Rome, Italy


So, on our way to Florence [ or, Firenze ] we stayed in Rome for a night. This city reminded me a lot of New York.. it was kinda overwhelming. We didn’t get to do many of the cultural activities, but we will be going back to Rome a few more times during our stay in Italy.

Casa d'Fiori | Rome | ROAWO

We stayed in a hotel called Casa de’Fiori, which was absolutely perfect. It is in a perfect location next to a piazza and tons of cafes/ bars. Also, the people who work at this little boutique hotel are ballllllers. Really. They spoke English and helped us out with transportation, finding places to eat, etc.

Rome IMG_5533 Rome Rome

Obviously the food is incredible. Cheese. Cheese. and more cheese. Also, Wine. Wine. and more wine. The food/drink sitch could not be any better here. Everything has been extremely fresh and authentic.


So, so, so much more to come!! Next stop, Firenze!

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