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Sarah Mecke: Serendipity Fine Lines & Such

Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit So, remember when I said I have some pretty awesome & inspirational friends?  Well, today y’all get to meet Sarah Mecke. Sarah has been a friend/teammate/classmate of mine since our awkward middle school days and has always had a passion for being all artsy-fartsy. Now, she is the owner and creative mind behind her online company Serendipity Fine Lines & Such. Like I’ve said a million times, I am so obsessed with people who manage to monetize their passions, creating a sort of “job” for themselves, instead of being forced into something they don’t absolutely love. Because, what fun is that? So, meet Sarah.

Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit » Introduce Yourself:

Hello, lovelies! My name is Sarah and I am pursuing a life full of authenticity and sparkle… at least that is what my Instagram bio says. I started my design shop to bring what I believe are beautiful and inspiring hand-lettered prints and stationary to cool and creative people.

» I remember you being all calligraphy-crazed back in high school, but when exactly did you start developing an interest in it?

I have always gotten all “geeked” out when it comes to pretty penmanship and all that jazz. Ever since we learned cursive in the second grade, I have been drawn to perfecting my handwriting. I think I am a little OCD with it, but hey now its turned into a really fun creative outlet, so c’ est la vie!

Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit » Tell us allll about Serendipity Fine Lines !!

I actually got the idea for Serendipity Fine Lines while I was standing in a craft store. (Payton knows the depth of my love for places like this… I think I have collectively spent a fortune at Hobby Lobby). I was looking at some notebooks with what I felt was somewhat fugly writing on the cover, when I had the idea that I should create my own line of paper products. I started designing some proofs around June, and I sort of got carried away with it! Honestly, I had no idea what this little idea was going to turn into and I literally never imagined I would be shipping my paper products all over the place (like Australia!) I have my products on Etsy… if you haven’t been on this site yet, you are going to be hooked. You can find all sorts of gems designed by small business owners from all over the world.

» Where tf do you find your inspo & how do you stay creative?

I have a semi-stalkerish relationship with creatives in the same area of business as myself. I love to see how others are using their creativity to pursue their dreams. I get most of my inspiration from following the Instagrams of people such as B is for Bonnie (@bonniejoymarie), Miss Poppy Design (@misspoppydesign) and Mackenzie Horan (@mackenziehoran). Oh and an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest… I’m such a girl.

» What are some of your favorite pieces on sale on the site right now?

I love this 5x7in print with a quote from the lovely Mindy Kaling, “Sometimes you just have to put on some lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.” I find this quote to be so sassy and feminine. I have it framed on my vanity so I see it every time I put on my make up and it makes me think, “Eff yeah! Lip gloss solves everything!” I’m only sort of kidding.

Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit [ I had Sarah make me a cutie print :: Isn’t this Madonna quote the absolute best? ]

» So, you’re a full-time student, member of a sorority (T-shirt design chair, even! No shock there), volunteer at Cook Children’s Hospital (what a saint), and you own a new & successful online business. What’s your secret to organizing such a busy life?

I truly love what I do so it isn’t hard to stay motivated. The things I do get me so excited. My favorite way to keep my crazy schedule in order is my May Book agenda. I carry it everywhere with me so I don’t let myself forget what I’m trying to accomplish that day. I believe in thinking on a week-to-week basis so I don’t feel too overwhelmed. If I find that I’m beginning to mentally melt, I take things down to one day at a time, then even one hour at a time. This helps me stay focused and level headed. That and a prescription for Vyvanse.

Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit » Speaking of busy life, what do you do to relax / rejuvenate after conquering your (I can imagine lengthy) to-do list?

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I love to marathon-watch Family Guy on Netflix. I think it is hilarious and just the right amount of brain-numbing stupid that makes my mind relax. Also, I find that I always feel better after play with my dogs outside for a bit. (<<< y’all know I love dog people)

» Lastly, what is your FAV health/fitness/beauty tip for us?

Always be your self… Unless you can be Beyoncé. On the real though, having a healthy attitude about yourself by accepting everything you are and everything you are not will make a world of difference in your life. When you treat yourself with respect mentally, you in turn want to do more good things for yourself like eating clean, sweating it out in the gym regularly and getting some zzz’s. I promise you will be an overall healthier person with added hustle and sparkle when you start with your internal attitude.

Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit Sarah Mecke of Serendipity Fine Lines & Such :: A little interview with this creative spirit photos by Rachel L’Antigua 

I mean, seriously, how cool is this girl? But wait, there’s more! Sarah has been nice enough to extend a little promo code discount to all my readers!

Use Promo Code: ROAWO at check-out for 20% off!

So now you have no excuse to not go crazy in the Serendipity Fine Lines Etsy Store. She also does custom work, so you can get your favorite quote made all cute just for you! You can follow SFL&S on Instagram and Pinterest to get your daily-dose of pretty stuffz.

I hope y’all enjoyed this little interview with this suuuuper creative chick. I have so many great & inspiring interviews lined up for y’all for the next coming weeks. Have anyone you want to see featured on ROAWO/ think you want your passion featured here? Comment below!

[ Shop Her Look ]

Shop Spotlight: Sirena Water Wear in Port Aransas, Texas

Sirena Water Wear in Port Aransas, Texas During my mini-getaway to Port Aransas, Texas, I came across a little boutique called Sirena Water Wear.

Sun Bum Sunscreen from Sirena Water Wear One of the owners, Tracy Davis, talked to me for awhile about the line of women’s board shorts that her and her best friend, Kim Rucker, developed called SeaLegs. These quick-dry, tailored boyfriend shorts were first developed as stain-proof fishing shorts to wear “from the fishing rod to the restaurant.” Pretty cool, huh?

Basically, they created what they wanted because they couldn’t find it anywhere else. Thats the entrepreneurial spirit!

Here’s a leetle interview to get y’all well acquainted with one half of the brain behind SeaLegs and the lady behind the badA storefront.

ROAWO:: Sirena Water Wear in Port A, Texas [Tell me a little about yourself and your brand] I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I developed a love of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Italian food, skiing and spent most of my time in [the] swimming pool. [I] swam competitive long distance. My love for skiing, swimming, running, and offshore fishing probably led me to want to develop “hybrid” athletic apparel that could be functional and fashionable. I was always jealous of the guys who could go straight from the boat or beach to the bar in the same pair of pants. Fishing & hunting apparel for women is decades behind surf, skiing and golf apparel so we set out to change that. I studied Nutritional Sciences and obtained a Masters of Science in Nutrition/Food Science and became a Registered Dietitian.  I started my career working with dialysis patients then began a rigorous corporate career and 15 years of travel in sales and sales management for medical companies. Through my career I learned a lot about launching and promoting new products.

[Tell me about your store] Sirena translates into mermaid in 5 languages. We wanted a name that portrayed our obsession with all things water and that would welcome men, women, and children into our shop. We carry anything mermaid and water related including spearfishing guns, men’s fishing apparel, fishing lures, women’s beach cover ups, board shorts, and locally crafted mermaid jewelry.  Over 80% of our products are American Made or Fair Trade.  High quality and craftsmanship is a common theme throughout our shop.  The décor is dark & eclectic yet welcoming, and reminds me of an underwater cavern.

Fridaze from Sirena Water Wear

Fridaze Linen Apparel:: I love the white linen cover-up on the far left!

[Running a business must be so stressful, what is your favorite health/wellness tip(s) to staying sane?] Mermaid Cocktails.  Just kidding.  3 of us ladies jog together or do garage insanity before we start our days. Sometimes its intense and other times its a gab session where we vent and get advice. One friend is an artist/real estate agent and the other owns The Cypress Tree boutique in town so they always give me inspiration and energy, and good parenting advice.  I also try to go on an occasional jog, swim or surf with my boyfriend. This weekend I signed up for a ladies surf camp.

[What advice do you have for girls (or boys) that are in the same shoes you were in when you were college-aged?] Focus on a 3 – 5 year goal.  Odds are that in 10 or 15 years you will be doing something completely different anyway so don’t look at your college career decisions as life long commitments.  Make a decision on what to study and make sure that it gives you some sort of edge over your competition. Get a certification or license that puts you in demand and you will never have to worry about being out of work. Don’t over think it, instead invest your time and energy on completing your goal. 

Sirena Water Wear on RamblingsofaWildOne.com My FAVORITE product that the store offers is the Sun Bum Sunscreen, because it is all natural and just looks cool [I’m exactly the type of idiot that the marketing people design for… I’ll buy (almost) anything that is packaged nicely]. Also, I’m allergic to most sunscreens, but not this one! Always a plus.

You can follow Sirena Water Wear on Instagram [@ilovesealegs], Twitter [@SirenaWaterWear], Pinterest, and Facebook.

Keep on keepin’ on peeps.

xox P