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I Love You, Paula Dorf. And My Brows Do Too.

Paula Dorf: Brows for Every Hair Color Happy Wednesday… here’s a huge, up-close picture of my FACE!  I apologize for being all up in your biz, but the closeness was necessary to show y’all one of my new fav products:

Paula Dorf’s 2 + 1 for Brows

The story of my eyebrow maturity journey is pretty pitiful. Honestly, I didn’t really start paying attention to the brows until college (<< embarrassed to admit). My eyebrows are pretty sparse, so I never really had to wax them. Hitting them with some pluck-age every so often was good enough for me. Now, when I look at pictures from high school, I think.. “yikes”. Yeah, they didn’t need all that much thinning, BUT some filler would’ve been nice (<< thanks friends for NEVER telling me!).

As much as I wish I could pull off the whole Cara Delevingne, super-hot, super-thick brow… I just can’t. I look like a freakshow, really. More power to ya ( & I’m super jeal ) if you can channel Cara’s badass brow look.  [ Paula Dorf: the best brow filler! ] Aaaaand this why I love Paula Dorf’s brow product situation & why I was SO pumped to join their 2+1 for Brows campaign. They have 4 different options when it comes to shades (I got the neutral), and you can customize the color even further by mixing the two powder colors in the compact as you see fit. Hi, I’m a control freak and I need to be able to decide EXACTLY what shade I want.

As far as application goes, just mix your powders to your perfect shade with the brow brush, dip the brush in the wax, and go to town outlining those brows. Because of the wax, the color stays forever, but is easy to take off with a little soap action.

I just DIE for the way a well-filled brow outlines my face. It just looks so much… better. I’m not completely heinous without a nice brow fill, but I’d much rather hit the babes with some Paula Dorf before heading out into the general public.  [ Paula Dorf: the best brow filler! ] [ Paula Dorf: the best brow filler! ] You can find this amaze product here. Wanna know whats real cool? PD was badass enough to extend a little promo to my readers! You can get a free, perfectly-sized brow brush with your Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows purchase using the code:


Pretty rad, if you ask me. You can only find this product in the link I have provided, as it isn’t for sale at any retailers right meow.

Also, read a funny little tale about my emergency experience with this brow filler….. I’m embarrassed to admit…

Again, sorry for posting my face so huge on your screen ( ha ). K, Bi.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, as I am a part of the Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows campaign. However, all opinions I post are my own.. I wouldn’t join a campaign that I didn’t 100% adore! 


Look Like a Super Model: Bronzed Bombshell

Look Like A Super Model: Bronzed Beauty

Soooo, who wants to look like a super model? ‹raising hand› K, cool.

I’ve gone through (probably) millions of pictures of that dewy, bronzed, Victoria’s Secret model-look on Pinterest. Aand… I figured it out! The secret to this brazilian-goddess, glowing complexion thing is to forgo using blush, and use a liquid/oily bronzer in its place. Should be obvious, right??

I have always worn blush because… well.. idk.. Isn’t that what you learn when you’re a wee-leetle beebus watching your Mom put on makeup? I’ve always considered it a staple. WELP, I stopped using the rosy stuff, and Viola, bronzed-goddess (sans actual ‘super model’ appeal). I don’t usually use pictures that aren’t my own on my posts, but these are perf examples:

Look Like a Super Model: Bronzed Goddess Here’s the brownie-glow routine:

  1. Use this BB cream all over yo face.
  2. For concealer, use this magic potion under your eyes and on your blemishes (<< chyessss dual-power, beeeeb).
  3. Contour in the dent-y part of your cheek (lolz, ‘dent-y’) with this matte bronzer.
  4. Here’s the change: throw some bronzing oil on your cheeks in place of your usual blush.
  5. Stick to brown/golden shades for your eye shadow & liner (<< a like dark brown). You can even use the bronzing oil on your lids in place of eye shadow. Dual purpose that shit.
  6. Throw on you a little mascara (but don’t go overboard… clumpy eyelashes will kill your supermodel vibe. Plus, they’re just ugly. Too harsh?)
  7. Don’t forget to fill in your brows! I love this brow filler (more detailed post coming soon) to darken my brows, and frame my face.
  8. Then, use a dull pink/mauve color on your lips.

And, there ya go. You’re Gisele Bündchen.

Thoughts? What’s your favorite, super-model-y beauty tip?

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All photos taken from Pinterest.

Clothing Emergency ft. Free People, H&M, and Forever21

So, on my way back home (to Dallas/Fort Worth) from Los Angeles (Click here to see the coolest things about LA, according to a future-resident), I decided to deplane a little early in Austin, TX to go to the X-Games….. which was a totally spontaneous and exciting decision. The only problem: I’m a diva, which means I always check my big-ass suitcase, which means all of my belongings were in Dallas.. and I was in Austin with only a purse, two pairs of shoes in my carry-on tote, and exactly one outfit.. what I wore on the plane.

At this point, as you can imagine,  I had a little bit of bargain shopping to do. I headed over to the closest shopping complex in ATX [The Domain] and went directly to Neiman’s. Okay, thats not the bargain part.. but I’m addicted to Chanel makeup and I can’t stray from my loyalty to those products. The lady at the makeup counter totally hooked me up [and became one of my best friends] and gave me a full face of makeup, my essentials [here, here, and here] and a ton of samples of cleansers, moisturizers, perfumes, etc. Extremely helpful considering my situation.

Then, I needed clothes that weren’t going to cost me five bajillion dollars for a weekends worth of outfits. So I hit up Free People [favorite], H&M, and EVEN Forever21 [<– I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I found here.. usually not my style]. These stores sold clothing that ended up being perfect for the X-Games.. super light and airy for the sauna that is Austin, Texas.

Free People Tank + Necklace H&M Sunglasses and Necklace Free People Tank + Necklace X Games Forever 21 Fanny Pack Rings TankFree People | ShortsFree People | Lace Bralette: Free People | Necklaces: H&M (Similar Here) and Free People | Sunnies: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Rings: Anthropologie, One-of-a-kind antique, and Cat Ear [similar here] | Fanny Pack: Forever21 [similar here]

Los Angeles Graphic Tee:: Forever21
Black Fanny Pack:: Forever21 Tank: Forever21 (Similar Here) | Shorts: Free People | Shoes: Converse | Necklace: Free People | Sunnies: H&M | Fanny Pack: Forever21 [similar here] | Watch: Michael Kors

These outfits were perfect for an event like the X-Games.. especially for the concerts. Basically each night consisted of idiots throwing their beverages around the crowd and bumping into everyone else, and these clothes held up nicely. I also wasn’t too concerned about them getting ruined. So, next time you are attending a festival, outdoor concert, etc. stop by a store like Forever21 or H&M and invest lightly in some cheap, trendy pieces.

OH:: and the X-Games were SO badass. I hate to admit it, but Kanye West’s performance was absolutely incredible.. Yes. I said it. He was really good. And yes, I kind of hate myself for coming to that conclusion.

xx P