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Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Okay, I’m going to preface this post with an amusing little tale from this weekend. So, Friday night I was doing a little (or a lot of) celebrating my being dunz-o with test week, and decided to go out with my girlfriends. Due to all of this excitement, at some point in the night, my friend and I took off in a  full sprint towards our bar of choice…… and then took a pretty nasty tumble in front of like 4903544835 people. Seriously ate shit like a bunch of idiots.

Anyways, things were all well and good until we got up (initially laughing at our klutz-o status) and realized that my eyebrow was profusely bleeding. Turns out, the fall re-opened a previous, accidental cheerleading injury.

So there I was trying to have a nice time with my bloody eyebrow and scratched up face. The point of this? Well, the next day, I used my Paula Dorf eyebrow filler and, seriously, you couldn’t even tell I had eaten shit onto my face. I’m serious… never been more thankful for a beauty product in my life. Covered all of that lovely crusted blood! Omg, sick. I know.

So, anyways: back to my Eminence obsession. Hi, I’m Payton and I’m addicted to Eminence Organics. I did a post about this amazing brand way back when, but I have some additions to the collection that I am DYING to show y’all. I’ll save you guys my spiel about organic skincare products, because I covered that in my last post on this subject. but just know: its the way to freaking go. The only way to go.

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Also, I invested in a Clarisonic and I need need need to share how amazing this little tool is. I’m not sponsored by Eminence or Clarisonic, so ya know the love is the real kind. I know I’m a little late in the Clarisonic game, and some of y’all are like ‘k duh it rocks,’ but I got here eventually, right? I use the Mia 2 every night (with a delicate/sensitive skin brush thing, because my skin is some kinda-out-of-this-world sensitive) to deep-clean my pores and polish my skin. Its a charmer and a must-have for a dreamy, dewy complexion.

Some of my favorite Eminence Products are detailed in this post… buuuut I’m here to talk about some new faves. I’ve added some products to my all-star lineup and all of you need to go grab them online right now. It’s important.

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic Okay my favorite ‘favorite’ is this Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream. First and foremost, this stuff smells absolutely incredible.  I seriously cannot get enough of it. If I could jump into a pool filled with this stuff & live in it… I would. Weird?

Once you get your nose out of this wonder-cream, you realize how freakin’ moisturizing it is. Okay, that should be obvious for a moisturizer, but this stuff takes it to the next level. Its penetrating and softening without being all gross and oily. I HATE heavy creams… I always feel like my pores are being suffocated. No thanks.

Also, I’ve started using this Citrus + Kale Masque. I’m not big on the way this one smells, but I am big on what it does for my skin. This stuff is superfood for your face, so in conjunction with the Eight Greens Serum.. its dynamite. The Eminence Website describes  this masque calling it “A cocktail of citrus, rhubarb extract, leafy greens and avocado oil forms helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.”

Another little skincare tip (that I recently covered here) is using Vitamin E Oil as makeup remover! I absolutely luuuurve finding a natural, cheaper replacement for those annoying-ass makeup remover pads/ oils. S’gross. Thought this leetle tippidy-tip would be a great addition to my organic/natural skincare routine post. Read more about how bomb vitamin E oil is for you skin here.

Complexion Perfection: Eminence Organics + Clarisonic So there ya go. All the goods. What do y’all think about organic skincare? Essential or excess?

and sidenote: does anyone else absolutely love when all your makeup/beauty products match and are perfectly accumulated on your counter like a magazine ad? Am I a crazed maniac, oorrrrr?

Later loves.


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Eminence Organics: The Best Stuff For Your Skin Since Ever


Today I have something extremely important to discuss:: Skincare. And not just ANY skincare:: Organic Skincare. Yes, as I have mentioned before, I love to buy all-natural, organic products when possible, and that obviously includes what I scrub-a-dub my face with.

Eminence Organics Skincare

The most amazing skincare line [introduced to me by my mom’s dermatologist] is Eminence Organic Skincare. Eminence not only has a pretty little packaging [I told y’all that gets me], but is lightweight and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. This brand can get quite a bit pricier than drugstore brands, but, to me, its worth it.

Here’s my routine/my favorites:

+ Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser: I use this cleanser every morning and night. It is for acne-prone skin, so it combats nasty zit-face while remaining gentle on my skin. Perfecto. A little goes a long way, so only use a nickel- to quarter-sized amount for your whole face. Also, I’ve found that it doesn’t really lather very much so don’t be freaked out if you can’t get it to bubble up like hand soap [which means less drying out of the skin // yay].

+ Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant w/ Lactic Acid: I use this powder exfoliant about twice a week. It has a consistency between flour and sugar [it is completely dry]. You use a very small amount of the powder combined with water and gently [GENTLY] scrub all those dead skin cells far, far away. And if anyone knows what “Dermafoliant” actually means, feel free to leave that explanation in the comment area bee-low.

+ Eminence Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque: This mask is incredible. Its a little pick-me-up twice a week that makes my skin glow like crazy [thank you antioxidant-complex]. I use a little of this this after I’ve cleansed (or cleansed and exfoliated), and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. The Red Current Rapid Infusion Masque is incredibly moisturizing as well. My favorite thing about the mask, however, is how simple and clean it is. It’s not some goopy green monster mask from a 1990s chick flick; its light and thin and takes no time at all! Disclaimer:: There are portions of the currants in the masque, so you will have a few on your face while wearing it.. lolz.

+ Eminence Eight Greens Youth Serum: I’ve just recently added this anti-aging portion to my skincare routine… I want to avoid wrinkles for as long as I can [obviously]. This serum is—yes, you guessed it—light and gentle. I use a teeny tiny amount both morning and night. Like the mask, the serum contains antioxidants to combat aging and to energize your skin. A little goes a long way with this as well. So, if you are in your twenties or so, it’s probably a good idea to add this to your routine [just to be safe].

+ Eminence Eye Cucumber Gel: Like the cleanser and the serum, I use this morning and night. Cucumber cools my puffy eye bags, and this product isn’t too gunky under the eyes, which is just a-okay with me. Eyes get wrinkly REAL quick, so I make it a point to remember this step. Also, I use my ring finger to apply the gel, because this finger is the least-strong.. you don’t want to treat the delicate under-eye area too harshly.

+ Eminence Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer: THE FINAL STEP is this versatile moisturizer. It does NOT contain a sunscreen [because I already have badass Sun Bum sunscreen that I talked about here] but I use this night AND in the morning. It’s a pretty thick cream, so for the morning, I take a small amount and dilute it with a couple water droplets [or you can dilute with a drop of the serum], and it glides on very lightly. At night, if my skin is begging for some moisture, I’ll lay it on thicker… then wake up feeling extra-balla status.

ALSO: Don’t forget to use your facial products on your neck!! This area needs some attention as well. I especially make sure to use the serum/moisturizer combo on my neck area.

So:: If you like all your products to match [like me.. OCD], if you like organics, if you have sensitive skin, if you don’t wanna get wrinkles at 30, or if you are a living, breathing human, give Eminence a try. You’ll probably end up stocked up on all their swag like me. I never leave my facial place [facelogic spa in College Station, TX] without trying out a new product. I’m addicted.

Until l8er <— cool, I know.

xx P