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New Name, New Brand, New Location for the New Year

Hustle + Halcyon :: A Lifestyle Blog

Helllllllo Ladies ( & Maybe some Gents? ),

So, maybe you’ve followed my blog, maybe you haven’t. Either way: I know I haven’t posted in an eternity. I have been working ultra-hard to re-brand my blog ( making inspo boards, hiring a tech guy (<< soooo official, right?), working on branding (<< new logo to come!), shooting some amazing pictures with Megan, Kristen, and some others, etc. etc. etc. ), so I have SO much content for when the new site goes live. Also, I’ll be in Los Angeles by then, so I’ll have a totally fresh, new outlook to share with y’all. It SO matches the new brand.

So y’all wanna know the new name…………? Its

Hustle + Halcyon

So, let me do a little explaining, because every time I discuss my re-brand with someone who has read my blog, they get into ‘OMG NO I LOVE RAMBLINGS OF A WILD ONE!’ mode. Well, first off ( logistically ), my current name is just too long. Like, its a mouth-full. Secondly, I believe that the new name and look better matches where I want to go with my brand in the blogosphere ( yeah, I just called it that ) & elsewhere. I have some wonderful, amazing readers that I think will absolutely love the new vibes.

So, in saying that, I’ll explain the name. I love the word ‘Hustle‘ and I write it all over the place to remind myself to work my ass off on a daily basis. It can apply to really anything you want it to — fitness/health, work, school, blogging, etc. I knew I wanted to incorporate that vibe into my new brand.

The word ‘Halcyon‘ ( pronounced HAL-SEE-ON ) is one of my favorite and ( in my opinion ) one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Yeah, I went there. As described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Halcyon is an ancient word that has come to mean reaching a calm, peaceful, & happy state. Its so euphoric, and EXACTLY what I’m going for.

The marrying of these two, opposing words ( one meaning ‘work, work, work’ and one saying ‘relax’ ) totally embodies the balance that I’m looking for in my lifestyle, and hopefully, the balance I can inspire in yours! Now, I’m not saying I’m the happiest, most hard-working pick of the bunch, but I am on my own journey to be happy, at-one-with-myself, and to inspire others to do the same. So, this is merely a documentation of that journey… Its not the end-all-be-all, ‘I know everything’ type of publication. Bonus Points: Ellie Goulding’s song ‘Halcyon’ is one of my favorites.

Hustle + Halcyon Lifestyle Blog ( yeah some new stuff coming, told ya )

I cannot wait to share all the new posts I’ve had saved up this past month on the new website. I’ll release the new link soon! Ahhhhh, I can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram & Twitter to witness the craze of re-branding for yourself.

Oh and side note: I am still doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Bod guide ( she has some updated versions now, btw ) and it is kicking my ass.. in the best way! This girl has taken over the world… I mean, I ran into 4 other girls in the gym the other day doing her workouts… in College Station, Texas. Like, what? Thats some serious #GIRLBOSS action.

Seeeee ya soon ( probably in a couple weeks ) !!

[ PS ]

I’m Lurving… + Big News & I Need Your Help!

I'm Lurving... Hi.

So, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and change the “My Favorite Things” series to “I’m Lurving…” because I lurve the word lurve. Its so.. weird. So.. Me. In fact, I have a lot of changes coming soon to ROAWO & I need your help!! [ I’ll talk about this more in a sec.. ]

Now, onto the previously scheduled post. I have a whole list of some seriously-cool “lurves” for y’all this week. First things first, how intense is this crazy succulent garden^^? I found it when I was in San Francisco, casually sipping tea by the Golden Gate, and I had to document it. Y’all know I love succulents. They’re s’cuuute.

Serendipity Fine Lines Print Serendipity Fine Lines Business Cards Do y’all remember my interview with Sarah of Serendipity Fine Lines?? Welp, I got my custom print in a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely LURVE, LURVE, LURVE it. How freakin’ badass is this Madonna quote? I mean seriously, I’m digging that idgaf vibe ( because who even has the time and energy to gaf … yeah, idgaf ).

Can y’all tell that I also love the word/term idgaf. I esp like saying idgaf instead of the whole ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ because I think its so hilarious for some reason. What a knee-slapper, right?

Click here to read the interview + find out details on where to buy her stuff, links to her social media sites ( for daily pretties ) & a little discount code. Her biz cards are amaze too… #talent.

TSC Frapp on ROAWO TSC Frapp on ROAWO Another thing I’m lurving is The Skinny Confidential’s Vanilla Frap ( sans the crap! ). Back in the middle school days, I was a frapp-fanatic. I remember waltzing into the mall Starbucks with my clan of girly-gals ( wearing all Abercrombie, sporting some colored Uggs, & obvi carrying my colorful Dooney & Burke handbag.. lolz. ) & ordering some trendy blended beverage… thinking we were all old and mature for drinking coffee. Don’t pretend like you weren’t exactly the same.

Gah, am I relieved those days are long over. I mean, that memory is so embarrassing. AND, the worst part isn’t even my choice of attire… its those damn frappuccinos. They are seriously disgusting.. read up on the real-nast-deal here ( Lauryn from TSC has me convinced ).

BCBG Suede Jacket BCBG Suede Jacket & Flannel Eeeeps, this suede, fringe jacket from BCBG is everything… and more. I am aalllll about texture combo & this jack ( as well as my leather one.. as seen in San Fran post ) is my go-to when I want to layer some texture and make my outfit next-level cool. I’m 99% positive its out of stock, but they sell similar ones here and here.

I layered the Suede + Fringe jacket with a killer flannel button-down & some destroyed skinnies. And, obviously some clunky wedges.. a staple. This is an outfit completely comprised of staples, actually. You need to own every single one of the pieces right now. This is serious.

Kombucha My last lurve of the week is this blood orange HOLY Kombucha tea. Okay, most importantly, HOLY Kombucha is made + bottled in my hometown, Fort Worth, TX.

( PS if you don’t know what Fort Worth is, or you’ve never been, you need to get your shit together… its a seriously cool city with a small-town, friendly feel. Its getting a lot bigger, so go before it becomes too much like Dallas… plz Fort Worth, don’t ever do that… )

HOLY Kombucha’s Mission reads:

For you, HOLY Kombucha strives to brew the freshest kombucha using only organic ingredients and using absolutely nothing artificial to brew the highest quality.
For those in need, HOLY Kombucha has a mission to help save and provide a safe haven to children and women from human trafficking. We want to raise awareness and give help to organizations who strive to END human trafficking throughout the world! This is where we put our 10%!

How insanely cool… You need some HOLY Kombucha in your life. I like to drink kombucha + vodka for a weekend treat OR just by itself ( normal-human style ). This week, it was part of my detox-from-Halloween routine.

Okay, so some news:

Remember when I said I had some new things in the works for ROAWO? Well, one of those things is… drumroll please…… a total rebranding. Yep, as of early 2015, I will be moving ROAWO to a new domain ( obviously I will be giving y’all lots of heads up & I will be annoying y’all with news on the move, new links… yada yada yada) as I make the move out to Los Angeles.

I’m doing this because I no longer feel that the ‘Ramblings of a Wild One’ theme fits with my blogging goals. I’ve absolutely LOVED & worked so hard to make this blog what it is now, and I feel like rebranding is necessary to embody my ultimate vision.

I think y’all will like the new name, look, & overall vibes of the new site, which I’ll be introducing y’all to as of 2015.

I can’t waittttt to show y’all!

In the meantime, have any of you bloggers gone through a rebranding, and want to share some tips with me? I need all the help I can get… its a lot more complicated than it seems!

Even if you aren’t a blogger,

I still need your help! Is there any specific topic that you’ve been wanting to know more about? I mean, anything from health & fitness to fashion & home decor. I’d like to know what my readers want to know about, so I can write about things that y’all are actually interested in, as well a cool things that I find interesting. Comment below with your suggestions… and I will be eternally grateful & ready to help/research. Don’t be shy, k?

Much love xx