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November’s Necessities for your Nest

Okay, so as a highschooler/college kid in a dorm, I never really understood people being so intense with their cutsey home-decor trinkets, entertaining accessories, and fancy utensil shopping. You guys remember those miserable times that your mom dragged you to go furniture shopping and you seriously thought you were experiencing a slow, painful death? Maybe thats just me, but as a kid, there aren’t many things worse than that (except maybe the post office or the plant nursery)

BUT Since I’ve lived in a house of my own, I get it. I’m addicted to changing up my decor/ furniture/ kitchen extras/ etc. Like, really, really, obsessed on a weird, crazy-house-lady level. Also, I feel like I’m constantly re-locating lately, so I’ve had so many excuses to shop for my multiple living arrangements. Aaaand, because I’m moving to California soon, I have yet another reason to be scouring Pinterest for the best of the best in home decor.

So, y’all. Check This Shit Out:  November Home Favorites: ROAWO

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I mean, how cooliolio is that stuffz? Hope y’all have the best Tuesday your little hearts can handle.

PS: Our Giveaway winner is Elizabeth Holtrop! We’ve contacted you via e-mail and your basket of goods will be in the mail this week!


A Few of my Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition

Happy (finally freaking) Friday!

I can’t say that I’m sad to see this week end. I have completed week two of my laptop being “looked at” in the Apple Store, and let me tell ya, it has been WAY more difficult than I would’ve imagined. The first couple of days, I felt like I had no idea what to do with my hands because they haven’t been detached from a keyboard for more than 8 hours at a time ( gotta sleep sometime ) in years. It’s kind of sad, really. I also had no idea what I was supposed to be doing in class….. actually listening, maybe? Well, that whole thing is miserable. I don’t recommend it ( lolz, jk, gotta pass ).

Since I haven’t been able to post in forever ( due to dilemma covered above^ ), I thought I’d do a Favorite Things post featuring some new updates to my room.

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition As a college student, I have to be pretty thrifty with home décor ( i.e. I have a small budget ). I tend to search for deals on the internet ( duh, online shopping addict ), as well as in stores like Ikea, World Market, Target, etc. Surprisingly, you can make a room look really good for really cheap ( or, a lot cheaper than I thought ).

My favorite recent add to my room is this desk from Ikea ( it was only $70! ). I absolutely hate assembling my own furniture, because I’m lazy, but this desk was pretty simple & quick. Ikea also delivered to my home in a flash, which was prime ( not only am I lazy AF… I’m also very impatient ).

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition There is just something that happens when I have a clean & organized desk space. I feel a whole lot more productive when I’m working in an area that is well put-together. Because I don’t have very much space to spread out, I double my desk as a vanity station for putting on makeup and such. Kind of a business by day, party by night kind of thing( << ha ). This is a really good idea if you are low on counter space in your bathroom, like me.

As far as styling goes, I got this glass tray & leather organizer from Gilt ( my favorite :: Also, if you haven’t joined Gilt yet, e-mail me at ramblingsofawildone@yahoo.com to learn how to get $25 off your first purchase! << it’s super easy ). Oh, & my cool pink Crown Brush set is from HauteLook (<< also contact me to find out how to save on your first purchase! ).

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition Let me just say, this little DIY will make you feel border-line genius, almost because it is so obvious ( << does that make sense to anyone else but me? ). I bought these little crates from Michael’s ( they have them at a ton of places ), spray painted them gold, and stacked them on top of each other to make a mini bookshelf. The whole thing cost about $45 ( or less, if you can find a coupon ) and took maybe 10 minutes.

I got these geode bookends ( a little more expensive, but have such a cool effect! ) & this gold skull piggy-bank to add flair to my small book collection . Also, how great is this Gluten is my Bitch Cookbook? I purchased it from Gilt ( so, you could get it for free, if you contact me like I explained earlier, bc its only $14! No scams, I promise! ), but it can also be found here.

My Favorite Things: Bedroom Re-Vamp for the Budget-Conscious Edition Lastly, I got some new awesome pillows for my bed. I shared a picture of my bedding + canvas situation a long time ago, and I’ve added some texture ( remember how much I love contrasting texture? ) via various decorative pillows.

Usually, I’m not really a purple person ( coming from Fort Worth, you think I would be. Go Frogs? ), but I loved the YSL canvas I bought from Gilt so much that decided to base my room’s color scheme around it. I got these purple leather pillows ( they also have 5 gazillion different colors ) & this white faux-fur pillow by a brand called Natural on Gilt. I’m also not really a huge fan of monograms ( that time has passed ), but this little monogrammed pillow kind of tied everything together. You can buy pillows like this all over Etsy.

So, don’t forget to e-mail me about reaaallly great deals with Gilt & Hautelook:


Or, e-mail me with any questions about products, opinions, concerns, etc. Also, I’m looking for a new collab project & people to interview, so if you have a blog or you do something that you think should be recognized contact me!

Follow my antics in Annapolis, Maryland this weekend on Instagram & Twitter.

The chilly weather up there is sure to be a change of pace! Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

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A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of my Favorite Things :: ROAWO Sup.

So this next week is gunna be quite a tough one. I have two tests right off the bat, so I’m using this weekend as ( a little bit ) of a chill / relax weekend before the craziness. I mean, Its a Friday night, I can literally hear the herds of people walking to the bars to be social & have fun, and I’m just laying in my bed with my dog soo…


I’ve rounded up 8 of my favorite things ( my list posts are always so awk with the numbers ) that I love this week, and yes, Drogo made the list. Again.

Little Table Styling :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com Little Table Styling :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com How cuuute is my little convenient table? Its right next to my bedroom door, and basically, I use it as a catch-all for all of my shit ( usually, its a lot more chaotic-looking ). I got the sidetable ( I don’t think its avail anymore, but theres a similar one here ) & frame from World Market, the skull piggy-bank from Gilt, and the acrylic catch-all as a gift ( similar here ).

P.S. These silver bracelets will be a part of my giveaway with Boho Nouveau coming soon! 

Upcoming Interviews on ROAWO :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com Okay. I am, like, INSANELY excited for all of the interviews coming soon to ROAWO. Y’all will dieee over these girls. And luckily for you people :: They are all going to share some of their secrets to greatness with us.

I’ve known most of them for quite awhile now ( I lurve that I have such inspiring & creative friends with passions for things! ), and I cannot wait to feature / publicly appreciate their amazing-ness. Here’s a little sneak-peak for ya:

1. Sarah went to middle- & high-school with me & has always been such a creative spirit. Now, she owns a company called Serendipity Fine Lines & Such. She specializes in hand lettering for weddings, prints, stationary, etc. ( find her Etsy store here ). Cannot wait for y’all to meet her.

2. Lauren is a health / fitness guru & Beach Body rep from Fort Worth, TX ( aka my city / whoop, whoop, go Cowtown ). Since I’ve known her, she’s always been passionate and informative about eating healthy & working out. I mean, this girl is up & on early-morning runs while everyone else is pretty much dying & hungover on the weekends. She’s got her shit together.

3. Baylor is a singer/songwriter ( from Dallas, Texas ) with a reallll talent & passion for her music. She’s gunna give us all the deets on her cool AF life. ALSO, she’s a contestant on the upcoming season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. Like, what a badass, right?

4. Meghan is a fellow blogger (owner of Boho Nouveau) from Canada ( !! ) with super-chill personal-style & a wanderlust to match. We got to know each other through planning our soon-to-come Fall giveaway, & I’m pretty much obsessed with her now. Stay tuned to ROAWO to find out alllll about her.

Rachel Zoe Booties :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com These booties by Rachel Zoe are out-of-stock, but you can get a similar look with these ( equally as awesome ). Love the idea of wearing white in the winter / fall… breaking the color “rules” makes me feel all rebellious. (<< This print comes in a sandal as well)

Chicken Tacos !! :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com I took the fillings from my Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Pepper for One, added some grilled chicken, and made some delish tacos ( on corn tortillas, of course ) for lunch yesterday. These flavors are my fav. The fiesta continues !!

BEST Dry Shampoo Ever :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com Lately, I’ve been washing my hair less & less ( it’s not gross, okay. Its actually reaaaally good for your hair to wash less ), so dry shamp has become a necessity. This miracle potion { Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak } is my absolute fav dry shamp out there right now.

Fall Nail Polish Line-Up :: Ramblings Of A Wild One I’m loving these nail polishes for fall. Yeah, pink is all pastel & springy, but I think you can wear this color in the fall as well. Its clean & simple. On the other hand, this burgundy Deborah Lippmann polish in ‘Blood’ and this dark blue/black Essie polish in ‘Licorice’ are deep, dark, & deliciouuuuus colors.

P.S :: The Deb Lip polish is included in my upcoming Fall giveaway with Meghan !!

My first article on Haute Mess Mag !! :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com I already announced my joining the Haute Mess Mag team a few days ago, but I just got sooooo excited when my first article was posted… I gotta talk about it again.

Haute Mess Mag is your online source for a plethora of topics like beauty, fitness, fashion, home decor, cocktails, etc. Kinda like ROAWO, but with more minds behind it.

My first article covers a few of the things I do to ward-off anxiety & stress along with a really short version of my story pertaining to clinical anxiety. I think y’all will love it & the rest of the HMM website! Click on the ‘Contributors‘ page & my picture to see all of my posts!

German Shepherd Dog :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com And last, but obvi not least, my main man, Drogo. He’s almost 10 months old now, so I’ve been thinking through some first-bday celebration activities. Yeah, he has no fucking clue that he’s turning one, but I do & he’s having a party. Duh.

He’s an 80-pound puppy. And the sweetest boy ever ( despite his looking like a huge, scary monster of a dog ). I am absolutely obsessed with German Shepherds… they are prettty much the most badass & good-looking dog breed, in my opinion. Huskies come in a close second place.

Does anyone have any healthy dog-treat recipes or something like that? He has to have something suuuper tasty to celebrate his first bday.

Welp, that’ll do it for my Fav things this week. I hope y’all like all this shizz as much as I do ( I know you do.. okay? )

I’m off to pin things for like 3 more hours and then go to sleep on this crazy Friday night I have going. College is always sooooo badass & fun, right? …. Not.

Yaaaa, bi.

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The Hollywood Hills: A Haven for You Hippies

House in the Hollywood Hills

Ahhhh, I love Hollywood. It feels so.. unlimited. You know what I mean? Everyone here wants to be something. Yeah, they may be fame-hungry & annoying, but at least they have a passion. I find that incredibly stimulating.

After my recent getaway to the Venice area (one of my FAVORITE spots in LA: Details here and here), my girl Abby and I retreated to the cleanliness & the cool-breeziness of the Hollywood Hills.

House in the Hollywood Hills House in the Hollywood Hills

So, I’m in love with the cute little house we found in the Hollywood Hills area. Its a two bedroom, two bath, modern pad with an amazing view and a super-clean finishing. You can find it on Airbnb here.

I seriously CANNOT WAIT to move to the Los Angeles area next January. Y’all I mean, what could be better? California dreamin’ is a 20-something’s heaven.

Want to read more about my adventures in Hollywood? Here and Here are so more details on some of my favorite spots to hit around Los Angeles… and obviously there are many more to come!

Hollywood Hills Home

RamblingsofaWildOne.Com Hollywood Hills Home:: RamblingsofaWildOne.Com xx P


Diane Serra Handmade: Interview with the Amaze Lady!

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Interview

source: @notemilyfillmore

A few weeks ago, I came across Diane Serra Handmade [previously featured here] and instantly fell in love with her pieces. They’re authentic and handmade (obviously), and thats that shiz I do like. So, as a typical online-shopping addict, I ordered one of her tie-dyed oversized leather clutches and contacted her about featuring her work on ROAWO. Lucky for me, she’s become as much a supporter of my blog as I am of her work! Can’t you just feel the lurve??

So, here’s a leetle mini interview with Diane Serra herself & some cool pics so you can see what this cool chick is all about::

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

[When did you first start creating your own handbags?] I first opened my shop 1 year ago this month. It was a project I had brewing for many months and finally took the leap of faith May 2013.

[When did you decide to create your own company? How did you do it? Was is easier or harder than you anticipated?] I really wanted a creative outlet that would challenge my mind as well as test my leadership skills. I first started by doing a lot of research about how I wanted to sell, what I would need to launch, who are my customers, what will the brand story be, etc. It was not hard to launch because I love getting things off the ground. That said, some days are incredibly hard and challenging while others are very fluid. Being extremely conscious of my time and schedule helps me sustain.

[Does your workspace effect how you work? What setting do you like to create in?] Moving the workshop out of my house and into the studio at preFAB was one of the best decisions. It allows me the chance to collaborate with other makers, receive mentoring from Brian, the founder of preFAB and have a beautiful showroom for my customers to visit and shop from.

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

[What is your favorite bag?] Hands down, the Cabra Clutch. I love fur and this fur we found from a wonderful leather shop we formed a relationship with in our last trip to Barcelona. We, my husband and I, purchase a lot of the leather from Barcelona. It is a city near and dear to our hearts. To help the local businesses there is equally important to us as well as the local San Diego businesses.

[What is your most popular bag?] There are two in the running for most popular- The Adelina Fringe Clutch & The Tie-Dye Leather Clutch.

[Owning a business has got to be stressful, what is your best health/wellness tip that you can share with readers?] I am asked this question all the time. My answer is always, “I’m very busy, but I’m not stressed.” There is a difference. Time management and knowing your limits is the best advice I can give anyone who wants to explore a goal that is going to push them to the next level. I also train martial arts. No matter what my work schedule is, I always make it to class 3-4 times per week. We all need a place to unwind, to release. Having an incredibly supporting husband helps as well. He keeps me focused, challenges me to ask more of myself and my skills and reminds me to rest and enjoy life.

[Any advice for young women entering the workforce and/or not knowing what exactly they want to do?] Yes. Try everything. I’ve done one million things with my life and I’m only 33. I’ve studied so much and never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. Don’t limit yourself to one job or path. Try one path at a time and explore all of your interests. Life is a great opportunity to experience many jobs, develop many skillsets and chase a few dreams.

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

AND BREAKING NEWS: Diane Serra Handmade just began selling home decor that will rock your world.

Can’t wait to see whats to come for her!

xOx P

Grandma’s House: Gypsy, Native American Home Decor

www.ramblingsofawildone.com Growing up as an Air-Force Brat makes it hard for me to determine a place to label as my “home.” By the time I was 12, I had lived in the Panama City and Destin, Florida areas [including small towns around the two cities, as well as within them], in the suburbs of Houston, and finally, Fort Worth, Texas. As much as I’d love to claim our old condo on the Florida coast as my home [literally steps away from the bright white sand and clear waters], no other place has made me who I am today more than my Grandparent’s house in deep East Texas. Sadly, the days that we rode horses and fed catfish are gone [all the animals have been moved to a new home], but this place is still an amazing time. I have probably spent more time in this home than I have in any other home I actually lived in.

My grandmother has always been a Native-American-Rug-Loving-Hippie crossed with a woman from the Deep South, and her style reflects that. And in typical man-fashion, my Grandfather doesn’t give a flying you know what about the décor.. so Gma takes over on this one. This huge house in the middle of the East Texas pine-tree forest is spacious, peaceful, and eclectically decorated::

www.ramblingsofawildone.com “We bought the house about 20 years halfway finished because of the beautiful view at the location and took a year to remodel and complete it. We built in a stained glass window that we bought and had redone to fit an available space. We added a banner which in Latin says” keep the faith” in remembrance of the ideals of our youth.” [Gma]


ramblingsofawildone.com My Grandfather has run his company from the comfort of his home for years, so obviously he needs an office fit for a crazed oil man.. it’s Texas, it’s all oil here.. His office is connected to a small library that brings me back to my child-hood. My little sister and I used to get SO excited to pick out a bed-time story for my grandma to read [which actually got intense enough to lead to a fight]… we were all sooooo easily entertained back then, huh?


ramblingsofawildone.com Like I said before, my Grandma is absolutely obsessed with Native American Indian Rugs. She has quite the collection. Her favorites are hung around their homes and some are folded up for safe-keeping.. and she’s ALWAYS down to add the collection. Some can be extremely expensive [I mean.. ridiculous] and some are more affordable. These types of rugs are for the Story::


When I asked my Grandma about this rug specifically… she said:: The Navajo rug above the couch is one of the first I collected. It is a storm pattern quilt from the western Navajo reservation probably. It was probably made in the first half of the 20th century. It is of mediocre quality. I started collecting these older rugs because the patterns and yarns and dyes used in them tell a continuing story of the history of the Navajo people. The story of the various weavers is literally woven in the fabric of the rugs. Most of them were created from scratch by the individual ladies. They raised the sheep, sheared the sheep, carded and spun the wool and wove the rugs with very small, natural tools because they lived in small dwellings and sometimes moved around. They gathered the materials for the dyes primarily from the plants that grew around them. The design of each rug reflects the times in which the weaver lived. The storm pattern quilt is typical in that it shows the four mountains that define the boundaries of the reservation connected by lightning. I needed a storm pattern quilt for my collection and I liked the orange-red color because of it’s intensity. The dye is not homemade. It is commercially produced. This is one of the things that dates it.”

And what East Texas home would be complete without a small collection of guns next to the designated reading-couch? A peace-loving hippie with a gun collection [this is a tiny portion of the whole].. ever heard of that one?

ramblingsofawildone.com I saved my two favorite parts of my Grandparents’ house for last. First:: The basement bar. Remember when I said my Grandpa didn’t care about the way the house looked?? Well, that excludes this room. This has always been his little man-cave.. He would blast classic country tunes, walk around with a scotch on the rocks and sing his little [and by little I mean extremely large man] heart out to Johnny and George… this was all until my sister and I became old enough to bring our friends out there and take over the bar for our own enjoyment.


ramblingsofawildone.com Basically at birth, my grandparents started a change jar for each of their grandchildren [lucky for my siblings, we’re the only ones] to break open upon their acceptance to college. And when I say change jar I mean a glass monstrosity that has to be open with a sledgehammer… but really. When I finally went off to school, I broke that sucker open and deposited about $2,000 in the bank. What a tradition, amiright?

ramblingsofawildone.com The bar is filled with neon signs and logos of old oil companies and beer; there’s a pool table, a giant flat screen, a sound system, quality whiskey, and poker supplies. What more could a guy [or anyone, for that matter] want??

ramblingsofawildone.com And now.. my Favorite part of all.. the outside, duh. Their house is on the highest point in their county, which means, the VIEW is incredible. Pictures do not do it justice. The entire area is just beautiful. It’s SO green in the spring and summer, and the leaves change to reveal a completely different environment in the fall. I mean, seriously, there isn’t another place like it.


ramblingsofawildone.com I am so incredibly blessed to have people like my Grandma and Grandpa in my life. They’ve worked hard and earned the right to straight CHILL at their big spacious house in the middle of nowhere and drink sweet tea and watch Downton Abbey if that damn well please.

So, if anyone just wants to drop everything and move to this house with me.. I’m down. Shoot me a text or something. [lolz]

ramblingsofawildone.com I know this post was long.. but I mean I could go on about this place forevererer. Hope you feel inspired to go buy some Native American rugs or something..

xOx P