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First Week in Florence: A Photo Diary

Gelato in Florence, Italy

Cappuccino in Florence, Italy

Romper: Pine Boutique // Necklace: Dog Eared and Gilt // Watch: Vintage Gucci // Sunnies: Tom Ford purchased on Gilt

Cappuccino in Florence, Italy

Brandy Melville: Florence, Italy

Top: Brandy Melville // Skirt: Brandy Melville // Bralette: Free People // Bag: Erica Anenberg // Necklaces: Dog Eared, Gilt, and Brandy Melville // Watch: Vintage Gucci

Brandy Melville: Florence, Italy

Close up of Accessories: ft. Brandy Melville “Thug Life” ID Necklace [not sold online]

Brandy Melville: Florence, Italy

My Gal @AllHailGail in Brandy Melville Top and Chanel Necklace [and a spur-of-the-moment crazy wig for a night out]

Florence, Italy

So, as you can tell, Florence has been filled with mostly food, wine, and multiple trips to Brandy Melville [including their awesome shopping event.. with food and a DJ.. what more could you want?]. Since school has started, we have spent our time acclimating to Italian culture, rather than going hard in the tourist arena.. which we are planning to do next week! We’ve spent this week trying to “live as the Florentines do,” which includes LOTS of time spent at cafes and a ton of walking [I can live off of solely pasta if I walk all day right?].

As a student studying event planning at Lorenzo de’Medici in Florence, I’ve been connected with a few opportunities to enhance my skills in blogging [more info to come] !! Can’t wait to share my experiences in this city and elsewhere in Europe.

PS: Check out my feature on the Trend Doc’s Instagram here.

Soon to come: Lake Como, Italy // Interlaken, Switzerland // Nice, France // Monte Carlo, Monaco // the Amalfi Coast, Italy // Athens, Greece // Paros, Greece // Mykonos, Greece // Santorini, Greece 

Stay Tuned!



Weekend in Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza, Cinque Terre Cinque Terre. Wowzas my friends. Cinque Terre is a collection of five villages on the eastern coast of Italy. It has definitely been my favorite part of my voyage to Italy thus far. The people were incredible, friendly, and extremely proud of their native villages. It has a much safer and much more communal feel than Florence and Rome, if that is what you prefer. Luckily, we got to spend the 4th of July here… and surprisingly, most people didn’t look at us like we were ignorant/idiotic Americans as we sported our USA swizzag through the streets/on the beach. We took the train from Florence to the villages. Each of the five villages has a small station, so the train provided a very quick method of transportation between villages, as well. Here’s a lil’ list of weekend highlights for y’all:

Vernazza Apartment, Cinque Terre, Italy 1. Our apartment: I was able to find a pretty insane apartment in the village of Vernazza for a bargain on [exact apartment found here]. This location in the village gave us an incred view of the ocean AND the village. Also, it was very close to the square, which is treated as the center of Vernazza. Really, anywhere you stay there is convenient.. its pretty small.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre Vernazza, Cinque Terre 2. Sunset Cruisin’: This was the first thing we did in Cinque Terre. We literally walked from the train station [in Monterosso] to Angelo’s Boat Tours for our sunset cruise. I liked this option because it allowed for a private tour on a smaller boat, so it was a calm and relaxing ending to a day spent on trains/in train stations. AKA: the last thing I wanted to do after being surrounded by disgusto, germy trains and the chaos that is the Italian rail system all day is be in the middle of yet another mass of strangers. Not calming.

Sunset Boat Tour, Cinque Terre, Italy

Sunset Boat Tour, Cinque Terre, Italy At the beginning of our journey, we were served aparitivo [salumi, cheese, focaccia, and prosecco.. aka Italian champagne] and we got to jam our own tunes over the speaks on the boat. PRETTY fun if ya ask me. PS: got this badazz Kimono/coverup from PUBLIK, naturally. 

Sunset Boat Tour, Cinque Terre, Italy IMG_5562 Sunset Boat Tour, Cinque Terre, Italy THEN, we stopped at a dinner place [din is included in the price] with a set menu, so we were able to eat the best that the restaurant had to offer. They really like to show off their culture [i.e. food, drink, music, art, etc], so you can assume that when they suggest something in that realm, its ballin. As the sun set, we continued our cruise around the villages [sounds like something from a Nicolas Sparks novel.. but I couldn’t think of a way to make that less romantic/cheesy sounding.. so plz excuse]. They were even kind enough to drop us off in our own village, rather than at the boat’s docking point. These folks really go out of their way to make you a happy camper.

Sunset Boat Tour, Cinque Terre, Italy 3. The People: Seriously, though. The people here almost out-shined the friendly folks of small-town Texas.. Almost. Like I said before, they want you to go home with only wonderful stories, because they need excellent recommendations [more visitors] to keep their economy healthy. We met new friends almost instantly, as we were lost on the way to our apartment [typ], and were directed to go to a bar called Burgus in the main piazza [square].. and it became my favorite night-spot. If you want to meet some of the badass village inhabitants, make this your go-to for nightlife. Its really small and cozy, and the bartenders will usually give you cheap drinks or just flat-out give you them for free [if you’re like us, and really try to involve yourself with the lives of the villagers]. My fav people were: The Boss & Uncle Jack.. yes those are their names. And obviously all the cute italian boys. Keep your eyes open.

Hiking Trail, Vernazza, Cinque Terre 4. Hiking: Besides the train, you can get to each village via hiking trails in the mountains. We woke up a leetle early on the 4th of July to get in a quick hike before we headed to the beach. We took the trail from Veranzza to Corniglia, which was no joke. The majority of the hike was up-hill/steep, so consider it your workout for the day. Or for the week. Its also pretty easy to get distracted from hiking the ass-building trails/stairs by the view of the ocean and the little vineyards.

Corniglia, Cinque Terre Corniglia, Cinque Terre Corniglia, Cinque Terre It took us about an hour to get to Corniglia, where we stopped at Caffe Matteo for a snack and cappuccino.. and wine. Again, the staff was beyond amazing. Our waitress even gave us a discount.. probably because we were so happy and interested to be there. Bottom line: don’t be a sour-puss and you’ll have so much more extra cashmoney to spend in the little jewelry shops. We didn’t get the chance to hike to the other villages [though we did go via train], but I’m sure I will be back here at some point. Worth it.

Caffe Matteo: Corniglia, Cinque Terre 5. The Seafood: Considering the villages are coastal, one could guess that this seafood is no-nonsense fresh/absolutely the most wonderful feesh you’ll ever have. My favorite place was Taverna Del Capitano because a 4-course meal with wine costs around 25 euros, which is an incredible deal considering the portion size and the variety. Again, our waiter, David, became one of our many friends… blah blah blah.

Taverna Del Capitano, Cinque Terre, Italy 6. Obviously, The Beach: This one is a no-brainer. As you could probably tell from previous pics, the beach in Cinque Terre is unreal. We spent the rest of Independence Day on the beach with personal wine bottles, because, why not? The next day, we rented beach chairs on a private beach (with wifi, strangely) and relaxed by the water. all. day. Livin’ the life. Another perk was the handcrafted-by-God staff of lifeguards that we considered fake-drowning for. Lucky for us, we got invited to an Italian disco on the beach that night by one of them [Matteo, whom we saw actually save someone from drowning… omigod]. The best part of Cinque Terre is becoming so involved in local events/ talking to local people. So forget about how awkward you are / how much you can’t speak Italian and just TRY to communicate with the people who live there. It is so so worth it.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy There were so many more perfect little scenes that pictures just could not capture. Cinque Terre is probably the most beautiful place I have seen in Europe thus far, and its hard to believe that another place could come close in comparison. Luckily for me, I have so much more traveling/discovering to do this summer, so it may just happen. Who knows.

Where’s your favorite Cinque Terre hidden gem? Lemme know dolls.

[ PS ]

Rome, Italy


So, on our way to Florence [ or, Firenze ] we stayed in Rome for a night. This city reminded me a lot of New York.. it was kinda overwhelming. We didn’t get to do many of the cultural activities, but we will be going back to Rome a few more times during our stay in Italy.

Casa d'Fiori | Rome | ROAWO

We stayed in a hotel called Casa de’Fiori, which was absolutely perfect. It is in a perfect location next to a piazza and tons of cafes/ bars. Also, the people who work at this little boutique hotel are ballllllers. Really. They spoke English and helped us out with transportation, finding places to eat, etc.

Rome IMG_5533 Rome Rome

Obviously the food is incredible. Cheese. Cheese. and more cheese. Also, Wine. Wine. and more wine. The food/drink sitch could not be any better here. Everything has been extremely fresh and authentic.


So, so, so much more to come!! Next stop, Firenze!

[ PS ]

The Ivy: Los Angeles, California

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA One place I ALWAYS make sure to stop by while in LA is The Ivy Restaurant on N. Robertson Blvd. This place will never get old to me. The atmosphere is clean and fresh, the drinks are on point, and the food is even better. Also, it is an infamous place to spot celebrities, if thats on your Los Angeles to-do list. The Ivy isn’t one of the cheapest restaurants you’ll find in LA [actually, do those even exist here?], but the experience is so so worth throwing around a little extra cash-ola.

BTW: other posts on my LA getaway can be found here: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA

Even the water is pretty..

Per usual, I started off with a Peach Bellini. Freakin’ amaze. Its light and sweet; a perfect way to kick-off a feast fit for a celeb. They are famous for these at The Ivy, so its definitely a must-get. Just to cross it off of the to-do list.

Peach Bellini at The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA ALSO per usual, I got the Penne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Garden Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How yumaroni is this…. I don’t know why exactly that I get this PASTA dish in Los Angeles… I mean, pasta is a cardinal sin here (seems like it, at least). Unlike MOST pasta dishes, however, this is light & simple, and doesn’t feel you leaving like absolute shit. You’ll need all that energy to waltz around the area & shop. Ya know, channel your inner-famous person. 

Penne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Garden Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil And the Raspberry Gelato for desert.. you didn’t think I would forget that, didyaaa? I’m a freaking crazy sweets lover, so I would probably choose death over skipping dessert (okay, dramatic…). My fruit-o-phobic friend ( yeah, what a weirdo ), Abby, opted for coffee instead. And by coffee I mean swimming-pool-sized mug of coffee. Yet another reason to love The Ivy. Caffeine for days.

Raspberry Sorbet, The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA Huge Coffee Cup In fact, we enjoyed The Ivy so much that we came back for a round of drinks around dinner time. I got The Supermodel Cocktail [a skinny cocktail made with Voli Low Calorie Vodka, Fresh Muddled Blueberries, Mr. Pink Sugar Free Ginseng Drink, Coconut Water, Lime and Organic Agave Nectar] and Ab opted for a Cab.

This cocktail was fresh as fuck. No other words to describe it. Loaded with allllll the goods, I’m going to create a mock-cocktail for sure.

The Supermodel Cocktail at The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA Sadly, my time in California has come to an end… Until a [possible] move out here next Spring. Much, much more to come from my girl Abby and I. Watch out LA.

PS: Since I posted this… I’m officially moving to Los Angeles as of January of 2015! Okay, I die.

xx P

Hollywood, CA: A Relaxing Getaway in the Hills

Ramblings of a Wild One: Los Angeles, CA

T-Shirt// All Things Fabulous
Sunglasses// House of Harlow
Shoes// Vera Wang
Nail Polish// Marshmallow by Etsy

Yesterday, My girl Abby and I decided to take a little break from the 4-day-long party that has been this trip. You gotta relax a little on vacation, right?

By the way, if you missed previous posts from this trip, check them all out here: Venice Beach (Part I & Part II), Hollywood (Part I & Part II), and my favorite restaurant… seriously, the best.

Kale, Cucumber, Pineapple and Lemon Fresh Pressed Juice

Kale, Cucumber, Pineapple and Lemon Fresh Pressed Juice

We tried out this little cafe near our house called Solar De Cahuenga. Not only did I see the love of my life [comedian: Chris D’elia], but I enjoyed a crepe and some freshly-pressed juice.

Good Start Crepe: Eggs, Roma tomatoes, spinach & onions, with hot sauce [instead of sour cream] with a side of fruit.

Good Start Crepe: Eggs, Roma tomatoes, spinach & onions, with hot sauce [instead of sour cream] with a side of fruit.

Another one of my favorite Los Angeles activities: hiking the Runyon Canyon Trails. The weather here is so perfect; it makes me want to spend the entire day outside.. so different from Texas [wow].

The weather has crazy-intense control over my daily happiness… part of the reason I’m moving to Los Angeles ASAP. I absolutely LOVE this place and the way it makes me feel on a daily basis.

Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles Runyan Canyon, Los Angeles We decided to stay in and grill out on our badass balcony [more about our house here]. We grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken [found here] in tin foil, whipped up some quinoa [Trader Joe’s] and brussels sprouts, and drank some vino. And enjoyed the weather and the view.. of course.

Summertime Grilling

Pinot in the Hills

Pinot in the Hills

Assorted Cheese from Trader Joe's

Assorted Cheese from Trader Joe’s

Lemon-Herb Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa, Assorted Cheese

Lemon-Herb Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa, Assorted Cheese

Only a couple more days in Los Angeles.. and I’m pretending thats not a thing so I won’t be sad.. till tomorrow.

xx P

The Hollywood Hills: A Haven for You Hippies

House in the Hollywood Hills

Ahhhh, I love Hollywood. It feels so.. unlimited. You know what I mean? Everyone here wants to be something. Yeah, they may be fame-hungry & annoying, but at least they have a passion. I find that incredibly stimulating.

After my recent getaway to the Venice area (one of my FAVORITE spots in LA: Details here and here), my girl Abby and I retreated to the cleanliness & the cool-breeziness of the Hollywood Hills.

House in the Hollywood Hills House in the Hollywood Hills

So, I’m in love with the cute little house we found in the Hollywood Hills area. Its a two bedroom, two bath, modern pad with an amazing view and a super-clean finishing. You can find it on Airbnb here.

I seriously CANNOT WAIT to move to the Los Angeles area next January. Y’all I mean, what could be better? California dreamin’ is a 20-something’s heaven.

Want to read more about my adventures in Hollywood? Here and Here are so more details on some of my favorite spots to hit around Los Angeles… and obviously there are many more to come!

Hollywood Hills Home

RamblingsofaWildOne.Com Hollywood Hills Home:: RamblingsofaWildOne.Com xx P


Venice Beach, CA: Part II

I’m continuing to relish in the greatness that is Venice.

If you missed Part I of my Venice Trip: Check it out here!

On our second day here, we ate at the famous Venice Ale House.

Venice Ale House: Venice Beach, CA

Young Coconut [yes, they chop it open right in front of you] and grapefruit juice.

Venice Ale House: Venice Beach, CA

Acai Bowl with granola & bananas

Venice Ale House: Venice Beach, CA

Grilled Wild Alaskan Sandwich with avocado, sautéed onions & spinach, garlic aioli.

After that, we biked down to the Santa Monica pier, which took a total of 5 minutes. I didn’t realize it was so close. The art scene here is wonderful.

IMG_4976 Venice Beach, CA

That night, we ate at a place called Gjelina. It was some of the best food I’ve ever had. We got the cheese plate, shrimp, and the butterscotch cream for dessert… it was incredible. Then, we took the short ride into hollywood to go a spot called Hooray Henry’s. Sidenote: Don’t buy bottle service in hollywood yourself.. they mark the prices up more than 500%… we learned the hard way.

Hooray Henry's: Hollywood, CA

On our third day in Vbeach, we ate breakfast at a place called Figtree’s Cafe that was steps away from our apartment.

Figtree's Cafe: Venice Beach, CA

Organic Steel-Cut Oats with Bananas

Figtree's Cafe: Venice Beach, CA

Fruit Plate: They don’t skimp on fruit here

Then we spent the rest of the day sipping drinks by the pool at the W Hotel Westwood at a weekly event [every sunday] called Wet Sundays. They offer cabana and day bed rentals [we got the day bed], music, bottle service, food, and an on-site photographer. Overall, a great experience and a good opportunity to meet a ton of different kinds of people (<< Like, a new Italian friend that gave me one million tips for my soon-to-come Italy trip!)

Wet Sundays: W Hotel Westwood

The Ellison: Venice Beach, CA

Where am I off to next? Hollywood/ Beverly Hills, of course! Here, here, and here are details on my days spent chilling like a celebrity.

I’m even jealous of myself… possible? Idk.

xx P

Venice Beach, CA: Part I

Okay so, I’m never leaving this place. It is the perfect mix of beach, good food, good shopping, and weirdos. Here’s day numero uno in pics, ya dig?

We are staying in this perfect little apartment [found here] on the beach in a complex called The Ellison. This place is one hundred years old.. so freaking cool, right?

Ellison Palm Tree Sunset Venice Beach Apartment I found this badass little lunch/juice spot on Abbott Kinney Street [the IT street around here]. It’s called Kreation Organic. I got the Huevos Cancun:: three organic eggs scrambled with cilantro, topped with roasted corn, black bean salsa, and fresh avocado.

Kreation Organic// Abbott Kinney// Venice Beach, CA AND the vanilla latte with organic, freshly made almond milk.

Kreation Organic// Abbott Kinney// Venice Beach, LA After lunch, I walked around the boardwalk, met some friends, and just straight chilled.. I mean, how can you not here?

Venice Beach Boardwalk Thank you, guy who would NOT put his shirt down.

Venice Beacj That’s all for day 1. Stay tuned my doods.

Here’s Part II, while you’re at it!

xx P

Shop Spotlight: Sirena Water Wear in Port Aransas, Texas

Sirena Water Wear in Port Aransas, Texas During my mini-getaway to Port Aransas, Texas, I came across a little boutique called Sirena Water Wear.

Sun Bum Sunscreen from Sirena Water Wear One of the owners, Tracy Davis, talked to me for awhile about the line of women’s board shorts that her and her best friend, Kim Rucker, developed called SeaLegs. These quick-dry, tailored boyfriend shorts were first developed as stain-proof fishing shorts to wear “from the fishing rod to the restaurant.” Pretty cool, huh?

Basically, they created what they wanted because they couldn’t find it anywhere else. Thats the entrepreneurial spirit!

Here’s a leetle interview to get y’all well acquainted with one half of the brain behind SeaLegs and the lady behind the badA storefront.

ROAWO:: Sirena Water Wear in Port A, Texas [Tell me a little about yourself and your brand] I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I developed a love of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Italian food, skiing and spent most of my time in [the] swimming pool. [I] swam competitive long distance. My love for skiing, swimming, running, and offshore fishing probably led me to want to develop “hybrid” athletic apparel that could be functional and fashionable. I was always jealous of the guys who could go straight from the boat or beach to the bar in the same pair of pants. Fishing & hunting apparel for women is decades behind surf, skiing and golf apparel so we set out to change that. I studied Nutritional Sciences and obtained a Masters of Science in Nutrition/Food Science and became a Registered Dietitian.  I started my career working with dialysis patients then began a rigorous corporate career and 15 years of travel in sales and sales management for medical companies. Through my career I learned a lot about launching and promoting new products.

[Tell me about your store] Sirena translates into mermaid in 5 languages. We wanted a name that portrayed our obsession with all things water and that would welcome men, women, and children into our shop. We carry anything mermaid and water related including spearfishing guns, men’s fishing apparel, fishing lures, women’s beach cover ups, board shorts, and locally crafted mermaid jewelry.  Over 80% of our products are American Made or Fair Trade.  High quality and craftsmanship is a common theme throughout our shop.  The décor is dark & eclectic yet welcoming, and reminds me of an underwater cavern.

Fridaze from Sirena Water Wear

Fridaze Linen Apparel:: I love the white linen cover-up on the far left!

[Running a business must be so stressful, what is your favorite health/wellness tip(s) to staying sane?] Mermaid Cocktails.  Just kidding.  3 of us ladies jog together or do garage insanity before we start our days. Sometimes its intense and other times its a gab session where we vent and get advice. One friend is an artist/real estate agent and the other owns The Cypress Tree boutique in town so they always give me inspiration and energy, and good parenting advice.  I also try to go on an occasional jog, swim or surf with my boyfriend. This weekend I signed up for a ladies surf camp.

[What advice do you have for girls (or boys) that are in the same shoes you were in when you were college-aged?] Focus on a 3 – 5 year goal.  Odds are that in 10 or 15 years you will be doing something completely different anyway so don’t look at your college career decisions as life long commitments.  Make a decision on what to study and make sure that it gives you some sort of edge over your competition. Get a certification or license that puts you in demand and you will never have to worry about being out of work. Don’t over think it, instead invest your time and energy on completing your goal. 

Sirena Water Wear on My FAVORITE product that the store offers is the Sun Bum Sunscreen, because it is all natural and just looks cool [I’m exactly the type of idiot that the marketing people design for… I’ll buy (almost) anything that is packaged nicely]. Also, I’m allergic to most sunscreens, but not this one! Always a plus.

You can follow Sirena Water Wear on Instagram [@ilovesealegs], Twitter [@SirenaWaterWear], Pinterest, and Facebook.

Keep on keepin’ on peeps.

xox P

I’m Lurving… A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sup Doods. So, I thought I’d go ahead and start posting about a few of my favorite things every once in awhile. Honestly, all I’ve done in the past two days is go to class, online shop, and meticulously organize every inch of my pantry. So, this is what I’ve bought and/or seen recently that make me one happy gal [not pictured: my PERFECT pantry].

my bed 1. My freaking amaze-balls Yves Saint Laurent Canvas from Gilt and my badass handmade blanket purchased on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. Okay, serious talk: If you are a girl, and you don’t know what Gilt is… you are wrong. This website hosts daily “events” where members can purchase designer goods ranging in prices from vintage Louis Vuitton bags to cheaper Steve Madden sandals. Prices are marked up to 80% off, and membership is FREE. So… if you don’t go join right now, then.. well, yer weird.

photo 2-1_Fotor

2. Stop. Drop everything you are doing right meow. Go to your nearest H-E-B [if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area] and buy this Organic Green Tea with Lemonade. This stuff is the best thing that has happened to boring old green tea. It contains more sugar than I would like, but it doesn’t house any  fake sweeteners [get away, nasty-azz chemicals: you’re tacky and I hate you]. You rock, Green tea lemonade, never change.

necklace  3. My roommate, Abbey, made me this water buffalo tooth wooden necklace. Because she’s the cooliest of them all. My other roommate, Jac, and my girl, Caroline, craft similar designs, which can be purchased on their online shop, LINETWO [Go buy their stuff if you want to look cool]. I love long necklaces like these because the length can be adjusted easily by wrapping the necklace multiple times. My OTHER roommate, Maddy, is pictured here wearing my new ice [lolz] with my Free People top. I can’t find this top anywhere online, sorry gals.

Fort Worth 4. Fort Worth, TX. Being “home” [using this term lightly because I have moved like a billion times.. Air Force brat life*] made me so pumped to get back to this amazing city for summer. I mean, look at it. Ft. Worth has grown so much since my family moved there about 7 years ago. It’s the perfect mix of Country Club life, trendy bars, and Texas Country influence. If you haven’t been to “The Fort” or “Funkytown” [ya know..the names us locals use] you’re missing out. This city has a vibe all its own, and it is MOST DEFINITELY not the same as Dallas. It’s better. Way better. Just wait until summer break, and I’ll convince you myself. [Also, it wasn’t too bad to hang out with my chill AF family & friends for a couple of days.. that plug is for you Mom]

purse 5. Last, but not least, I love my new Erica Anenberg Venteux Satchel [100% leather… the fake stuff just looks, well, fake as hell] in the color “Bone.” I purchased this on for a fraction of the retail price [around $400]. Hautelook is another website, like Gilt, that hosts daily events that will absolutely blow your mind. Hautelook actually tends to be a little cheaper than Gilt too.. and that’s saying a lot. If you don’t check these sites daily, then I don’t think we can be friends. Just sayin’, you’re crazy. It’s a roomy purse, which will be perfect for my abroad travels this summer <<- my excuse to buy pretty much everything.

I’m going to be posting Sundays, Wednesday, and Fridays from now on.

Also, follow me on Instagram [[RamblingsOfAWildOne]],  Twitter [[ROAWildOne]] and Bloglovin for updates and shiz.

You da best.

xoxo. Payton