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Diane Serra Handmade: Interview with the Amaze Lady!

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Interview

source: @notemilyfillmore

A few weeks ago, I came across Diane Serra Handmade [previously featured here] and instantly fell in love with her pieces. They’re authentic and handmade (obviously), and thats that shiz I do like. So, as a typical online-shopping addict, I ordered one of her tie-dyed oversized leather clutches and contacted her about featuring her work on ROAWO. Lucky for me, she’s become as much a supporter of my blog as I am of her work! Can’t you just feel the lurve??

So, here’s a leetle mini interview with Diane Serra herself & some cool pics so you can see what this cool chick is all about::

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

[When did you first start creating your own handbags?] I first opened my shop 1 year ago this month. It was a project I had brewing for many months and finally took the leap of faith May 2013.

[When did you decide to create your own company? How did you do it? Was is easier or harder than you anticipated?] I really wanted a creative outlet that would challenge my mind as well as test my leadership skills. I first started by doing a lot of research about how I wanted to sell, what I would need to launch, who are my customers, what will the brand story be, etc. It was not hard to launch because I love getting things off the ground. That said, some days are incredibly hard and challenging while others are very fluid. Being extremely conscious of my time and schedule helps me sustain.

[Does your workspace effect how you work? What setting do you like to create in?] Moving the workshop out of my house and into the studio at preFAB was one of the best decisions. It allows me the chance to collaborate with other makers, receive mentoring from Brian, the founder of preFAB and have a beautiful showroom for my customers to visit and shop from.

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

[What is your favorite bag?] Hands down, the Cabra Clutch. I love fur and this fur we found from a wonderful leather shop we formed a relationship with in our last trip to Barcelona. We, my husband and I, purchase a lot of the leather from Barcelona. It is a city near and dear to our hearts. To help the local businesses there is equally important to us as well as the local San Diego businesses.

[What is your most popular bag?] There are two in the running for most popular- The Adelina Fringe Clutch & The Tie-Dye Leather Clutch.

[Owning a business has got to be stressful, what is your best health/wellness tip that you can share with readers?] I am asked this question all the time. My answer is always, “I’m very busy, but I’m not stressed.” There is a difference. Time management and knowing your limits is the best advice I can give anyone who wants to explore a goal that is going to push them to the next level. I also train martial arts. No matter what my work schedule is, I always make it to class 3-4 times per week. We all need a place to unwind, to release. Having an incredibly supporting husband helps as well. He keeps me focused, challenges me to ask more of myself and my skills and reminds me to rest and enjoy life.

[Any advice for young women entering the workforce and/or not knowing what exactly they want to do?] Yes. Try everything. I’ve done one million things with my life and I’m only 33. I’ve studied so much and never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. Don’t limit yourself to one job or path. Try one path at a time and explore all of your interests. Life is a great opportunity to experience many jobs, develop many skillsets and chase a few dreams.

Ramblings of a Wild One:: Diane Serra Handmade

source: Diane Serra

AND BREAKING NEWS: Diane Serra Handmade just began selling home decor that will rock your world.

Can’t wait to see whats to come for her!

xOx P