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Weekend in San Francisco: My Fav San Fran Spots & College Fashion Week

San Francisco Favorites by Ramblings of a Wild One Finally, I got some time to put together a little run-down of my weekend in San Fran ( last weekend )!! I went to San Francisco to attend College Fashion Week ( learn more about how I decided WTF to wear here & my final outfit choice here ) & spend a little Father-Daughter time with my Dad.

Weirdly enough, I had never been to San Francisco before… I fancy myself more of a Southern California girl (<< PS: didja know I’m moving to LA in JANUARY ?? … omg, can’t wait). Honestly, I was surprised by Northern California. It’s a little chillier than SoCal & the vibes of San Francisco reminded me more of a North Eastern town.. it has a feel all its own. I also loved how the city is separated into very specific neighborhoods. I got to visit many of them, but I can’t wait to go back and explore the rest!

We didn’t get to spend that much time in the city ( because we only had 2 days.. ugh ), but we did get to cross a few San Fran must-sees off the to-do list. I’m no pro at conquering San Francisco, but here are some of my favorites from my weekend (+ Some pictures from College Fashion Week at the End!):

This post is pretty lengthy, so prepare yourself »

ROAWO's San Francisco Checklist: Lots to see in so little time! First off, I should note that we stayed at the cutest little boutique hotel called Hotel Carlton in the Nob Hill area. We were greeted with a bottle of red wine ( from the California wine-country ) by some witty hotel employees.

The decor throughout the hotel is eclectic & super-chiller status. Hotel Carlton is less than a 10 minute walk from Union Square (<< we’ll get to this later) and is an LEED certified hotel (which means its environmentally responsible… how California, right?).

Hotel Carlton :: ROAWO's Guide to San Fran Hotel Carlton :: ROAWO's Guide to San Fran Hotel Carlton :: ROAWO's Guide to San Fran Obviously, my Dad insisted I see the Golden Gate Bridge ( he’s an airline pilot on the side, so he’s seen it 302843854 times & thinks its an absolute must-see ). Its windy AS HELL up there on the Golden Gate & you have an insane view of the city from that vantage point. I mean, its a seriously beautiful city. The huge ocean, huge mountains, and views made me feel teeny-tiny. Its a killer feeling fer sher.

Dynamo Donuts :: ROAWO's Guide to San Francisco For breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed over the Mission District to see what all the hype is about Dynamo Donut + Coffee. I discovered this little gem while watching one of my favorite shows, Unique Sweets on The Cooking Channel. This place is a serious must-eat.

I have always been a donut lover ( who isn’t ?? ), but sometimes, those little pastries can make my stomach hate the hell out of me. I mean, some donuts are just too sweet. At Dynamo D+C, they understand that sentiment completely, and have created some extremely balanced, gourmet donuts with some interesting flavors. Plus, they use mainly organic and local ingredients…. ahhh two of my favorite, favorite, favorite things ( times a million ).

Dynamo Donut + Coffee :: ROAWO's Guide to San Fran I tried the Lemon + Pistachio Donut ( not a normal choice for me.. but let me tell ya, I do not regret it ) and the sticky bun ( a HUGE cinnamon roll, basically ). I 100% recommend the Lemon + Pistachio donut if its on the menu when you ( inevitably ) make a trip to Dynamo. The flavor was done perfectly ( PS: sorry for the shitty picture… iPhone photography at its finest… ugh ).

The Mission District is really freaking badass too. It’s kinda of grungy, but in that cool, laid-back kind of way.

Mission District: ROAWO's Guide to San Francisco

Mission District: ROAWO's Guide to San Francisco

Shop the Look: Jacket, Top, Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Sunnies

Okay, possibly my favorite spot in San Fran??? Union Square, duh. For those of you who live in SF, you’re probably thinking ‘gross, what a cliche‘ BUT: I’m a serious shopping-addict, so can you blame me?

I checked out the BCBG/Herve Leger by Max Azria storefront ( and ended up staying for like two hours… sorry Dad ) while I was there and DIED/ fell in love.

BCBG & Herve Leger by Maz Azria Storefront in San Francisco First of all: I got to try on some seriously insane dresses & shoes… AND they have champagne. So, why would you ever want to leave? The girls ( and guys! ) who work here are super-chic and helpful too. Shopping here is a real experience ( even you’re not going to buy anything… some of the price tags are redic, obviously ).

BCBG Booties :: zOMG.

These Shoes in a Heel Version Found Here

BCBG Holiday Collection Dress :: ROAWO

Dress found Here

Herve Leger Dress :: ROAWO

Herve Leger Dress found Here

After shopping around a little on Saturday, we went to check out Lombard Street. Apparently, this street is ‘the most crooked street in the world,’ though I can’t tell you who came up with that title or if ‘crookedness’ is something that you can actually measure.

Anywho, Lombard Street is a super-crooked street that snakes left and right all the way down a huge hill in San Francisco. From the top, you have a reallllly insane view. The street is lined with flowers and cute little town homes ( that probably cost a pretty penny ). Warning though, this is a major tourist hub, but its worth it.

Lombard Street :: San Francisco

from Instagram: @ROAWildOne

Lombard Street :: San Francisco Lombard Street Town home: San Francisco After taking in the views & touristy sites of SF, I had to stop by Samovar Tea Lounge to try some of their famous tea and soak in the super-zen atmosphere. I have never been to a cafe specifically for tea ( usually, I’m a coffee girl ), but I’ve become really obsessed with specialty tea lately. So, I had to check it out. This place has a calming, hip-vibe.

I got the Green Ecstasy Tea ( << really good and earthy ) & my Dad ( who is a little less adventurous ) got the Tea Lemonade. We also shared the ‘Raw Honeycomb with Local Artisan Cheese, Homemade Crackers & Fresh Fruit‘ Plate. Gahhh, that raw honeycomb.. I could eat it all day. And cheese… duh.

Samovar Tea Lounge :: San Francisco Samovar Tea Lounge :: San Francisco Samovar Tea Lounge :: San Francisco Samovar Tea Lounge :: San Francisco Before I made my way to College Fashion Week, I had my hair blown out at the drybar ( Union Square Location ). I had never been to a drybar before, and I instantly fell in love. The salon is so clean & fresh, and I love the bar theme they have going. I sat back, sipped some fruit-infused water, and had someone else mess with my hair for a nice change.

I need to learn how to blow out my hair like they do… I mean, they are seriously skilled. I got the Mai Tai blowout: nice, messy waves. Also, I got roped into buying the Texas Tea hair volumizer spray, and I can’t say that I’m sad about it. It’s pretty good stuff.

The Drybar Experience :: ROAWO

from Instagram: @ROAWildOne

Mai Tai :: The Drybar Blowout Saturday Night, I went to Her Campus College Fashion Week. It was a night full of drinks (at the Origin Nightclub), makeup (by bareMinerals), hair-dos (by TRESemmé), and clothing (from Boohoo). The whole set up was so fun, and I got to meet some really cool people who are as interested in fashion as I am.

HerCampus: College Fashion Week: ROAWO

from Instagram: @ROAWildOne

Most girls ( & guys ) I met there work in publications ( blogs, college newspapers, etc. ), study fashion, or are just super interested in clothes & accessories, like me. I snagged some pictures from the HerCampus CFW Facebook page to show y’all how sweet the setup was.

HerCampus: College Fashion Week HerCampus: College Fashion Week HerCampus: College Fashion Week After the show, my Dad and I grabbed a late dinner at Waterfront in Fisherman’s Wharf. This place is on the water & a little pricier than the usual, but its worth the extra $$. It was a really relaxing spot to grab a nice glass of wine & enjoy some authentic, local seafood.

I went a little overboard and got: a 2006 Cab Franc from Napa ( zOMG ), Baked Oysters, Organic Greens Salad, Pan Roasted Sea Bass with Veggies, and some of their Lemon Cheesecake (zOMG times a million).

I can’t pass up an opportunity to indulge in some quality food-age. Also: the Italians that I know would look at me like I was crazy for this food and wine pairing.. but I couldn’t help it.

I seriously LOVE all that San Francisco has to offer, and I can’t wait to make many a trip back to discover more. For those of you who live in ( or just love ) San Francisco, what did I miss? I need to add some places to my future San Fran To-Do list.

Marble Stairs:: San Francisco Sidenote: How cool are these marble stairs?? Doorway of my dreams.

BTW: Have you entered the sweet giveaway I’ve got going on right now? Click here for details! 

Until tomorrow, ladiez.

P xx

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Quick California Trip: Instagood

Not long after returning home to the US of A, I was (already) packing my bags for San Diego / Orange County, Calif. No whining for me, though, considering California is basically my second favorite place on Earth (behind Texas, of course). Here’s my SD / OC adventures via Instagram ::

[ Del Mar / Encinitas / Carlsbad ]

Okay, so the first two aren’t from Instagram. They were taken by a cute old man photographer who was taking pics on the beach while I was watching my boi surf.. I made friends with him, naturally. I love seeing people who are so in love with what they do.. And he certainly was.

I love the chill-vibe San Diego has going on. It feels so much cleaner than LA… And much slower-paced. Huge difference.

[ Newport / Huntington ]

ZZOMG:: I love Lemonade. I always make it a point to swing by this place for a little somethin’ when I can. It’s a healthy lunch spot but the portions are freeaking gigantic, so make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach. This time I got Citrus-Poached Salmon, Israeli Truffle Couscous, Brussels Sprouts ( yum ), and Cucumber Mint Lemonade.

My beach necessities :: A book ( this time it was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn… I’m only halfway through so more to come on that ), sunnies, food ( duh.. Acai bowl ), and H2O because I’m a water-fiend.

Casey’s Cupcakes in The Fashion Island shopping center :: First of all, this chickadee WON Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Second of all, Casey’s offers gluten-free and vegan options, specialty cupcakes, online ordering AND you can purchase cupcake mix online ( ballin’ ). & Third of all, she’s a major HOTTIE. Like, really a babe. Make sure to visit Casey’s Cupcakes when you’re in the area. PS : There are 3 locations, so visit the website ( linked above ) to see which one is closest to you… And then get there ASAP.


The US Open of Surfing was… An interesting experience. We weren’t there very long, but I honestly felt slightly out of place surrounded by a sea of Tweens with “FREE HUGS” written across their tween-y chests / stomachs. You wouldn’t believe how many awkward brace-faced, coed, oddly-flirtatious selfies I witnessed whilst roaming around the beach. So, I noticed it was run mainly by a younger crowd BUT it was also a people-watching haven… So I had a good time. We were a little late to see any actual surfing, which was a bummer, but there’s always next year.

Now onto Durango, Colorado.

[ PS ]

The Ivy: Los Angeles, California

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA One place I ALWAYS make sure to stop by while in LA is The Ivy Restaurant on N. Robertson Blvd. This place will never get old to me. The atmosphere is clean and fresh, the drinks are on point, and the food is even better. Also, it is an infamous place to spot celebrities, if thats on your Los Angeles to-do list. The Ivy isn’t one of the cheapest restaurants you’ll find in LA [actually, do those even exist here?], but the experience is so so worth throwing around a little extra cash-ola.

BTW: other posts on my LA getaway can be found here: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA

Even the water is pretty..

Per usual, I started off with a Peach Bellini. Freakin’ amaze. Its light and sweet; a perfect way to kick-off a feast fit for a celeb. They are famous for these at The Ivy, so its definitely a must-get. Just to cross it off of the to-do list.

Peach Bellini at The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA ALSO per usual, I got the Penne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Garden Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How yumaroni is this…. I don’t know why exactly that I get this PASTA dish in Los Angeles… I mean, pasta is a cardinal sin here (seems like it, at least). Unlike MOST pasta dishes, however, this is light & simple, and doesn’t feel you leaving like absolute shit. You’ll need all that energy to waltz around the area & shop. Ya know, channel your inner-famous person. 

Penne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Garden Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil And the Raspberry Gelato for desert.. you didn’t think I would forget that, didyaaa? I’m a freaking crazy sweets lover, so I would probably choose death over skipping dessert (okay, dramatic…). My fruit-o-phobic friend ( yeah, what a weirdo ), Abby, opted for coffee instead. And by coffee I mean swimming-pool-sized mug of coffee. Yet another reason to love The Ivy. Caffeine for days.

Raspberry Sorbet, The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA Huge Coffee Cup In fact, we enjoyed The Ivy so much that we came back for a round of drinks around dinner time. I got The Supermodel Cocktail [a skinny cocktail made with Voli Low Calorie Vodka, Fresh Muddled Blueberries, Mr. Pink Sugar Free Ginseng Drink, Coconut Water, Lime and Organic Agave Nectar] and Ab opted for a Cab.

This cocktail was fresh as fuck. No other words to describe it. Loaded with allllll the goods, I’m going to create a mock-cocktail for sure.

The Supermodel Cocktail at The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA Sadly, my time in California has come to an end… Until a [possible] move out here next Spring. Much, much more to come from my girl Abby and I. Watch out LA.

PS: Since I posted this… I’m officially moving to Los Angeles as of January of 2015! Okay, I die.

xx P

Hollywood, CA: A Relaxing Getaway in the Hills

Ramblings of a Wild One: Los Angeles, CA

T-Shirt// All Things Fabulous
Sunglasses// House of Harlow
Shoes// Vera Wang
Nail Polish// Marshmallow by Etsy

Yesterday, My girl Abby and I decided to take a little break from the 4-day-long party that has been this trip. You gotta relax a little on vacation, right?

By the way, if you missed previous posts from this trip, check them all out here: Venice Beach (Part I & Part II), Hollywood (Part I & Part II), and my favorite restaurant… seriously, the best.

Kale, Cucumber, Pineapple and Lemon Fresh Pressed Juice

Kale, Cucumber, Pineapple and Lemon Fresh Pressed Juice

We tried out this little cafe near our house called Solar De Cahuenga. Not only did I see the love of my life [comedian: Chris D’elia], but I enjoyed a crepe and some freshly-pressed juice.

Good Start Crepe: Eggs, Roma tomatoes, spinach & onions, with hot sauce [instead of sour cream] with a side of fruit.

Good Start Crepe: Eggs, Roma tomatoes, spinach & onions, with hot sauce [instead of sour cream] with a side of fruit.

Another one of my favorite Los Angeles activities: hiking the Runyon Canyon Trails. The weather here is so perfect; it makes me want to spend the entire day outside.. so different from Texas [wow].

The weather has crazy-intense control over my daily happiness… part of the reason I’m moving to Los Angeles ASAP. I absolutely LOVE this place and the way it makes me feel on a daily basis.

Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles Runyan Canyon, Los Angeles We decided to stay in and grill out on our badass balcony [more about our house here]. We grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken [found here] in tin foil, whipped up some quinoa [Trader Joe’s] and brussels sprouts, and drank some vino. And enjoyed the weather and the view.. of course.

Summertime Grilling

Pinot in the Hills

Pinot in the Hills

Assorted Cheese from Trader Joe's

Assorted Cheese from Trader Joe’s

Lemon-Herb Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa, Assorted Cheese

Lemon-Herb Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa, Assorted Cheese

Only a couple more days in Los Angeles.. and I’m pretending thats not a thing so I won’t be sad.. till tomorrow.

xx P

The Hollywood Hills: A Haven for You Hippies

House in the Hollywood Hills

Ahhhh, I love Hollywood. It feels so.. unlimited. You know what I mean? Everyone here wants to be something. Yeah, they may be fame-hungry & annoying, but at least they have a passion. I find that incredibly stimulating.

After my recent getaway to the Venice area (one of my FAVORITE spots in LA: Details here and here), my girl Abby and I retreated to the cleanliness & the cool-breeziness of the Hollywood Hills.

House in the Hollywood Hills House in the Hollywood Hills

So, I’m in love with the cute little house we found in the Hollywood Hills area. Its a two bedroom, two bath, modern pad with an amazing view and a super-clean finishing. You can find it on Airbnb here.

I seriously CANNOT WAIT to move to the Los Angeles area next January. Y’all I mean, what could be better? California dreamin’ is a 20-something’s heaven.

Want to read more about my adventures in Hollywood? Here and Here are so more details on some of my favorite spots to hit around Los Angeles… and obviously there are many more to come!

Hollywood Hills Home

RamblingsofaWildOne.Com Hollywood Hills Home:: RamblingsofaWildOne.Com xx P


Venice Beach, CA: Part II

I’m continuing to relish in the greatness that is Venice.

If you missed Part I of my Venice Trip: Check it out here!

On our second day here, we ate at the famous Venice Ale House.

Venice Ale House: Venice Beach, CA

Young Coconut [yes, they chop it open right in front of you] and grapefruit juice.

Venice Ale House: Venice Beach, CA

Acai Bowl with granola & bananas

Venice Ale House: Venice Beach, CA

Grilled Wild Alaskan Sandwich with avocado, sautéed onions & spinach, garlic aioli.

After that, we biked down to the Santa Monica pier, which took a total of 5 minutes. I didn’t realize it was so close. The art scene here is wonderful.

IMG_4976 Venice Beach, CA

That night, we ate at a place called Gjelina. It was some of the best food I’ve ever had. We got the cheese plate, shrimp, and the butterscotch cream for dessert… it was incredible. Then, we took the short ride into hollywood to go a spot called Hooray Henry’s. Sidenote: Don’t buy bottle service in hollywood yourself.. they mark the prices up more than 500%… we learned the hard way.

Hooray Henry's: Hollywood, CA

On our third day in Vbeach, we ate breakfast at a place called Figtree’s Cafe that was steps away from our apartment.

Figtree's Cafe: Venice Beach, CA

Organic Steel-Cut Oats with Bananas

Figtree's Cafe: Venice Beach, CA

Fruit Plate: They don’t skimp on fruit here

Then we spent the rest of the day sipping drinks by the pool at the W Hotel Westwood at a weekly event [every sunday] called Wet Sundays. They offer cabana and day bed rentals [we got the day bed], music, bottle service, food, and an on-site photographer. Overall, a great experience and a good opportunity to meet a ton of different kinds of people (<< Like, a new Italian friend that gave me one million tips for my soon-to-come Italy trip!)

Wet Sundays: W Hotel Westwood

The Ellison: Venice Beach, CA

Where am I off to next? Hollywood/ Beverly Hills, of course! Here, here, and here are details on my days spent chilling like a celebrity.

I’m even jealous of myself… possible? Idk.

xx P

Diane Serra Handmade: Interview with the Amaze Lady!

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Interview

source: @notemilyfillmore

A few weeks ago, I came across Diane Serra Handmade [previously featured here] and instantly fell in love with her pieces. They’re authentic and handmade (obviously), and thats that shiz I do like. So, as a typical online-shopping addict, I ordered one of her tie-dyed oversized leather clutches and contacted her about featuring her work on ROAWO. Lucky for me, she’s become as much a supporter of my blog as I am of her work! Can’t you just feel the lurve??

So, here’s a leetle mini interview with Diane Serra herself & some cool pics so you can see what this cool chick is all about::

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

[When did you first start creating your own handbags?] I first opened my shop 1 year ago this month. It was a project I had brewing for many months and finally took the leap of faith May 2013.

[When did you decide to create your own company? How did you do it? Was is easier or harder than you anticipated?] I really wanted a creative outlet that would challenge my mind as well as test my leadership skills. I first started by doing a lot of research about how I wanted to sell, what I would need to launch, who are my customers, what will the brand story be, etc. It was not hard to launch because I love getting things off the ground. That said, some days are incredibly hard and challenging while others are very fluid. Being extremely conscious of my time and schedule helps me sustain.

[Does your workspace effect how you work? What setting do you like to create in?] Moving the workshop out of my house and into the studio at preFAB was one of the best decisions. It allows me the chance to collaborate with other makers, receive mentoring from Brian, the founder of preFAB and have a beautiful showroom for my customers to visit and shop from.

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

[What is your favorite bag?] Hands down, the Cabra Clutch. I love fur and this fur we found from a wonderful leather shop we formed a relationship with in our last trip to Barcelona. We, my husband and I, purchase a lot of the leather from Barcelona. It is a city near and dear to our hearts. To help the local businesses there is equally important to us as well as the local San Diego businesses.

[What is your most popular bag?] There are two in the running for most popular- The Adelina Fringe Clutch & The Tie-Dye Leather Clutch.

[Owning a business has got to be stressful, what is your best health/wellness tip that you can share with readers?] I am asked this question all the time. My answer is always, “I’m very busy, but I’m not stressed.” There is a difference. Time management and knowing your limits is the best advice I can give anyone who wants to explore a goal that is going to push them to the next level. I also train martial arts. No matter what my work schedule is, I always make it to class 3-4 times per week. We all need a place to unwind, to release. Having an incredibly supporting husband helps as well. He keeps me focused, challenges me to ask more of myself and my skills and reminds me to rest and enjoy life.

[Any advice for young women entering the workforce and/or not knowing what exactly they want to do?] Yes. Try everything. I’ve done one million things with my life and I’m only 33. I’ve studied so much and never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. Don’t limit yourself to one job or path. Try one path at a time and explore all of your interests. Life is a great opportunity to experience many jobs, develop many skillsets and chase a few dreams.

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

AND BREAKING NEWS: Diane Serra Handmade just began selling home decor that will rock your world.

Can’t wait to see whats to come for her!

xOx P