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Cinch: My New Fav App ( + How I Used It For College Fashion Week! )

Morning Lovelies.

I am still getting back into the swing of things after spending a really dizzzope weekend in San Francisco for College Fashion Week. Re-focussing on studying, eating healthy ( couldn’t pass up that slice of cheesecake at Waterfront this weekend ), & getting back on track with working out is so hard after an action-packed getaway! But, I’m coping ( << poor, poor me ).

Later this week, I’ll be sharing with you the details of my trip to SF ( hotel, restaurants I liked, etc. ), so stay tuned for that bidness!

>>BUT FIRST, I have to tell y’all all about this new app I came across last week: the Cinch App. I was introduced to Cinch via a real cool CFW/HerCampus rep, and I was instantly intrigued. Here’s the deal:

Cinch: The Best App Ever, Basically.

So, you want to go out to eat somewhere with your girlfriends on Friday night and you’re super popular, so you have a bunch of girls to round up and a bunch of restaurant options to choose from. We’ve all been there, and all that means is: 5 million different opinions to sort through to come to a conclusion. Enter, Cinch.

Cinch is a group-polling app that allows your friends to cast their vote on a question ( ex: Where Should We Eat Tonight? ), or comment on the poll to introduce new options. The poll-er (?) creates the poll by entering a question & adding choices to the poll. Then, you send the choices out to your friends’ phones and they answer as necessary. Now, you have the results of the poll right in front of your face, AND you get everyone’s unbiased opinion, as they can’t see what other poll-ees voted for. You can invite people to vote in your fun little poll via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or by using your phone contact list (<< how I did it).

It’s great.

I decided to give Cinch a go, using it to ask my friends:

What Should I Wear to College Fashion Week?

Cinch App: Polling Your Friends….. and it's SO easy!

 [ Find Outfits here: One | Two | Three ]

Easypeasy, Lemon-squeezy. Because I’m pretty OCD when it comes to… well… everything, I love the clean set-up of Cinch, and I really love that I can see the results of the poll in an obvious, visually-pleasing way.

Cinch App: My New Favorite!

So no more texting your friends a ton of outfit pictures separately ( ugh, I’m lazy ), and no more assessing opinions via group text ( annoying ). Just create your poll in about 5 seconds & send to your friends… all from an easy-to-access, free app!

To download Cinch, click here.

Want to see what outfit I chose to wear? Ya know ya do! Whats your favorite, life-simplifying app? I’m all about saving time & energy, so I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, what do you think of Cinch? How are you using this cool AF app? Comments are appreciated!

Later, gals.

[ PS ]

Her Campus College Fashion Week + Cinch Polling App << The Perfect Combo! *Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions and comments are 100% authentic. I wouldn’t post about this app if I didn’t love it!*