful ( hopefully ) & lead fulfilling lives, but getting our asses out of bed can be the most difficult & annoying task of all. Due to my daily dose of inspo ( via my Pinterest Me Time ), I’ve realized that you pretty much have no choice but to GTFO of bed and get your shit together.

Or else you’ll be a lazy, boring, unhealthy freak with no friends, passions, or hobbies. This may sound harsh, but think how much you could be doing if you weren’t watching Netflix alone in the dark all day, everyday ( though, there is always a time to do that…. just not all the time.. c’mon ).

10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: You are in complete control over the outcome of your life & your happiness. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently. Your mindset is your own responsibility. If you aren’t inspired by these words straight from the brains of some bomb ass, brilliant people, you need to re-think your life, jeeeeeez.

10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: So, read / really listen to these words ( and Share them with your friends / Spread the love! ). Get inspired to simply begin. 

10 Quotes that will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done ::

( ^ This one might be my favorite. )
10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done ::

10 Quotes that will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done

Don’t you just wanna go make something of yourself today? Thought so. And if you don’t, ya need help. Be sure to check out my Quote board on Pinterest for more daily motivation !!

Also, I have a bit of an announcement for y’all :: I am now a member of the Haute Mess Mag Team !! HMM is a website dedicated to and created by women ( More specifically, Editor-In-Chief Tiffany + Handpicked Contributors, like myself ). There are some really helpful & interesting articles on HMM, so I suggest you check it out ASAP.

Visit the contributors page & click on my photo to read some of my articles ( soon-to-come ) !! I’m sooooo happy about all of the opportunities that ROAWO has provided me within the few short months of its existence, and there is so much more to come!

Oh yeah, And don’t forget to follow ROAWO on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook for some details on a bad assssss upcoming giveaway with Boho Nouveau !!

K. Bye.

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A Few of my Favorite Things

Cute Little Dress :: ROAWO I am so excited for this week’s edition of Favorite Things because, as you’ll learn, this shiz is the shiz [ like this dress ]. Here’s the list for the week:

Tiny Tea-tox :: ROAWO Tiny TeaTox :: ROAWO 1. Tiny Tea Teatox ( Gluten-Free Version ) :: This detox-tea was surprisingly so delish & its such a little detox/cleanse to do. I am in the middle of my detox right now, and I already feel so much better & more “at one” with my body.

YourTea has several types of herbal teas aimed at overall wellness. I chose the TinyTea because it focuses on weight-loss and resetting your digestive system. They believe that digestion is the center of your overall health, and that by allowing that system to run smoothly, you’ll have more energy, healthier / brighter skin, less cellulite, etc. So, I said sign me up! All I do is have a cup of this little miracle tea twice a day after or before a meal ( for 14 days ). Too damn easy.

BTW: My roommate & talented artist, Abbey, painted the mug… so amaze.

Succulent Garden :: ROAWO Succulents + Mexican Blanket :: ROAWO 2. Succulents ( & This Cute Little Blanket / Rug ) :: Aren’t these little plants so freakin’ cute? You can get them for super cheap at Ikea, but I got mine in the botanical section of my local grocery store.

I have been extremely obsessed with flower / plants / candles lately ( which is why I signed up for flowers to be delivered to my door every other week, thanks to The Bouqs ). Seriously, My house is becoming a freaking garden / zen candle-lit space. It gives the place good vibes.

PS: you can find a similar Mexican Woven Table Runner here.

Frends Headphones :: ROAWO 3. My Frends Headphones :: These Layla Headphones by Frends are my life. These are the smaller-sized rose gold headphones & they are perfect for everyday [ at the gym, in the library, etc. ]. Frends carries a variety of headphones that are seriously SO FUN. They took regular, boring headphones and made them an accessory.

Head on over to Frends to browse their collection.

Pretty School Supplies :: ROAWO 4. Pretty, Organized School / Work Supplies :: I’m a sucker for anything having to do with organization. Its probably my horrible case of self-diagnosed OCD, but everything I have has to match or be organized away from my eyes in nice, matching, clean containers / folders / etc. I love writing in Moleskine Notebooks when I have to take notes. I know they aren’t your standard spiral-notebook, uhhhh ‘cuz they’re cooler & way prettier. Also, I label everything with simple little stick-on labels.

I’m looking for a fun little planner / agenda for the semester, but I can’t find any that I just have to have. Have any suggestions? I need your help!

PS: Laptop Skin can be found here.

Black Tied Jewelry Co. Necklace :: ROAWO Black Tied Jewelry Co. :: ROAWO 5. Black Tied Jewelry :: I have recently become one of the many bloggers to partner with Black Tied & I’m loving this online store! They have a ton of trendy jewelry for ridiculously cheap. I’m in lurve.

The above bracelets can be found here, here, here, & here, and the above necklace can be found here ( got mine at a custom length, thanks again Black Tied !! ).

More to come with this brand fo sho :: like stay tuned for a sweeeet promo code, perhaps.

AND I may or may not be putting together a little giveaway with Meghan of Boho Nouveau which could include some Black Tied pieces ( + more goodies ! ) ….

Homemade Green Juice :: ROAWO Homemade Green Juice :: ROAWO  6. Homemade Green Juice :: As a self-proclaimed ‘Juice Enthusiast’ since infancy, I drink green juices as much as possible. They’re delish, fun, & most importantly :: detoxifying.

This week, I made a huge batch of green juice to drink for a few days. I put ( organic & fresh from the farmer’s market ) spinach, kale, cucumber, cilantro, peaches, & pineapples into my juicer to get the base of this week’s juice.

BTW: juicing things is extremely addictive. I found myself intensely searching my kitchen for things to juice like a psycho. There, I said it. I am a juicing psycho. The second I started to consider putting a potato in the juicer, I realized I had a problem.

After I had my base, I added in some coconut water, vanilla protein powder, & a touch of cayenne to give it a little kick. I really like savory elements in my fresh juices. It makes things a little more interesting.

Fried egg on Veggies :: ROAWO 7. Sautéed Veggies + An Egg :: So, I used to freaking hate vegetables. Like, I had an extreme hatred towards them & I refused to eat them. Then, I learned how to season them, and BAM. I love them. A big bowl of greens is seriously the cleanest & most detoxifying hangover cure EVER. Packed with vitamins & minerals, I feel like a new person after eating these babes.

I sauté Broccoli, Zucchini, Brussels Sprouts, & Asparagus tips together in olive oil over medium heat. Then, I add Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Salt, Cilantro, & Lime Juice. THEN, I go even further and add a “fried” egg on top for some protein.

PS: I used to be an egg white girl, until reading this post on The Skinny Confidential. Now, I eat about an egg a day with the yolk included. Read for yourself!

So, there ya go. A Few of my Favorite things for y’all to try. Do you luuuurve any of my fav things this week? Plz Share!!

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Heres Why You Should Be a Vitamin E Oil Fanatic, Like Me!

Heres Why You Should Be a Vitamin E Oil Fanatic, Like Me! // ROAWO

I’m serious, Vitamin E Oil is life-changing.

Okay, so :: I was hanging out with some of my friends not too long ago, & one my super-hottie-biscotti friends started rubbing this oil all over her eyes. Long ( and not super interesting ) story short :: I figured out wtf she was using was Vitamin E oil to remove her makeup.

Being my I-need-everything-right-this-second self, I went to the store & bought some for myself the next day. Let me tell ya, this stuff works magic. Using a cotton ball / Q-tip, your eye make up will come of in a flash. No more scrubbing soap into your eyes, no more nasty chemical-filled drugstore brand removers, & no more horrible rub-skin-raw makeup remover pads.

Then, I decided to do a little research into other uses for Vitamin E Oil & I came across this little helpful article. To sum it up, some other amazetastic uses for this magic oil are:

1. Prevents Wrinkles :: Vit E prevents pesky wrinkles by blocking free-radical damage, boosting collagen production, & supporting new skin-cell growth. Because, who seriously wants wrinkles?

2. Intense Night-time healing :: Vitamin E oil is relatively thick, so you may not want to slather it on all-over your face both day & night, but it is seriously helpful for night-time moisturizing ( & it contains antioxidants for healing of the skin! ). Also, it can be added to skin with Olive Oil for smooth application / more skin benefits ( << I thought that was interesting ).

3. Treating Scars / brown spots :: Like I said before when I was explaining Vit E’s wrinkle prevention powers, this powerful oil penetrates deep into skin to block free radicals, which is super important in treating scars & brown spots ( free-radicals prevent scar tissue from healing ). Also, the antioxidants in Vitamin E are important in the healing of scar tissue. It supports cell regeneration , which is necessary in lightening dark spots.

4. Cuticles :: Vitamin E also soothes dry, nast, gross, cracked cuticles because its super moisturizing!

All these helpful purposes + the makeup remover makes Vitamin E a serious necessity in your beauty routine. AND its cheap & natural, so what could get better than that?

I bought my Vit E Oil at H-E-B, but you can also find it here online as well.

Whats your favorite all-natural / simple beauty tip ? I’d love to know!

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Eminence Organics: The Best Stuff For Your Skin Since Ever


Today I have something extremely important to discuss:: Skincare. And not just ANY skincare:: Organic Skincare. Yes, as I have mentioned before, I love to buy all-natural, organic products when possible, and that obviously includes what I scrub-a-dub my face with.

Eminence Organics Skincare

The most amazing skincare line [introduced to me by my mom’s dermatologist] is Eminence Organic Skincare. Eminence not only has a pretty little packaging [I told y’all that gets me], but is lightweight and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. This brand can get quite a bit pricier than drugstore brands, but, to me, its worth it.

Here’s my routine/my favorites:

+ Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser: I use this cleanser every morning and night. It is for acne-prone skin, so it combats nasty zit-face while remaining gentle on my skin. Perfecto. A little goes a long way, so only use a nickel- to quarter-sized amount for your whole face. Also, I’ve found that it doesn’t really lather very much so don’t be freaked out if you can’t get it to bubble up like hand soap [which means less drying out of the skin // yay].

+ Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant w/ Lactic Acid: I use this powder exfoliant about twice a week. It has a consistency between flour and sugar [it is completely dry]. You use a very small amount of the powder combined with water and gently [GENTLY] scrub all those dead skin cells far, far away. And if anyone knows what “Dermafoliant” actually means, feel free to leave that explanation in the comment area bee-low.

+ Eminence Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque: This mask is incredible. Its a little pick-me-up twice a week that makes my skin glow like crazy [thank you antioxidant-complex]. I use a little of this this after I’ve cleansed (or cleansed and exfoliated), and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. The Red Current Rapid Infusion Masque is incredibly moisturizing as well. My favorite thing about the mask, however, is how simple and clean it is. It’s not some goopy green monster mask from a 1990s chick flick; its light and thin and takes no time at all! Disclaimer:: There are portions of the currants in the masque, so you will have a few on your face while wearing it.. lolz.

+ Eminence Eight Greens Youth Serum: I’ve just recently added this anti-aging portion to my skincare routine… I want to avoid wrinkles for as long as I can [obviously]. This serum is—yes, you guessed it—light and gentle. I use a teeny tiny amount both morning and night. Like the mask, the serum contains antioxidants to combat aging and to energize your skin. A little goes a long way with this as well. So, if you are in your twenties or so, it’s probably a good idea to add this to your routine [just to be safe].

+ Eminence Eye Cucumber Gel: Like the cleanser and the serum, I use this morning and night. Cucumber cools my puffy eye bags, and this product isn’t too gunky under the eyes, which is just a-okay with me. Eyes get wrinkly REAL quick, so I make it a point to remember this step. Also, I use my ring finger to apply the gel, because this finger is the least-strong.. you don’t want to treat the delicate under-eye area too harshly.

+ Eminence Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer: THE FINAL STEP is this versatile moisturizer. It does NOT contain a sunscreen [because I already have badass Sun Bum sunscreen that I talked about here] but I use this night AND in the morning. It’s a pretty thick cream, so for the morning, I take a small amount and dilute it with a couple water droplets [or you can dilute with a drop of the serum], and it glides on very lightly. At night, if my skin is begging for some moisture, I’ll lay it on thicker… then wake up feeling extra-balla status.

ALSO: Don’t forget to use your facial products on your neck!! This area needs some attention as well. I especially make sure to use the serum/moisturizer combo on my neck area.

So:: If you like all your products to match [like me.. OCD], if you like organics, if you have sensitive skin, if you don’t wanna get wrinkles at 30, or if you are a living, breathing human, give Eminence a try. You’ll probably end up stocked up on all their swag like me. I never leave my facial place [facelogic spa in College Station, TX] without trying out a new product. I’m addicted.

Until l8er <— cool, I know.

xx P

Let’s Talk Boxing


Boxing: The BEST workout

Location: Team Unleashed MMA and Fitness [Bryan, TX]

So, if you’re like me, you absolutely cannot stand going to the gym. I hate it so much that I’ve come up with a definitive list of reasons why going to the gym is horrible:


1) It’s overwhelming. Not only are there 5 million different confusing machines, but the gym houses the largest population of meatheads in your town.. most likely. They’re intimidating… grunting and lifting and looking scary.. no thanks.

2) You cannot do anything without some creepstar watching your every movement. Like, I can see you.. I’m looking straight at you.. I’m giving you a really uncomfortable look and you are still doing that.. stahhhp please.

3) I get so bored!  This many set of this many reps on this many machines, blah, blah, blah. I’m bored talking about this, let’s move on.

4) When you go to the gym, you are often only accountable to yourself. You need some crazy desire or work ethic to get your ass up and get to it for awhile.. I’m not the best at that. I always end up making excuses.

5) Gym memberships cost upwards of $40 a month.. how many classes do you actually go to.. and how many workouts do you get in for your money?

That being said, I started boxing a little over a year ago and I instantly fell in love with it. I was inspired to try it after watching last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and hearing some of the Angels talk about their love for the sport. So, I called my local boxing gym, Team Unleashed MMA and Fitness, and started private lessons with all-things-badass trainer and owner of Unleashed, Carl Perry.


A year later, every time I show up for boxing, I get my ass handed to me. My friends and I have gotten a little group together to do morning sessions, twice a week. It’s an insane workout, and I never leave feeling like I could’ve done more.. I’m usually drenched in sweat and shaking a little, just the way a good workout should end. I’ve always been amazed with how far you can push yourself physically, and I don’t get that kind of “Wow, I’m a badass” feeling when I run on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes.

The way our morning sessions usually go:

  • We start with two or three 3-minute rounds of jumprope, with 30-seconds of rest between each round.
  • Then, we hit the bags. Literally. We work punch combos for three or four rounds. I definitely underestimated how hard it is to be actively punching something for 3 minutes straight.. my arms. need to fall off. at this point.
  • Next, we do some rounds using focus mitts. This is when our instructor will hold up the flat (focus) mitts and make us throw different punch combinations. I like this part the best because it is usually the most difficult.. since our instructor is one-on-one with us. He won’t let you chill for half a second; you go the full time. Every time.
  • After all this, we do some brief conditioning, and by then, our hour is up. Quick. High intensity. & SO fun.

I’ve started to do some kickboxing and MMA at my gym as well, but I have to say the traditional boxing is still my #1. I really encourage anyone who likes high-intensity athletic training to try boxing at some point. It’s a workout that you “get out of it what you put in.” So, push yourself really hard for an hour, and then go home and feel like a total boss.

xox. PS

Pink Gloves

My roommate [Megan] doing some bag work.