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Reclaimed Vintage: 60’s Inspired ( What I Wore to College Fashion Week )

Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired Reclaimed Vintage: 60's Inspired [ Top | Pants | Bralette | Necklace One | Necklace Two Look-Alike | Similar Shoes | Clutch | Shades ]

Eeeeeek, I’m so excited to show off this outfit!

This weekend, I jetted off to San Francisco for College Fashion Week ( << if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen a million pictures ). Obviously, for an event like that, I had to find the perfect outfit. When I came across this Reclaimed Vintage Co-Ordinate duo from ASOS, I knew I had to have it. How perfect is this 60’s-inspired combo. PLUS, it’s SO comfy it almost hurts.

I wore it with my favorite go-to wooden wedges ( I also love these suede heels with this outfit ), a couple gypsy-inspired necklaces, this cool AF snakeskin clutch, and my must-have bralette ( << because if I can get away with NOT wearing a real bra, I’m going to do it ). For the CFW Fashion Show, I rocked the bronzed-bombshell makeup that I talked about last week and a blowout ( called the Mai Tai ) by the Drybar in Union Square.

I’ll be posting the low-down on my new favorite app (<< helped me choose this little number for CFW) & all the details of my little San Fran getaway this week! Stay Tuned!

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Accessory Overhaul #2

20140804-223808-81488418.jpg So, badazz jewelry is pretty much my favorite thing since sliced (gluten-free) bread. I did an Accessory Overhaul post waaaayy too long ago, and since it seemed to be a hit, I’m gunna make this a little running post every once in awhile. Here’s some of the cool stuff I’ve scored since then::


Necklaces from left to right:: Irene’s Story / Renae Marie Apparel / Free People / Renae Marie Apparel / Kitson / Durango Trading Post


Top:: Coin ring made by me [ Coin from Cabo San Lucas & Ring base from Michael’s ]
Bottom:: Earthbound Trading Co.
What I’m most excited about is this amaze jewelry box I found at Earthbound Trading Co. In Durango, CO::


20140804-235708-86228338.jpg Have you ever seen something so b-e-a-utiful? No. You haven’t. It’s going to fit seamlessly into the white + cream + gold + purple thing I’ve got goin’ on in my room. AND it was only $40. What a steal.

Also, I have a little announcement for y’all:: I am starting my own ROAWO jewelry line launching next month ( hopefully ). After looking around ( too much ) online and in stores, I’ve gotten sick of the jewelry I see everyone and their moms wearing.. And it’s hard for me to find pieces that fit my style at ( relatively ) good prices. So, I’ve started to collect objects/pendants/rocks + good-quality beads/chains/etc. that are one-of-a-kind to create jewelry that no one else will have. I’ll be hosting a giveaway once I get my Etsy shop up and running ( follow me on Instagram for updates ). In the meantime, here’s a lil’ sneak peek of what I’ve collected in Colorado, thus far::




Backless Style for Summer ft. Urban Outfitters

RofaWOPurpleDress3 RofaWOPurpleDress6 RofaWOPurpleDress7 RofaWOPurpleDress1 RofaWOPurpleDress5 RofaWOPurpleDress2 RofaWOPurpleDress4

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Free People

Shoes: Chanel [similar here]

Necklace: Pine Boutique [similar here]

{Photo Credit: Emily Fillmore}

Casual Monday: Overalls are Rad, Right?

Free People Overalls Free People Overalls Urban Outiftters Hat Free People, Erica Anenberg, Anthro Free People + Urban Outfitters Urban Outfitters + Ray-Ban Over-alls: Free People // Top: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Urban Outfitters [similar here & I LOVE this leather one here, too] // Bag: Erica Anenberg in Bone [similar here] // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Bracelets: Anthropologie LOVE these // Shoes: Madewell

I’m loving a little overall action for both Fall, Spring, and Summer. If you do them right, you feel a little more like a chiller, and a little less like a giant 5-year-old. Free People makes these awesome overalls, and they really aren’t THAT expensive. Also, look at it this way: overalls have been in style since forever, and you’ve probably worn them since infancy…. what an investment, right?

Much love xx P

Shop The Look:

Abby’s Closet: Bright, Colorful Prints

My friend Abby has one of the most ridiculous closets I have ever seen, so I’m going to start featuring her and her clothes on ROAWO. We have very different style, so this will add a little something for those who can relate to her crazy, fun looks. So here we go.

LF Dress LF Dress LF Dress LF Dress

Dress: LF Stores

Bralette: Free People

Bags: Bottega Venetta

Bracelets: Jon Hardy Trunk Show & David Yurman

Necklace: Ippolita Trunk Show

What do y’all think of her bright, more one-of-a-kind-style feel? She makes my basics look SO boring…. These bright colors and prints mirror Abby’s funny, and large as hell personality. Love. it.

We shot these pictures while we were waltzing around Los Angeles.. living the absolute dream. Learn more about our trip here!

Much love xx Payton

Gypsy Style: Fresh, Free, and F-ing Fab

Feelin' like a Gypsy :: ROAWO Feelin' like a Gypsy :: ROAWO Feelin' like a Gypsy :: ROAWO Feelin' like a Gypsy :: ROAWO Feelin' like a Gypsy :: ROAWO

Top: Tobi

Shorts: Wrangler DIY cut-offs [similar here]

Hat: Stetson [similar here]

Shoes: Converse

[Photo Cred: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Artist, and Professional Badass, Emily Fillmore. Check out her witty ways on Instagram:: @notemilyfillmore]


Clothing Emergency ft. Free People, H&M, and Forever21

So, on my way back home (to Dallas/Fort Worth) from Los Angeles (Click here to see the coolest things about LA, according to a future-resident), I decided to deplane a little early in Austin, TX to go to the X-Games….. which was a totally spontaneous and exciting decision. The only problem: I’m a diva, which means I always check my big-ass suitcase, which means all of my belongings were in Dallas.. and I was in Austin with only a purse, two pairs of shoes in my carry-on tote, and exactly one outfit.. what I wore on the plane.

At this point, as you can imagine,  I had a little bit of bargain shopping to do. I headed over to the closest shopping complex in ATX [The Domain] and went directly to Neiman’s. Okay, thats not the bargain part.. but I’m addicted to Chanel makeup and I can’t stray from my loyalty to those products. The lady at the makeup counter totally hooked me up [and became one of my best friends] and gave me a full face of makeup, my essentials [here, here, and here] and a ton of samples of cleansers, moisturizers, perfumes, etc. Extremely helpful considering my situation.

Then, I needed clothes that weren’t going to cost me five bajillion dollars for a weekends worth of outfits. So I hit up Free People [favorite], H&M, and EVEN Forever21 [<– I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I found here.. usually not my style]. These stores sold clothing that ended up being perfect for the X-Games.. super light and airy for the sauna that is Austin, Texas.

Free People Tank + Necklace H&M Sunglasses and Necklace Free People Tank + Necklace X Games Forever 21 Fanny Pack Rings TankFree People | ShortsFree People | Lace Bralette: Free People | Necklaces: H&M (Similar Here) and Free People | Sunnies: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Rings: Anthropologie, One-of-a-kind antique, and Cat Ear [similar here] | Fanny Pack: Forever21 [similar here]

Los Angeles Graphic Tee:: Forever21
Black Fanny Pack:: Forever21 Tank: Forever21 (Similar Here) | Shorts: Free People | Shoes: Converse | Necklace: Free People | Sunnies: H&M | Fanny Pack: Forever21 [similar here] | Watch: Michael Kors

These outfits were perfect for an event like the X-Games.. especially for the concerts. Basically each night consisted of idiots throwing their beverages around the crowd and bumping into everyone else, and these clothes held up nicely. I also wasn’t too concerned about them getting ruined. So, next time you are attending a festival, outdoor concert, etc. stop by a store like Forever21 or H&M and invest lightly in some cheap, trendy pieces.

OH:: and the X-Games were SO badass. I hate to admit it, but Kanye West’s performance was absolutely incredible.. Yes. I said it. He was really good. And yes, I kind of hate myself for coming to that conclusion.

xx P