Nice, France

Considering I have been studying the French language for 9 years now, I was SO PUMPED to finally be able to practice the language with some real french peeps. Also, getting away to the South of France is the perfect end to our super-difficult study-abroad week [lol, jokes jokes].

The French Riviera We stayed at the HI Hotel Eco Spa & Beach during our trip to Nice. We were there for two nights, but, wow, did this little beach town really get the best of us. We indulged in some great food, a lot of sun, and some really great drinks…. but the hotel was less-than-pleased that my good vegetarian friend decided to chunk a hamburger out of the window at 3 AM.. perhaps she was taking a late night stand against the meat industry? Who knows. However, the beach that the HI Hotel provided was parfait for our bronzing, eating, sipping and people watching.

The French Riviera

wearing Victoria’s Secret swimsuit [similar here bc I can’t find it online]

The French Riviera My favorite little breakfast spot was a place called Le Cocodile on the Promenade des Anglais. We ate brunch here both mornings… the omelets kept us comin’ back for more. Also, the prices weren’t absolutely ridiculous, so thats an extremely lucky find in the area. We got to look at perfect blue water, eats omelets seasoned to perfection and sip cappuccino. Life is hard… I know.

Le Cocodile, Nice, France The French Riviera As far as nightlife goes, the only club we went to was the High Club on the main street, the Promenade des Anglais [this street runs down the whole coast in town pretty much]. The atmosphere was really really freaking cool, because there were 3 separate “clubs” within High club, each with it’s own vibe. Sadly, I entered the club with a huge purse and exited sans purse, so that was a little bit of a buzzkill. BUT fortunately, the hotel’s guest services at our next stop [ Monte Carlo, Monaco ] frantically contacted the club’s owner and bugged him enough, and after many e-mails and phone calls, I have all my stuff back! The people at the High Club were extremely accommodating, offered wonderful service and helped return my stuff [including ALL my credit cards, cash, camera, phone, etc]. Thats a pretty good deal.

The High Club, Nice, France

spotted: purse before it was gone (almost) forever. Wearing Zara in-store.. not available online.

The High Club, Nice, France I got VERY lucky in Nice, and now on to Monte Carlo, Monaco [ maybe my luck will follow me into the casino? ] … and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Merci de lire mes divagations, mes amis!

PS: A few more pics because I just can’t help myself…

Mon petit chien

how. cute. leetle french dog.

The French Riviera The French Riviera { PS }





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