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10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Sh*t Done ( + An Announcement )

10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com I am a quote fanatic. As I’ve said before, I have an obsession with words & that the way that people put them together to depict an idea. It is truly an art ( think about your Literature classes in school ).  My favorite quotes are those that give words to my exact feelings / ideas in a way that I was never able to think of .

Its an interesting experience to see someone else label the workings of my mind so perfectly.

I am so obsessed with quotes, in fact, that I have a time every day ( mostly ) where I relax, drink some tea, & scour Pinterest for words that I love. This is part of my “Me Time,” if you will.

So, now I’m going to start yet another series of posts ( because my series on The Outnet is ovaaaa ) featuring a collection of my favorite quotes on an assortments of topics. This week’s post:

10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done. 

Today is My Bitch :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com

Sometimes, we all need that little nudge in the right direction. We all want to be successful ( hopefully ) & lead fulfilling lives, but getting our asses out of bed can be the most difficult & annoying task of all. Due to my daily dose of inspo ( via my Pinterest Me Time ), I’ve realized that you pretty much have no choice but to GTFO of bed and get your shit together.

Or else you’ll be a lazy, boring, unhealthy freak with no friends, passions, or hobbies. This may sound harsh, but think how much you could be doing if you weren’t watching Netflix alone in the dark all day, everyday ( though, there is always a time to do that…. just not all the time.. c’mon ).

10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com You are in complete control over the outcome of your life & your happiness. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently. Your mindset is your own responsibility. If you aren’t inspired by these words straight from the brains of some bomb ass, brilliant people, you need to re-think your life, jeeeeeez.

10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com So, read / really listen to these words ( and Share them with your friends / Spread the love! ). Get inspired to simply begin. 

10 Quotes that will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com

( ^ This one might be my favorite. )
10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com 10 Quotes to Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done :: RamblingsOfAWildOne.com

10 Quotes that will Make You Want to Get Up & Get Shit Done

Don’t you just wanna go make something of yourself today? Thought so. And if you don’t, ya need help. Be sure to check out my Quote board on Pinterest for more daily motivation !!

Also, I have a bit of an announcement for y’all :: I am now a member of the Haute Mess Mag Team !! HMM is a website dedicated to and created by women ( More specifically, Editor-In-Chief Tiffany + Handpicked Contributors, like myself ). There are some really helpful & interesting articles on HMM, so I suggest you check it out ASAP.

Visit the contributors page & click on my photo to read some of my articles ( soon-to-come ) !! I’m sooooo happy about all of the opportunities that ROAWO has provided me within the few short months of its existence, and there is so much more to come!

Oh yeah, And don’t forget to follow ROAWO on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook for some details on a bad assssss upcoming giveaway with Boho Nouveau !!

K. Bye.

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A Few of my Favorite Things + A Little Promo Code Surprise !!

A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO Another favorites post is finally here! Every once-in-awhile I like to share a few of the little things that make me happy, happy, happy. These little parts of my every-day life ( most days ) either make me feel like I’ve really got my shit together / they look pretty and/or they make me a cool, calm, and collected human ( <<< necessary ).

So here’s my most recent collection of simple, every-day favorites:

Healthy Breakfast // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 1. A Healthy, Homemade Breakfast: I LOVE starting my day with a well-sized, healthy breakfast. For some reason, it just makes me feel clean & organized which is the BEST way to start the day. There’s just something about the good, clean energy that getting up and cooking some bfast gives you… plus it makes my house smell nice and home-y.

Usually, I’ll have something like this :: A mixture of whole-eggs / egg whites with avocado & my homemade salsa on top, blueberries, a glass of green tea, & a big glass of lemon water.

You Musn't  Be Afraid to Sparkle a Little Brighter, Darling // A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO 2. Daily Inspo Quotes: I am obsessed with words ( probably why I’ve loved every literature class I’ve ever taken )… like really, really obsessed with them. I mean, my Quote Board on Pinterest is ridiculously lengthy ( around 2,500 quotes pinned to date ).

I think what I like the most is how I can read how someone ELSE puts words together and think “wow, that’s EXACTLY how I feel / think!” Because, sometimes, its hard for me to do that myself.  I think its kind of hard for all of us at times… thats what can make communicating so difficult. Communication is SO complex ( << obviously, you can tell I’m really interested in this topic ).

Anyways, so back to my framed inspo: this is the easiest way for me to remind myself every day to be happy / stay inspired. Okay, so the second quote I have pictured is a little aggressive / extreme, but whatever. We all get in those moods where we need a little bit of that. I like to print out my favorite quotes, frame them, and put them around my room for a daily dose of badass-ary.

Fresh Flowers // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO Fresh Flowers // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 3. Fresh Flowers: They always say every room needs something alive to make it feel right. Enter: flowers. This is SUCH an easy way to brighten up your home. I mean, when is the last time a freshly-cut flower bouquet / plant has ever stressed you out? Pretty much never. Though I’m just a college-kid on a college-budget, I try to pick up some flowers whenever I see some that I must have.

Grocery-store flowers are good ( cheap ) enough for me.

Laptop Skin // Society 6 // ROAWO 4. This “Wanderlust” Laptop Skin from Society6.com: So, if you’ve kept up / ever read ROAWO before, you know I like to travel as much as possible. Obviously, this laptop extra is perfffect for me. I’m kind of in love with it. Plus, I’ve gotten so many compliments, so obviously, its da-bomb.com.

Also, Society6 is one of my FAV online shops for stuff like tech skins / prints / iPhone cases / etc. There are so many options, so theres something for everyone.

Louboutins // A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO Louboutins // A Few of my Favorite Things // ROAWO 5. These Christian Louboutin Wooden-Heel Leather Platforms: I mean, can we have a moment of silence for these? I’m known to splurge occasionally on some of my must-have items ( sparingly, of course ) & these were seriously so worth it ( I found a similar pair on eBay here << such a steal ).

But, exactly as expected :: I haven’t worn them yet because I’m too scared to scratch them up / get them dirty. You might be thinking “then whats the point of…” I get it, okay. I’m a crazy freak. I also always get the bottom-protector put on these types of shoes as well :: I don’t like when the red gets all scratchy.. OCD.

Metallic Tats // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 6. MetallicTats: I am seriously into this trend. First off, I don’t really like wearing a ton of bracelets, because I feel like they just get in my way. So, these are perfect for me. These jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos stay on for 4-6 days and look so, so badass.

MetallicTat is the brand I’m currently working with & I LOVE them! MetallicTat is owned by Leandra Simmons out of Encinitas, CA ( << one of my favorite places ever ) and her designs are fun, unique, and perfect for festivals / parties / a night out / or whatever else.

** The Super exciting part:: Visit MetallicTat on Etsy ( link above ) and use the promo code ROAWO10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order !! **

( I’ve already featured this little bull-skull metallic tattoo here. )

My German Shepherd // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO My German Shepherd // A Few of My Favorite Things // ROAWO 7. My Most Favorite Thing… My German Shep, Drogo: He completes my life, pretty much. Who needs a boyfriend ( or even friends… k no, thats dramatic) when you have the most perfect / sweetest cuddle-bud ever? Most of my day consists of: feeding Drogo / walking Drogo / talking to Drogo like he’s a human & like he’s going to answer me. I have long, sometimes funny, convos with my pup.. like a crazy-dog lady ( yes, he’s not even a real adult-dog yet.. an 80-pound beebus <<< my coined term for “baby” ). Maybe he wants to hear about my day, okay?

But actually, having a dog means someone(thing) will literally think that you are the best person / thing that has ever existed. Ever. You can’t NOT love that. Plus, despite his I-could-eat-you-whole appearance, Drogo is the sweetest & most playful dog ever. Best friends fo life.

So thats it for for now. I’m finally starting to create a posting schedule ( for the last week, I’ve posted almost every day ). Now, I’m going to try to stick to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I also wanted to take a sec to thank everyone who has given me such amazing / encouraging feedback about ROAWO. I originally started this whole thing as material for internships and I have gotten SO much more from it:: discounts, promos, & collabs ( <<< so fun, contact me for info @ ramblingsofawildone@yahoo.com ) / connections with people who enjoy the same things that I do / further knowledge in the subjects I’m interested in / a creative outlet to fill my time / etc.

So thanks to everyone who has been soooo cool about it. I really appreciate it. Really.

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