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Emily Fillmore: Graphic Design Extraordinaire

My good friend and executive graphic designer of ROAWO, Emily Fillmore, is quite the badass. This girl has an eye for artistry.. and can visualize and create the most amazing drawings, graphics, and photographs. When I asked her to create the graphics for this site, she came up with a header in less than 24 hours and created the coolest business cards to go along with my theme. From scratch. I never cease to be amazed by her natural talent for design.

So, as a thank you to my friend and genius artist, I wanted to share some of my ‘Emily Fillmore‘ favorites. You can find more of her work at www.EmilyFillmore.com or follow her instagram @NotEmilyFillmore. She’s funny too… so follow fo sho.

You can buy her prints here!

PS: I’ve been telling her forever that she needs to set up an online store for people to buy her amazing prints.. maybe even put them on t-shirts.. so good feedback is good backup for my demands..

P.S.S: You Fort Worthians will love the last one

www.EmilyFillmore.com This one has been, and I think always will be, my absolute favorite. Uh.. She sketched this on paper and then manipulated it on the computer… amazing. And I want it in my room. Stat.

www.EmilyFillmore.com www.EmilyFillmore.com www.EmilyFillmore.com

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